List of ancient place names and geographical names / Ho

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Holmi Smith ;  
Holmones Smith ;  
Holophyxus Smith ;  
Homana Smith ;  
Homanades Smith ;  
Homeritae Smith ;  
Homoles Ὁμόλη  (homolē) (homolion) Mountain in Thessaly and city on its slope Omolion in the Larissa Regional Unit Smith ;  
Honorias Smith ;  
Horca Smith ;  
Horeb biblical mountain, place where YHWH met Moses Smith ;  
Horesti Smith ;  
Horites Smith ;  
Horma Smith ;  
Hormanus Smith ;  
Horrea Coelia City in Byzacena in Africa Hergla in Tunisia coelia-geo Smith ;  
Horror City in Epirus 4 km north of Arta near the village of Ammotopos in Greece Smith ;  
Horreum Margi City in Pannonia Ćuprija in Serbia Smith ;  
Horta City in Etruria Places in Italy Smith ;  
Hortona see Ortona  
Hossii Smith ;  
Hostilia Smith ;  
Hosuerbas Smith ;