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Tyana Τύανα  (Tyana) City in Cappadocia Kemerhisar south of Niğde in Turkey Smith ;  
Tybiacae Smith ;  
Tyde Smith ;  
Tyle Smith ;  
Tylissus Smith ;  
Tylus Smith ;  
Tymandus Τύμανδος  (Tymandos) City in Phrygia east of Senirkent in Turkey Smith ;  
Tymbres Smith ;  
Tymphaea Smith ;  
Tymph Smith ;  
Tymphrestus Smith ;  
Tyndaris Τυνδαρίς  (Tyndaris) City on the north coast of Sicily Tindari in the province of Messina in Italy Smith ;  
Tyndis Smith ;  
Tynidrumense Opp Smith ;  
Tynna Τύννα  (Tynna) City in Cappadocia Porsuk in the Niğde Province of Turkey Smith ;  
Typaeus Smith ;  
Typaneae Smith ;  
Tyracia Smith ;  
Tyrallis Smith ;  
Tyrambae Smith ;  
Tyrangitae Smith ;  
Tyrannoboas Smith ;  
Tyras Τύρας  (Tyras) River in Sarmatia Dniester Smith ;  
Tyras Τύρας  (Tyras) Greek colonial city at the mouth of the river of the same name Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyj in Ukraine Smith ;  
Tyriaeum Τυραῖον  (Tyraion), Τυριαῖον  (Tyriaion) City in the Kabalia on the border between Phrygia and Pisidia at Teke Kozağac in Turkey Smith ;  
Tyrictaca , Dia Τυριτάκη  (Tyritakē), Τυρικτάκη  (Tyriktakē) City on the Cimmerian Bosporus Ruins near Arshintsevo on the Kerch Strait Smith ;  
Tyrissa Smith ;  
Tyritae Smith ;  
Tyrrhenia Smith ;  
Tyrrhenum Mare Smith ;  
Tyrrhine Smith ;  
Tyrsus Smith ;  
Tire Τύρος  (Tire) City in Phenicia Tire in Lebanon Smith ;  
Tysanusa Smith ;