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Cladeus Smith ;  
Clampetia Smith ;  
Clanis Κλάνις  (clanis), Γλάνις  (glanis) River in Etruria Chiana in Tuscany Smith ;  
Clanius Smith ;  
Clanoventa Smith ;  
Clanudda Smith ;  
Clanum Smith ;  
Clarius Κλάριος  (Klarios) River in Cyprus that flows into the Mediterranean at Aipeia the river that flows into Yedidalga , provided that the Aipeia Plutarchs corresponds to the ancient Soloi Smith ;  
Clarus Κλάρος  (Klaros) Ionian oracle place of Apollo about 16 km west of Selçuk in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Classis Roman naval port near Ravenna Classe near Ravenna on the Adriatic coast Pleiades ;   
Clastidium Κλαστίδιον  (Klastidion) City in Gallia cisalpina Casteggio in Northern Italy Smith ;  
Claternae , Claterna Κλάτερνα  (Klaterna) City in Gallia cispadana Ozzano dell'Emilia in the Province of Bologna in Italy PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Clauda Smith ;  
Claudia City in the Norikum Plin. 3.27; Smith ;  
Claudiopolis Κλαυδιόπολις  (Klaudiopolis) City in Bithynia Bolu in Turkey Smith (3) ;  
Claudiopolis Κλαυδιόπολις  (Klaudiopolis) City in Cilicia with courage in Turkey PECS ; Smith (1) ;  
Claudius Mons Smith ;  
Claudivium Smith ;  
Clausala River in Illyria Kiri in Albania Smith ;  
Clausism Roman port city in Britain possibly Bitterne, a suburb of Southampton PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Clautinatii RE ; Smith ;  
Clavenna RE ; Smith ;  
Clazomenae Κλαζομεναί  (Klazomenai) City in Ionia near Urla in the Turkish province of Izmir Smith ;  
Cleandria Smith ;  
Cleides Smith ;  
Cleitor Smith ;  
Cleonae Smith ;  
Cleopatris City in Egypt at the exit of the Bubastis Canal , other name Arsinoe Smith ;  
Clepsydra Fons Smith ;  
Clevum Smith ;  
Climax Κλίμαξ  (climax) generally a mountain pass or a pass route along the steep drop of a mountain into the sea Smith ;  
Climax Mons Mountain on the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon , north of Beirut , above the port town of Tabarja Smith ;  
Climberris Smith ;  
Clitae Κλειταί  (Kleitai) Place in Bithynia Ptol. 5.1; Smith ;  
Clitae Mountain people in the Cilikia Tracheia Settlement area in Turkey Smith ;  
Cliternia Κλείτερνον  (Kleiternon) Location in the Aequer area probably 1 km east of Staffoli in the municipality of Santa Croce sull'Arno , Tuscany RE ; Smith (1) ;  
Cliternia City in Apulia near Campomarino in the province of Campobasso in Italy RE ; Smith (2) ;  
Clitor Smith ;  
Clitumnus River in Umbria Clitunno in Italy PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Clodiana Smith ;  
Clodianus Smith ;  
Clota Smith ;  
Cluana City in the Picenum PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cludrus Smith ;  
Clunia , Colonia Clunia Sulpicia Tarraconensis town in Hispania Peñalba de Castro in the municipality of Huerta de Rey in Spain PECS ; Smith ;  
Clunia Roman settlement in Raetia near Feldkirch in Vorarlberg , Austria Pleiades ;   
Clupea see Aspis  
Clusium Κλούσιον  (clousion) City in Etruria Chiusi in Tuscany PECS ; Smith ;  
Clusius , Clesus, Cleusis Κλούσιος  (Klousios) River in Gallia transpadana Chiese in Northern Italy Smith ;  
Cluviae City of the Samnites Casoli in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Clydae Smith ;  
Clypea see Aspis  
Clysma Κλῦσμα  (clysm) Golf on the northwest end of the Red Sea Gulf of Suez Smith ;