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Rha Smith ;  
Rhaabeni Smith ;  
Rhabdium Smith ;  
Rhacalani Smith ;  
Rhacatae Smith ;  
Rhacotis Smith ;  
Rhaeba Smith ;  
Rhaedestus , Raedestum, Bisanthe Ῥαίδεστος  (Rhaidestos), Ῥαίδεστον  (Rhaideston) Port city on the Propontis Tekirdağ on the Sea of ​​Marmara in Turkey Smith ;  
Rhaeteae Smith ;  
Rhaetia Ῥαιτία  (Rhaitia) Roman province of Raetia Parts of southern Germany and the Alps Smith ;  
Rhagae Smith ;  
Rhagiana Smith ;  
Rhamae Smith ;  
Rhamanltae Smith ;  
Rhamidava Smith ;  
Rhamnus Ῥαμνοῦς  (Rhamnous) Location on the northeast coast of Attica 12 km northeast of Marathon on the Gulf of Evia in Greece Smith (1) ;  
Rhapsii ethiopes Smith ;  
Rhapta Ῥαπτά  (Rhapta) Market on the East African coast Smith ;  
Rhaptum Promontorium Smith ;  
Rhaptus fluvius Smith ;  
Rhastia Smith ;  
Rhatostathybius Smith ;  
Rhaucus Smith ;  
Rhebas Smith ;  
Rhedones Smith ;  
Rhegium Ῥήγιον  (Rhēgion) important colony of Magna Graecia Reggio Calabria in Italy Smith ;  
Rhegium Ῥήγιον  (Rhēgion) City in Thrace Küçükçekmece , suburb of Istanbul in Turkey Smith ;  
Rhegma Smith ;  
Rhegmaa Smith ;  
Rheimea Smith ;  
Rheithrum Smith ;  
Rheiti Smith ;  
Rheneia Smith ;  
Rheni Smith ;  
Rhenus Ῥῆνος  (Rhēnos) Current in Germania and the Germania magna border Rhine Smith ;  
Rhenus River in Gallia cispadana Reno in Emilia-Romagna Smith ;  
Rhesaena Smith ;  
Rhetico Smith ;  
Rhidagus Smith ;  
Rhinocorura Ῥινοκόρουρα  (Rhinokoroura), Ῥινοκόλουρα  (Rhinokoloura) Place or river on the border between Egypt and Palestine Smith ;  
Rhipaei Montes Smith ;  
Rhipe Smith ;  
Rhispia Smith ;  
Rhithymna Ῥίθυμνα  (Rhithymna) City in Crete Rethymno in Crete Smith ;  
Rhium Smith ;  
Rhiusiava Smith ;  
Rhizana Smith ;  
Rhizenia Ῥιζηνία  (Rhizēnia) Place in Crete, about halfway between Knossos and Gortyn near the village of Prinias , 35 km southwest of Heraklion Smith ;  
Rhizius Smith ;  
Rhizon Smith ;  
Rhizonicus sinus Smith ;  
Rhizophagi Ethiopes Smith ;  
Rhizus Ῥιζοῦς  (Rhizous) City in Pontos Rize on the Black Sea in Turkey Smith ;  
Rhizus Ῥιζοῦς  (Rhizous) Coastal city of the Magnesians in Thessaly , at the foot of the Ossa south of Kokkino Nero near Stomio in Greece Smith ;  
Rhocca Smith ;  
Rhoda , Rhodus Ῥόδη  (Rhodē) Emporium on the coast of Hispania Tarraconensis at the place of the Ciutadella de Roses in Roses in Catalonia Smith ;  
Rhodanus Ῥοδανός  (Rhodanos) River in Gaul Rhone in Switzerland and France Smith ;  
Rhodanusia Smith ;  
Rhode Fluvius Smith ;  
Rhodiapolis , Rhodia Ῥοδία  (Rhodia) City in Lycia 3 km northwest of the city center of Kumluca in Turkey Smith ;  
Rhodiorum Regio Smith ;  
Rhodius Ῥόδιος  (Rhodios) River in the Troad Smith ;  
Rhodope Ῥοδόπη  (Rhodopē) Mountains on the border of Thrace and Macedonia Rhodope Mountains , mostly in southern Bulgaria , to a lesser extent in northern Greece Smith ;  
Rhoduntia Smith ;  
Rhodus Ῥόδος  (Rhodes) large island in the Aegean Sea Rhodes Smith ;  
Rhodussa Smith ;  
Rhodussae Smith ;  
Rhoe Smith ;  
Rhoetaces Smith ;  
Rhoeteum Smith ;  
Rhogana Smith ;  
Rhogandani Smith ;  
Rhoge Smith ;  
Rhogonis Smith ;  
Rhoscopus Smith ;  
Rhosologiacum Smith ;  
Rhosus Place on the coast of Cilicia Uluçınar in İmamoğlu County in Turkey Smith ;  
Rhoxolani Smith ;  
Rhuana Smith ;  
Rhubon Ῥούβωνος  (Rhoubōnos) River in Sarmatia Daugava , flowing through Russia, Belarus and Latvia , flows into the Riga Bay Smith ;  
Rhubricatus Smith ;  
Rhudiae Smith ;  
Rhus Ῥοῦς  (Rhous) Place in Megara RE Ῥοῦς; Smith ;  
Rhusium Ῥούσιον  (Rhousion) City in Thrace Smith ;  
Rhutupiae Smith ;  
Rhymmici Montes Smith ;  
Rhyndacus Ῥύνδακος  (Rhyndakos) River in Asia Minor Smith ;  
Rhypes Ῥύπες  (Rhypes) City on the Gulf of Corinth Smith ;  
Rhytium Smith ;