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Ruaditae Smith ;  
Rubi City in Puglia Ruvo di Puglia in the province of Bari in Italy Smith ;  
Rubicon Ῥουβικων  (Rhoubikōn) Boundary river of Gallia cisalpina Rubicon in Italy Smith ;  
Rubrae Smith ;  
Rubresus Lacus Smith ;  
Rubricata Smith ;  
Rubricatus Smith ;  
Rubricatus Smith ;  
Rubrum Mare Smith ;  
Rucconium Smith ;  
Ruessium Smith ;  
Rufiniana Ῥουφινίανα  (Rhouphiniana) Place of the Nemeter in Gallia Belgica probably Eisenberg (Pfalz) in the Palatinate Smith ;  
Rufrae Smith ;  
Rufrium Smith ;  
Rugh Smith ;  
Rugium Smith ;  
Runicatae Smith ;  
Rura Smith ;  
Rurada Smith ;  
Rusadir Smith ;  
Rusazus Smith ;  
Ruscino Smith ;  
Rusellae Ῥουσέλλαι  (Rhousellai) City of the Etruscans about 8 km northeast of Grosseto in Tuscany Smith ;  
Rusgunia Smith ;  
Rusicade Ῥουσίκαδα  (Rhousikada) City in Numidia and port of Cirta Skikda in Algeria Smith ;  
Rusidava Smith ;  
Ruspe Smith ;  
Ruspinum Smith ;  
Rusticiana Ῥουστίκανα  (Rhoustikana) Place of the Vettons on the banks of the Tagus in Lusitania near Coria in Extremadura in Spain, possibly Galisteo Smith ;  
Rusucurrium Smith ;  
Ruteni Ῥουτῆνοι  (Rhoutēnoi) Celtic tribe in southern Gaul Settlement area in the Massif Central in southern France Smith ;  
Ruticlei Smith ;  
Rutuba Smith ;  
Rutubis Smith ;  
Rutuli Smith ;  
Rutunium Smith ;  
Rutupiae Ῥουτούπιαι  (Rhoutoupiai) City of Cantae on the east coast of Britain near Richborough in Kent in England Smith ;