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Aqua Ferentina RE ; Smith ;  
Aqua Viva Place in Pannonia superior Petrijanec in Varaždin County in Croatia PECS ; RE ;   
Aqua Viva Place in Lazio Acquaviva district in the municipality of Nerola in Italy Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Part of the name of numerous Roman places with baths and / or springs Smith ;  
Aquae Capital of the Civitas Aquensis in Germania superior Baden-Baden Pleiades ;  48 ° 46 '  N , 8 ° 14'  E
Aquae City in Pannonia superior Baden near Vienna RE ;   
Aquae , ad Aquas, Aquas A place with a mineral spring in the district of Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa in Dacia PECS ; RE ;   
Aquae Albulae Headwaters 6 km west of Tivoli in Italy RE ; Smith (3) ;  
Aquae Apollinares Place in Etruria Canale Monterano in the province of Rome in Italy Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Aquae Apollinares Novae , Aquae Stygianae Place in Lazio Vicarello near Bracciano in Italy Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Arnemetiae Place in Britain Buxton in Derbyshire PECS ;   
Aquae aure Smith ;  
Aquae Balissae , Municipium Iasorum Place in Pannonia superior Daruvar in Croatia Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Bilbitanorum , Aquae Hispanicae, Bilbilis Location near Bilbilis in Hispania Tarraconensis Alhama de Aragón , east of Calatayud in Spain Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Bormonis Place in Gaul Bourbon-Lancy in the Saône-et-Loire department in France RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Caeretanae Θερμὰ ἃ καλοῦσι Καιρετανά  (Therma ha kalousi Kairetana) Piano della Carlotta, west of Sasso near Cerveteri in Italy Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Caesaris , ad aquas Caesaris Place in Numidia RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Calidae , Aquis calidis Place in Aquitaine Vichy in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Calidae Location in Hispania Cuntis in Galicia in northern Spain Pleiades ;   
Aquae Calidae Location in Hispania Tarraconensis Caldes de Montbui in Catalonia Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Calidae Location in Hispania Tarraconensis Caldes de Malavella in Catalonia Pleiades ;   
Aquae Calidae Ὕδατα Θερμὰ Κολωνία  (Hydata Therma Kolōnia) Location in Mauretania Caesariensis RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Calidae Place in Zeugitana RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Calidae Place in Cappadocia near Çiftehan in the Niğde Province in Turkey Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Calidae Place in Thrace Mineral baths of Burgas in Bulgaria Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Calidae see Aquae Sulis  
Aquae Celenae , Aquae Cilenae Place in Gallaecia Caldas de Reis in Galicia in northern Spain Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Convenarum Place in Aquitaine Capvern in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in France Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Cutiliae Ὕδατα Κωτίλια  (Hydata Kōtilia) Mineral spring in the Sabine area on Via Salaria between Cittaducale and Castel Sant'Angelo in Latium Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Dacicae Place in Mauretania Tingitana 20 km southeast of Sidi Slimane in the Moroccan province of Kénitra PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Flaviae Place in Gallaecia Chaves in Portugal PECS ; RE ;   
Aquae Flavianae Place in Numidia Hammam Essalihine in the province of Khenchela in Algeria Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquae Granni , Aquae Grani Location in Germania inferior Aachen PECS ; RE ;   
Aquae Gratianae , Aquae Allobrogium, Aquae Sabaudicae Place of the Allobrogians in Gaul Aix-les-Bains in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Helveticae , Aquae Helvetiorum Place in Helvetia Baden AG in Switzerland RE ;   
Aquae Hispanicae see Aquae Bilbilitanorum  
Aquae Iasae Place in Illyria Varaždinske Toplice in Croatia PECS ; RE ;   
Aquae Labanae Λάβανα ὕδατα  (Labana hydata) cold mineral springs between Eretum and Nomentum in Latium Bagni di Grotta Marozza near Monterotondo in Italy RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Lesitanae Ὕδατα Λησιτανά  (Hydata Lēsitana) RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Mattiacorum , Aquae Mattiacae, Mattiacum Capital of the Civitas Mattiacorum Wiesbaden PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Neapolitanae , Aquae calidae Neapolitanorum Place in Sardinia Bagni di Sardara near Sardara Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Neri , Neriomagus Gallic spa Néris-les-Bains in the Allier department in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Nisinciae , Aquae Nisincii Location in Gallia Lugudunensis Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Passeris , Aquae Passerianae Place in Etruria Bagni Giasinelli, west of Viterbo Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Patavinae , Fons Aponi Source in the Euganean region Abano Terme in Veneto Smith ;  
Aquae Persianae , Naro Place on the coast south of Carthage Hammam-Lif in Tunisia Pleiades ;   
Aquae Populoniae Place in Etruria RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Regiae Seaside resort in the Roman province of Byzacena or Africa proconsularis Henchir Katera in Tunisia Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Segestanae , Aquae Pincianae Location near Segesta in Sicily Terme Segestane near Castellammare del Golfo Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Segetae , Aquae Segeste, Aquae Segeste, Aquae Segete Place in Gaul Sceaux-du-Gâtinais in the Loiret department in France PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Segete see Aquae Segetae  
Aquae Selinuntiae Smith ;  
Aquae Sextiae Salluviorum , Aquae Iuliae City of the Salluvians in the Gallia Narbonensis Aix-en-Provence in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Siccae Location in Gallia Narbonensis near Cazères in the Haute-Garonne department in France Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Sinuessanae Place in Campania Bagni Solfurei at Mondragone Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Statiellae Ἀκούαι Στατιέλλαι  (Akouai Statiellai) City in Liguria Acqui Terme i Piedmont PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Sulis , Aquae Calidae Place in Britain Bath in England PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Sulphurae Place in Illyria Ilidža in Bosnia-Herzegovina PECS ;   
Aquae Tacapitanae Seaside resort in Africa El Hamma , west of Gabès in Tunisia Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Tarbellicae , Aquae Tarbellae, Aquae Augustae Place in Gaul Dax in the Landes department in France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Tauri Place in Etruria Terme Taurine, northeast of Civitavecchia in Italy Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Thibilitanae Seaside resort in Numidia Hammam Meskhoutine , 15 km west of Guelma in Algeria Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquae Volaterranae RE ; Smith ;  
Aquensis Vicus Smith ;  
Aquilaria Smith ;  
Aquileia Ἀκυληΐα  (Akylēia), Ἀκουιληΐα  (Akouilēia) Latin colony in northern Italy, several times imperial residence in late antiquity Aquileia in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy A.8. PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquileia Roman fort in Raetia Heidenheim an der Brenz Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquilonia Smith ;  
Aquincum City on Danubius in Pannonia Inferior Budapest in Hungary PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ;   
Aquinum Ἀκούινον  (Akouinon) City of the Volscians in Lazio Aquino in the province of Frosinone in Italy PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aquitania Ἀκυϊτανία  (Akyitania) Gaul between the Garonne and the Pyrenees , Roman province of Gallia Aquitania Aquitaine Smith ;