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Stabatio Smith ;  
Stabiae Settlement on the Gulf of Naples , by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Chr. Destroyed Castellammare di Stabia , about 20 km south of Vesuvius Smith ;  
Stabula Smith ;  
Stabulum Smith ;  
Stabulum Diomedis Smith ;  
Stabulum Novum Smith ;  
Stachir Smith ;  
Stageira , Stageirus Στάγειρος  (Stageiros) City on the Chalkidiki peninsula on the southeast edge of Olymbiada (municipality of Stagira-Akanthos ) on the Liotopi peninsula protruding into the Strymonic Gulf Smith ;  
Stagna Volcarum Smith ;  
Staliocanus Portus Smith ;  
Stanacum Smith ;  
Statielli Smith ;  
Statonia Smith ;  
Statuas Smith ;  
Statuas Smith ;  
Stavani Smith ;  
Stectorium Στεκτόριον  (stectorion) City in Phrygia north of Menteşe in Turkey Smith ;  
Steiria Στειριά  (Styria) Coastal town in Attica in the north of the bay of Porto Rafti near today's district of Agios Spyridonas Smith ;  
Stelae Smith ;  
Stellatis campus Smith ;  
Stena Place on the Ionian coast in the district of Menderes in the province of Izmir in Turkey, above the east bank of the Tahtalı reservoir  
Stenas Place in Peonies Smith ;  
Stentoris lacus Smith ;  
Stenus River in Thrace Smith ;  
Stenyclarus Smith ;  
Stephanaphana Smith ;  
Stephane Στεφάνη  (Stephanē) Place on the coast of Paphlagonia Smith ;  
Stereontium Smith ;  
Stiphane Smith ;  
Stiria Smith ;  
Stiris Smith ;  
Stlupi Smith ;  
Stobi Στόβοι  (Stoboi) Capital of the Paionia countryside on the Macedonian M1 motorway, south of Gradsko Smith ;  
Stoborrum Prom Smith ;  
Stoechades Smith ;  
Stoeni Smith ;  
Stomalimne Smith ;  
Stradela Smith ;  
Stragona Smith ;  
Strapellum Smith ;  
Stratia Smith ;  
Stratonice Smith ;  
Stratoniceia Smith ;  
Stratonis insula Smith ;  
Stratonis Turris Smith ;  
stratus Στράτος  (Stratos) Capital of Akarnania Stratos in Greece Smith ;  
Stravianae Smith ;  
Strenus Smith ;  
Strevinta Smith ;  
Strobilus Smith ;  
Strongyle Στρογγύλη  (Strongyle) Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea Stromboli Smith ;  
Strongyle Στρογγύλη  (Strongyle) Island off the coast of Lycia Strongyli off the Turkish coast  
Strongyle Smith ;  
Strophades Smith ;  
Struchates Smith ;  
Struthus Smith ;  
Stryme Στρύμη  (Strymē) City on the Thracian coast south of Komotini in Greece Smith ;  
Strymon Στρυμών  (Strymōn) River in Macedonia Goiter in southwest Bulgaria and northern Greece Smith ;  
Strymonic sinus Smith ;  
Strymonii Smith ;  
Stubera Smith ;  
Stuccia Smith ;  
Stubbornness Tributary of the Bodincus (upper course of the Padus ) Stura di Lanzo in Piedmont flows into the Po near Turin Smith ;  
Stubbornness Tributary of the Tanarus Stura di Demonte , tributary of the Tanaro Smith ;  
Stubbornness Στουρά  (Stoura) Place in Patalene Smith ;  
Sturium insula Smith ;  
Sturnium Smith ;  
Styllangium Smith ;  
Stymbara Smith ;  
Stymphalis Smith ;  
Stymphalus Στύμφαλος  (Stymphalos) City, landscape, mountain and river in Arcadia Stymfalia in the northeast of the Peloponnese Smith ;  
Styra Smith ;  
Styx Στύξ  (Styx) River in Arcadia Smith ;