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Abacaenum Ἀβάκαινον  (Abakainon), Ἀβάκαινα  (Abakaina) City in Sicily RE ; Smith ;  
Abae Ἄβαι  (Abai) City in the northeast of the Phocis countryside at Exarchos , 10 km southwest of Atalanti in Greece PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Abaesamis City in Arabia RE ;   
Abai City in Arabia RE ;   
Aballaba , Aballava Roman fortress on Hadrian's Wall Burgh by Sands Notitia Dignitatum 40.47; RE ; Smith ;  
Aballo Place in Gaul Avallon in the Yonne department in France PECS ;   
Abalus , basilia Island in the northern ocean possibly Heligoland Plin. Nat. 37, 7; Diod. 5, 23; RE ; Smith ;  
Abantes Ἄβαντες  (Abantes) ancient Greek tribe on the Evia peninsula RE ; Smith ;  
Abantia Smith ;  
Abaris , Avaris, Auaris Αὔαρις  (Auaris) ancient Egyptian city in the Eastern Nile Delta Tell el-Dab'a Joseph. c. Apion. 1, 14; Smith ;  
Abas Ἄβας  (Abas) Mountain on the island of Erytheia RE ;   
Abas Ἄβας  (Abas) River in the western part of Albania possibly the Alazani Plut. Pomp. 35, Dio Cassius 37, 3; RE ; Smith ;  
Abasci RE ; Smith ;  
Abascus RE ; Smith ;  
Abatos Island in the first cataract of the Nile in Egypt Bigeh Senec. QN 4, 2; Lukan 10, 323; RE ; Smith ;  
Abbassus RE ; Smith ;  
Abdera Ἄβδηρα  (Abdēra) Greek city in southern Thrace PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Abella Ἀβέλλα  (Abella) City in Campania RE ; Smith ;  
Abellinum Ἀβέλλινον  (Abellinon) City on the border of Samnium and Campania RE ; Smith ;  
Abia Ἀβία  (Abia) Coastal city in Eastern Messenia Palaiochora, 6 km south of Kalamata Plin. nat. 4, 22; Ptol. 3, 14, 31; RE ; Smith ;  
Abianus Ἀβιανός  (Abianos) River in Scythia Diophantos with Steph. Byz .; RE ; Smith ;  
Abii Ἄβιοι  (Abioi) RE ; Smith ;  
Abila , Seleucia Abila Ἄβιλα  (Abila) City in Palestine Quwailiba in Jordan, 13.5 kilometers north of Irbid PECS ; RE ;   
Abila Lysaniae Ἄβιλα ἡ Λυσανίου  (Abila hē Lysaniou) City in Koile Syria on the Barada River Suk Wadi Barada, 20 km northwest of Damascus RE ; Smith ;  
Abila Mons Ἀβίλη στήλη  (Abilē stēlē) Mountain at the opening of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic, sometimes referred to as the southern part of the Pillars of Hercules called Monte Hacho above Ceuta on the north coast of Africa RE ; Smith ;  
Abilene Ἀβιληνή  (Abilēnē), Ἄβιλα  (Abila) District in Coelesyria , around Abila Lysaniou RE ; Smith ;  
Abissa City of the Sakhalites on the south coast of Arabia Felix possibly Mirbat in southwest Oman RE ;   
Abitina City in Africa proconsularis Place in Tunisia RE ;   
Abnoba mons , Marciana Silva Αὔνοβα  (Aunoba) Black Forest , maybe including the Odenwald and Rothaargebirge in the north Ptol. 2, 111, 7; Tac. Germ. 1; Firmly. Avien. Descript. Orb. 437; Plin. Nat. hist 4, 12; Martian. Capell. 6, 662; RE ; Smith ;  
Aboccis RE ; Smith ;  
Abodiacum Ἀβουδίακον  (Aboudiakon) Roman military settlement on the banks of the Lech Epfach Tab. Peut .; Ptol. 2, 13, 5; PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Abolla RE ; Smith ;  
Abonae Roman military settlement northwest of Aquae Sulis in Britain Sea Mills , suburb of Bristol in England PECS ;   
Abonuteichos , Ionopolis Άβώνου τειχος  (Abōnou teichos) Coastal city in Paphlagonia İnebolu in Turkey PECS ;   
Aboriginal Ἀβοριγῖνες  (Aborigines) earliest inhabitants of Lazio RE ; Smith ;  
Aborrhas RE ; Smith ;  
Abrauannus RE ; Smith ;  
Abrettene RE ; Smith ;  
Abrincatui Gallic tribe the Avranchin in Normandy , on the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel RE ; Smith ;  
Abrittus , Abritus, Abrittos Roman fort and civil settlement or early Byzantine city in the province of Moesia near Rasgrad in Bulgaria PECS ;   
Abrotonum Ἀβρότονον  (Abrotonon) Phoenician city in Tripolitania Sabrata RE ; Smith ;  
Absyrtides Archipelago on the Liburnian coast RE ; Smith ;  
Abthugni City in Africa near Suwar in Tunisia  
Abus ὁ Ἄβος  (ho subscriptions) Mountain in Armenia Smith ;  
Abus River in Britain RE ;   
Abusina Cohort fort on the Rhaetian Limes Eining Castle PECS ; RE ;   
Abydus Ἄβυδος  (Abydos) City on the Hellespont in Mysia Nara Burnu near Çanakkale in Turkey PECS ; RE ; Smith (1) ;  
Abydus Ἄβυδος  (Abydos) City in Upper Egypt RE ; Smith (2) ;