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Anabura Smith ;  
Anacaea Smith ;  
Anactorium Smith ;  
Anaea , Annaea Ἄνναια  (Annaia), Ἀναία  (Anaia) City in the Roman province of Asia on the Turkish Aegean coast Smith ;  
Anagnia Ἀνάγνειαι  (Anagneiai) The capital of hernics in Lazio Anagni in the Italian province of Frosinone PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Anagyrus Smith ;  
Anaitica Smith ;  
Anamari Smith ;  
Anamis Smith ;  
Ananes Ἄνανες  (Ananes) Celtic tribe of Gallia cisalpina Polybios 2.17, 2.32; Smith ;  
Anao Portus Smith ;  
Anaphe Smith ;  
Anaphlystus Smith ;  
Anapus Anapo Smith ;  
Anarei Montes Smith ;  
Anariacae Smith ;  
Anartes Celtic or Dacian tribe in Pannonia , north of the Danube Hungary or Romania Smith ;  
Anas Ἄνας  (Anas) Guadiana river in Spain Smith ;  
Anastasis ancient place in Lokris Hierocles: Synekdemos ;   
Anatho Smith ;  
Anatis Smith ;  
Anaua Smith ;  
Anaunia Valley in the Eastern Alps  
Anaurus Smith ;  
Anazarbus , Justinianopolis, Caesarea in Cilicia, Caesarea ad Anazarbum Ἀνάζαρβος  (Anazarbos) City in northeastern Cilicia 28 km south of Kozan in Adana Province on the Ceyhan River in Turkey PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Ancalites Smith ;  
Anchial Ἀγχιάλη  (Anchialē) City in Cilicia  
Anchial Ἀγχίαλος  (Anchialus) City on the western Pontos coast Smith ;  
Anchiasm Smith ;  
Anchisia Smith ;  
Anchoe Smith ;  
Ancon Smith ;  
Ancona Ἀγκών  (Ankōn) Port city in the Picenum Ancona on the Italian Adriatic coast PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Ancorarius Mons Smith ;  
Ancyra Ἄγκυρα  (Ankyra) City in Galatia Ankara in Turkey PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Ancyra Ἄγκυρα  (Ankyra) City in Phrygia Strab. 567, 576; Smith ;  
Ancyron Polis Smith ;  
Andania Ἀνδανία City in Messenia > presumably Konstantíni Smith ;  
Andanos see Bargylia  
Andautonia Stand camp and municipium in Pannonia superior Šćitarjevo near Velika Gorica in Croatia PECS ; RE ;   
Andecavi , Andes Celtic tribe in Aremorica Smith ;  
Andeda City in Pisidia PECS ; RE ;   
Andeira Smith ;  
Andematunnum Ἀνδομάτουννον  (Andomatounnon) Capital of the Lingons in Gaul Langres in the Haute-Marne department in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Anderida , Anderido, Anderitum Anderitum Castle , a Roman fortress in Britain Pevensey in East Sussex in southern England PECS ; Smith ;  
Difference Ἀνδέρηδον  (Anderēdon) Capital of the Gaulish Gabali Javols in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France Ptol. 2.7.11; Sidon. epist. 5.13.2; 7.6.7; PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Andes Village near Mantua in the Roman province of Gallia cisalpina , birthplace of the poet Virgil Pietola near Mantua Smith ;  
Andetrium Smith ;  
Andizetii Smith ;  
Andosini Smith ;  
Andrapa Ἄνδραπα  (Andrapa) City in Paphlagonia near Vezirköprü in the province of Samsun in Turkey Smith ;  
Andriaca Smith ;  
Andropolis Ἀνδρῶν πόλις  (Andrōn polis) City in the province of Aegyptus Smith ;  
Andros Ἄνδρος  (Andros) northernmost island of the Cyclades PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Andusia Place in Gaul Anduze in the Gard department in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Anemoreia Smith ;  
Anemosa Smith ;  
Anemurium Ἀνεμούριον  (Anemourion) City in Cilicia Eski Anamur, southwest of Anamur in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Angea Smith ;  
Angeia Place in Thessaly Loutropigi, northeast of Rentina in Greece PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Angele Ἀγγελή  (Angelē) Attic demos of the Phyle Pandionis Angelisi, between Markopoulos and Porto Rafti  
Angites Smith ;  
Angitiae Lucus Smith ;  
Anglii Smith ;  
Angrivarii Smith ;  
Angulus Smith ;  
Angustia Roman military camp in Dacia near Brețcu , Covasna County in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Anigraea Smith ;  
Anigrus Smith ;  
Aninetum Smith ;  
Anio , Anien Ἀνίων  (Aniōn), Ἀνίης  (Aniēs) Border river between Latium and the land of the Sabines Aniene Smith ;  
Anitorgis Smith ;  
Annamatia Danube fort in Pannonia inferior Remains in the southeast of the village of Baracs in Fejér County in Hungary RE ;   
Annibi Montes Smith ;  
Anopaea Smith ;  
Ansibarii Smith ;  
Ansoba Smith ;  
Antaeopolis Smith ;  
Antandrus Ἄντανδρος  (Antandros) City on the coast of the Troad near Altinoluk in Turkey Smith ;  
Antaradus Smith ;  
Antemnae Ἀντέμναι  (Antemnai) City in Lazio 5.5 km north of Rome, at the mouth of the Aniene in the Tiber Smith ;  
Anthedon Ἀνθηδών  (Anthēdōn) City in Boeotia on the coast north of Loukissia and west of Drosia in Greece PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Anthedon , Agrippias Ἀνθηδών  (Anthēdōn) City on the coast of Palestine in the Gaza Strip PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Anthedos Harbor on the Saronic Gulf PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Antheia Smith ;  
Anthela Ανθήλη RE ; Smith ;  
Anthemus RE ; Smith ;  
Anthemusia Smith ;  
Anthemusia Smith ;  
Anthene Smith ;  
Anthylla Smith ;  
Anticaria City in Hispania Baetica Antequera in Spain PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Anticinolis Smith ;  
Anticirreha Smith ;  
Anticragus Smith ;  
Anticyra Ἀντίκυρα  (Antikyra) City in Phocis on the Gulf of Corinth west of Aspra Spitia in Greece PECS ; Smith (1) ;  
Anticyra Ἀντίκυρα  (Antikyra) City in Thessaly on the south bank of the Spercheios in the alluvial area of ​​the Sperchios Smith (2) ;  
Anticyra Ἀντίκυρα  (Antikyra) City in Lokris , probably identical to the Phocian city Smith (3) ;  
Antigoneia Ἀντιγόνεια  (Antigoneia) Seleucid city on the Orontes , later relocated and renamed Antioch Antakya in Turkey Smith ;  
Antigoneia Ἀντιγόνεια  (Antigoneia) original name of Alexandria Troas Smith ;  
Antigoneia Ἀντιγόνεια  (Antigoneia) Name of Mantineia as a Macedonian new foundation Smith ;  
Antigoneia Ἀντιγόνεια  (Antigoneia) City in Bithynia , the late antique Nicaea İznik in Turkey Smith ;  
Antigoneia Ἀντιγόνεια  (Antigoneia) City on the west coast of Chalkidiki Smith ;  
Antigoneia Ἀντιγόνεια  (Antigoneia) City in Chaonia , was founded in the 3rd century BC. Built by the Molossian king Pyrrhus on the walls of the Illyrian settlement Melan 8 km from Girokastra in Albania PECS ; Smith ;  
Antilibanus Smith ;  
Antinoopolis , Antinoe Ἀντινόου πόλις  (Antinoou polis) City in Egypt, newly founded by Hadrian in honor of his late lover Antinous Sheikh Ibada PECS ; Smith ;  
Antinum City of the Martians Civita d'Antino RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) Antioch on the Orontes , one of the metropolises of the ancient world Antakya in Turkey PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) temporarily the name of Mallos at the Pyramos in Cilicia Kızıltahta , 28 kilometers southeast of Adana RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) City on the Tigris, previously Alexandria on the Tigris, later Charax , capital of Charakene PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) City in Mygdonia RE ;   
Antioch Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) City on Chrysoroas , another name for Gerasa in the Decapolis 40 kilometers north of Amman in Jordan RE ;   
Antioch Kallirhoe see Edessa 2  
Antioch Margiana Ἀντιόχεια Μαργιάνη  (Antiocheia Margianē) City in Parthia , previously Alexandria he Margiane Giaur Kala in Merw RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch ad Cragum Ἀντιόχεια ἐπὶ Κράγῳ  (Antiocheia epi Kragō) City in Cilicia Agalar Güneyi, 20 km southeast of Gazipaşa in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Antioch ad Maeandrum Ἀντιόχεια πρὸς Μαιάνδρω  (Antiocheia pros Maiandrō) City on the meander in Caria 15 km south of Kuyucak near Nazilli , Antiokya ruins PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch ad Pisidiam Αντιόχεια τὴς Πισιδίας  (Antiocheia tēs Pisidias) City in Pisidia Near today's Yalvaç in Turkey PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch ad Sarum Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) City on the Saros , temporarily the name of Adana in Cilicia Adana PECS ; Smith ;  
Antioch ad Taurum Ἀντιόχεια  (Antiocheia) City on the Taurus Mountains in Kommagene Ptol. 5.14.8); RE ; Smith ;  
Antioch in Media Αντιόχεια της Μηδίας  (Antiocheia tēs Mēdias) City in media Nahavand in Hamadan Province in Iran PECS ; Smith ;  
Antioch in Pieria see Aradus 1  
Antipatria  (Antipatreia) (Antipatrea) City in Illyria Berat in Albania PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Antipatris , Aphek Ἀντιπατρίς  (Antipatris), Ἄφακα  (Aphaka) City in Judea near Tel Afek in Israel PECS ; Smith ;  
Antiphellus Ἀντίφελλος  (Antiphellos) City in Lycia Kaş in southwest Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Antiphrae Smith ;  
Antipolis Ἀντίπολις  (Antipolis) City in Gallia Narbonensis Antibes in France Smith ;  
Antiquarian Smith ;  
Antirrhium Smith ;  
Antissa Ἄντισσα  (Antissa) City on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Lesbos 9 km northeast of today's Antissa Smith ;  
Antitaurus Smith ;  
Antium Ἄντιον  (Antion) Capital of the Volscs , a seaside resort during the imperial era Anzio , 58 km south of Rome PECS ; Smith ;  
Antivestaeum Smith ;  
Antona Smith ;  
Antonini Vallum Line of fortifications on the northern border of Britain Antonine Wall  
Antoninopolis Smith ;  
Antron Smith ;  
Antunnacum Roman city on the left bank of the Rhine Then after Smith ;  
Anxanum Lanciano in the Italian province of Chieti Smith ;  
Anxur see Tarracina  

Individual evidence

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