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slide Δία  (Dia) small island off Crete Slide in the Aegean Sea Smith ;  
Dia , Diospolis Δῖα  (Dia) Trading center in Bithynia Akçakoca in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
slide see Tyrictaca  
slide see Tralles  
Diabetae Smith ;  
Diablintes Celtic tribe in Gaul, part of the Aulerker tribe Settlement area between Loire and Seine Smith ;  
Diacopene Smith ;  
Diacria Smith ;  
Diagon Smith ;  
Diana Tifatina Sanctuary of Diana Tifatina in Campania , at the foot of Tifata Mons on the western slope of Monte Tifata east of Capua in Italy  
Diana Veteranorum City in Numidia 40 km northeast of Lambaesis in Algeria Smith ;  
Dianium , Artemisium Διάνιον  ( Dianion ), Ἀρτεμίσιον  (Artemision) Cape Tarraconensis on the coast of Hispania Cabo de la Nao near Dénia in Spain Smith ;  
Dianium , Artemisia Ἀρτεμίσιον  (Artemision) Island off the coast of Etruria Giannutri off the Italian coast Smith ;  
Dibio , Divio City in Gallia Narbonensis Dijon in France RE ; Smith ;  
Dicaea Smith ;  
Dicaearchia Smith ;  
Dicaledonae Smith ;  
Dictamnum Smith ;  
Dicte Smith ;  
Dicte Smith ;  
Dictis Smith ;  
Dictynnaeum Smith ;  
Dictynnaeum Smith ;  
Diduri Smith ;  
Didyma , Branchidae Δίδυμα  (Didyma), Βράγχιδαι  (Branchidai) Sanctuary of Apollo near Miletus Didim on the Turkish Aegean coast in the Aydın province Smith ;  
Didyma ponds Smith ;  
Didyme insula Smith ;  
Didymi Smith ;  
Didymon Teichos Smith ;  
Didymoteichos Διδυμότειχος  (Didymoteichos) City in Thrace Didymoticho Smith ;  
Digba Smith ;  
Digentia Smith ;  
Dilis Smith ;  
Diluntum Smith ;  
Dimallum Smith ;  
Dimastus Smith ;  
Dimetae see Demetae  
Dinaretum Smith ;  
Dindymene Smith ;  
Dindymum Smith ;  
Dindymum Smith ;  
Dinia Smith ;  
Diniae Smith ;  
Dinogetia Δινογέτεια  (Dinogeteia) Roman military camp on the Moesian Limes 5 km northwest of the Romanian village Garvan in the district of Tulcea in Dobruja , around 10 km southeast of the Danube town Galatz Smith ;  
Diocaesareia Smith ;  
Diocaesareia Smith ;  
Dioclea see Doclea  
Diocleia Smith ;  
Diocletianopolis Διοκλητιανούπολις  (Dioklētianoupolis) City in Thrace Chissarja in southern Bulgaria Smith ;  
Diocletianopolis Διοκλητιανούπολις  (Dioklētianoupolis) City in Palestine  
Diocletianopolis Διοκλητιανούπολις  (Dioklētianoupolis) City in Thebais Secunda Qus in Upper Egypt  
Diodori Insula Smith ;  
Diodorum Smith ;  
Diolindum Smith ;  
Diomedeae insulae Smith ;  
Dionysiades Smith ;  
Dionysias see Crambusa  
Dionysopolis Smith ;  
Dionysopolis Indiae Smith ;  
Dionysopolis Moesiae Smith ;  
Diopolis Smith ;  
Dios Hieron Smith ;  
Dioscoridis insula Smith ;  
Dioscurias Smith ;  
Diospolis Διόσπολις  (Diospolis) City in Bithynia Akçakoca in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Diospolis Διόσπολις  (Diospolis) City in Palestine Lod in Israel Smith ;  
Diospolis Inferior City in the 17th Lower Egyptian Gau in the northern Nile Delta about 30 km north of al-Mansura in Egypt inferior-geo Smith ;  
Diospolis Magna Smith ;  
Diospolis Parva Διόσπολις μικρά  (Diospolis mikra) City in Upper Egypt, capital of the Gaus Diospolites Smith (1) ;  
Dipaea , Dipea, Dipaia Δίπαια  (Dipaia) City in Arcadia maybe Davia in Falanthos parish Smith ;  
Dipoena Smith ;  
Dirce Smith ;  
Dirphe Smith ;  
Discelados Smith ;  
Ditattium Smith ;  
Dittani Smith ;  
Dium Δῖον  (Dion) City in Macedonia on the coastal plain at the foot of Mount Olympus , about 15 km from Katerini away Smith (1) ;  
Dium Δῖον  (Dion) City on the Athos peninsula Smith (2) ;  
Dium Δίον ἄκρον  (Dion akron) Cape on the north coast of Crete maybe Cape Korakias Smith ;  
Dium Δῖον  (Dion) City on Euboea Smith ;  
Dium Δῖον  (Dion) City in Palestine , one of the cities of the Decapolis  
Diur Smith ;  
diva River in Caledonia Dee in Scotland Smith ;  
Divitia Roman military camp near Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in the Cologne-Deutz district Smith ;  
Divodurum Διουόδουρον  (Diouodouron) City in Gaul, capital of the mediomatrics Metz in France Smith ;  
Divona , Divona Cadurcorum, Cadurci Capital of the Kadurkers in Gaul Cahors in France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;