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Ciabrus Smith ;  
Cianus Sinus Smith ;  
Cibalae Κιβάλαι  (Kibalai) City in Lower Pannonia Vinkovci in the east of Croatia PECS ; Smith ;  
Cibrus Smith ;  
Cibyra Κιβύρα μεγάλη  (Kibyra megalē) City in Phrygia 3 km northwest of Gölhisar (formerly Horzum) in the province of Burdur in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Cibyra Κιβύρα μικρά  (Kibyra mikra) City in Pamphylia on Cape Karaburun, 32 kilometers west of Alanya in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Cichyrus see Ephyra  
Cicones Smith ;  
Cicucium , Cicutio Roman fortress in western Britain Y Gaer at Brecon in Wales PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Cicynethus Smith ;  
Cicynna Smith ;  
Cidamus Military camp on Limes Tripolitanus in the province of Africa proconsularis Ghadames in Libya Pleiades ;   
Cidramus City in Caria Yorga in Turkey Smith ;  
Cierium, Pierium, Piera, Pieria Smith ;  
Cierus Smith ;  
Cilbiani Smith ;  
Cilices Smith ;  
Cilicia Κιλικία  (Kilikia) Landscape in Southeast Asia Minor Southeast Turkey Smith ;  
Ciliciae Pylae Smith ;  
Cilla Smith ;  
Cillanius Campus Smith ;  
Cillium , Colonia cillilana City in Byzacena west of Kasserine in Tunisia PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Cilurnum Smith ;  
Cimbri Smith ;  
Cimbrica Chersonesus Smith ;  
Cimbrorum Promontorium Smith ;  
Cimiatene Smith ;  
Ciminus Smith ;  
Cimmericum Smith ;  
Cimmerii Smith ;  
Cimmerium Smith ;  
Cimolis Smith ;  
Cimolus Smith ;  
Cinabi Smith ;  
Cinaedocolpitae Smith ;  
Cinara Smith ;  
Cindevia Smith ;  
Cindye Smith ;  
Cinga Smith ;  
Cingilia Smith ;  
Cingulum Κιγγοῦλον  (Kingoulon) City in the Picenum Cingoli , 27 km northeast of Macerata in Italy Smith ;  
Cinium Smith ;  
Cinnereth Smith ;  
Cinolis Smith ;  
Cinyps Smith ;  
Circeii Smith ;  
Circeius Smith ;  
Circesium Κιρκήσιον  (Kirkēsion) Roman border fortress in Mesopotamia 40 km south-east of Deir ez-Zor in Syria , at the confluence of the Chabur and Euphrates Smith ;  
Cirphis Smith ;  
Cirpi Roman military camp in Pannonia in the south of the Dunabogdány district in Pest County in Hungary  
Cirradae Smith ;  
Cirrha Smith ;  
Cirrhadia Smith ;  
Cirta Κίρτα  (Kirta) City in Numidia Constantine in Algeria PECS ; Smith ;  
Cisamus Κίσαμος  (Kisamos) City in Crete Kissamos in the northwest of Crete Smith ;  
Cison see Kishon  
Cissa , Cissis Κίσσα  (Kissa) Forerunner settlement of the Roman Tarraco in Hispania, scene of the battle of Cissa near Tarragona in Spain PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cissa Κίσσα  (Kissa) small town on the Thracian Chersonesos on the Gallipoli peninsula Smith ;  
Cissia Smith ;  
Cissides Smith ;  
Cissus Smith ;  
Cisthene Smith ;  
Cistoboci Smith ;  
Cithaeron Smith ;  
Citharista Smith ;  
Citharistes Smith ;  
Citharizon Smith ;  
Citium Κίτιον  ( kition ) Capital of the Kingdom of Kition Larnaka in Cyprus Smith (1) ;  
Citrum Smith ;  
Cius , Prusias ad Mare Κίος  (kios) City in Bithynia Gemlik in Turkey Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cius Roman military post and port in Moesia inferior Gârliciu in Constanța County in the Romanian Dobruja PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Cizari Smith ;