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Pycnus Smith ;  
Pydaras Smith ;  
Pydna Πύδνα  (Pydna) Smith ;  
Pydnae City on the coast of Pieria Pydna in Northern Greece Smith ;  
Pygela Smith ;  
Pylae Πύλαι  (Pylai) City on the Propontis coast Yalova in Turkey  
Pylae Ciliciae Smith ;  
Pylae Syriae Smith ;  
Pylaea Smith ;  
Pylene Smith ;  
pylon Πυλών  (pylon) City on the Via Egnatia , on the border of Illyria and Macedonia Resen in Macedonia Smith ;  
Pylorus City in Crete southwest of Plora in Crete Smith ;  
Pylus Smith ;  
Pyraei Smith ;  
Pyramia Smith ;  
Pyramus Πύραμος  (Pyramos) River in Asia Minor Ceyhan (river) in southern Turkey Smith ;  
Pyranthus Smith ;  
Pyrasus Smith ;  
Pyrenaei Montes Smith ;  
Pyrenaei Portus Smith ;  
Pyrenees Promontory Smith ;  
Pyretus Smith ;  
Pyrgi Πύργοι  (Pyrgoi) Port and emporion of the Etruscan city of Caere Excavation site near Santa Severa in the municipality of Santa Marinella , north of Rome Smith ;  
Pyrgus Smith ;  
Pyrnus Smith ;  
Pyrogeri Smith ;  
Pyrrha Πύρρα  (Pyrra) City on the island of Lesbos Smith (1) ;  
Pyrrha Πύρρα  (Pyrra) Port southeast of Miletus in Caria near Sarıkemer Smith (2) ;  
Pyrrha Πύρρα  (Pyrra) Forerunner settlement of Melitaia in Thessaly Smith ;  
Pyrrheum Smith ;  
Pyrrhi Castra Smith ;  
Pyrrhichus Smith ;  
Pyrrum Smith ;  
Pyrustae Smith ;  
Pythium Smith ;  
Pytho Smith ;  
Pythopolis Smith ;  
Pyxirates Smith ;  
Pyxites Πυξίτης  (Pyxitēs) River in Pontos Altındere (river) in Turkey Smith ;  
Pyxus Smith ;