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Nycbil Smith ;  
Nygbeni Smith ;  
Nymphaea Νυμφαία  (Nymphaia) Island off the Ionian coast Pliny 5.37; Smith ;  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Harbor bay west of Cape Malea in the Peloponnese  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Southern tip of the Akt (Athos) peninsula Southern tip of the Athos peninsula Smith ;  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place in Illyria , oracle site associated with an immortal fire probably in the area of Selenicë , south of the Vjosa valley in Albania  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Port of Lissus in Illyria near Lezha in Albania Smith (2) ;  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) City on the European bank of the Cimmerian Bosporus , south of Pantikapaion about 15 kilometers south of Kerch on the southeast coast of the Crimea Smith (1) ;  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place in Paphlagonia between Tios and Herakleia Pontike on the Black Sea coast  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Location on the west coast of Bithynia , on the Asian side of the Bosporus Smith (1) ;  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Byzantine city near Smyrna Kemalpaşa , 29 km east of İzmir  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place in Lycia about 30 km northeast of Göcek in the province of Muğla in Turkey 36 ° 52 '  N , 29 ° 11'  E
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place in Cilicia Plin. 5.22; Smith (2) ;  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place in Armenia about 5 km north of Bahçesaray in Turkey  
Nymphaeum Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place in Cyprus (Nymphaeum of Kafizin) 5 km southeast of Nicosia  
Nymphaeum , Balaneion Tiberinon Νύμφαιον  (Nymphaion) Place at the mouth of the Orontes , south of Seleukia Pieria  
Nymphaeus Νυμφαῖος  (Nymphaios) Tributary of the Tigris Batman Çayı Smith ;  
Nymphas Smith ;  
Nymphasia Smith ;  
Nysa Νύσα  (Nysa) mythical birthplace of Dionysus , also the name of the plain from which Persephone was kidnapped  
Nysa , Athymbra Νύσα  (Nysa) City in Caria, situated on the meander 30 km east of Aydın , about 2 km northwest of today's village of Sultanhisar in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Nysa Νύσα  (Nysa) City in Pisidia on the Xanthos River Ptol. 5.3.7; Hierocl. p. 684; Smith (2) ;  
Nysa Νύσα  (Nysa) City in Cappadocia Smith (3) ;  
Nysa Νύσα  (Nysa) Village in Boeotia Smith (1) ;  
Nysa Νύσα  (Nysa) City in Thrace Smith (2) ;  
Nyssos Smith ;