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Siagul Smith ;  
Sianticum Smith ;  
Siarum Smith ;  
Siata Island off the coast of Aremorica probably Île d'Houat off the coast of Brittany Smith ;  
Siatutanda Smith ;  
Sibae Smith ;  
Sibaria Smith ;  
Sibda Smith ;  
Siberena Smith ;  
Siberis Smith ;  
Sibuzates proto-Basque or Celtic tribe Tribal territory in the historic Basque region of Soule Smith ;  
Sibyllates Smith ;  
Sibyrtus Smith ;  
Sicambri see Sygambri  
Sicani Smith ;  
Sicca Veneria Σίκα Οὐενερία  (Sika Oueneria), Σίκκα  (Sikka) City in North Africa El Kef in northern Tunisia Smith ;  
Sicella Smith ;  
Shechem Συχὲμ  (Sychem) City in central Palestine Nablus in the West Bank Smith (1) ;  
Sicilia Σικελία  (Sikelia) Island in the Mediterranean Sicily Smith ;  
Sicilibba , Sicilibra City in Africa proconsularis about 30 km southwest of Tunis Smith ;  
Sicinos Smith ;  
Sicor Smith ;  
Sicoris Σίκορις  (Sikoris) Tributary of the Iberus in Hispania Tarraconensis Segre , tributary of the Ebro Smith ;  
Siculi Smith ;  
Siculum Mare Smith ;  
Sicum Smith ;  
Sicyon Smith ;  
Sidae Smith ;  
Side Σίδη  (Sidē) City on the coast of Pamphylia Selimiye in the Turkish province of Antalya Smith ;  
Side Σίδη  (Sidē) City on the east coast of Laconia near Velanidia in the Peloponnese Smith ;  
Side Σίδη  (Sidē) City in the plain of Malis east of Lamia in Greece  
Side see Polemonium  
Sidene Smith ;  
Sideni Smith ;  
Sideni Smith ;  
Sidenus River in Pontus Bolaman Irmağı Smith ;  
Sideris Smith ;  
Siderus Smith ;  
Sidicini Smith ;  
Sidodone Smith ;  
Sidolocus Smith ;  
Sidon Σιδών  (Sidōn) Port city in Phenicia Sidon in Lebanon Smith ;  
Sidones Smith ;  
Sidus Σιδοῦς Smith ;  
Sidussa Smith ;  
Sidyma Σίδυμα  (Sidyma) City in Lycia near Dodurga in the Fethiye district in the Turkish province of Muğla Smith ;  
Sielediva Smith ;  
Siga Smith ;  
Siga Smith ;  
Sigeum Smith ;  
Sigmatis , Sigman Σίγμαν  (Sigman) River in Gaul possibly the Eyre on the French Atlantic coast Smith ;  
Signia Σιγνία  (Signia) City in Lazio Segni in Italy Smith ;  
Sigriane Smith ;  
Sigrium Smith ;  
Sigulones Smith ;  
Sigynnes Smith ;  
Sihor Smith ;  
Siimena Smith ;  
Sila Σίλα  (Sila) Mountains in Gross Sila Mountains in southern Italy or part of it Smith ;  
Silacenae Smith ;  
Silana City in Thessaly Smith ;  
Silarus Σίλαρος  (Silaros) River in southern Italy Sele in Campania Smith ;  
Silas Σιλής  (Silēs) mythical river in northern India Smith ;  
Syllable Smith ;  
Sili Smith ;  
Silicense Flumen Smith ;  
Silindium Smith ;  
Silingae Smith ;  
Silis Smith ;  
Silla Σίλλα  (Silla) River in Sittacene in Assyria that flows through the city of Artemita Smith ;  
silo Σηλώμ  (Sēlōm) City in Palestine 16 km north of Bet El in the West Bank Smith ;  
Siloam Source at Jerusalem  
Silpia Smith ;  
Silsilis Smith ;  
Silura Smith ;  
Silures Smith ;  
Silvanectes Smith ;  
Silvium Smith ;  
Simeni Smith ;  
Simeon Tribe of the people of Israel Smith ;  
Simittu Smith ;  
Simois Σιμόεις  (Simoïs) small river in Troas Dümrek Çayı Smith ;  
Simundu Smith ;  
Simylla Smith ;  
Simyra Coastal city in Phenicia Smith ;  
Sinae Smith ;  
Sinai Σινᾶ ὄρος  (Sina oros), Σιναῖον  (Sinaion) Peninsula and mountain in Arabia Petraea Sinai Peninsula Smith ;  
Sinchi Tribal group of the Taurians Smith ;  
Sinda Σίνδα  (Sinda) City in western Pisidia Gölhisar in Turkey Smith ;  
Sinda Sarmatica Smith ;  
Sindi Σινδοί  (Sindoi) People of Sarmatia Area on the Taman Peninsula and the adjacent coasts of the Black Sea Smith ;  
Sindocanda Smith ;  
Sindomana Smith ;  
Sindus Smith ;  
Singa Σίγγα  (Singa) City in Kommagene Smith ;  
Singames Smith ;  
Singara Σίγγαρα  (Singara) Fortress in northern Mesopotamia Sinjar in Iraq Smith ;  
Singidava Smith ;  
Singidunum Σιγγίδουνον  (Singidounon), Σιγγίνδουνον  (Singindounon), Σιγίνδουνον  (Sigindounon) City in Moesia superior Belgrade in Serbia Smith ;  
Singili Smith ;  
Singiticus Sinus Smith ;  
Singons Smith ;  
Singulis Smith ;  
Singus Smith ;  
Siniar Smith ;  
Sinis , Siniskolon, Sinis Colonia Σίνις  (Sinis) City in Melitene Fethiye in Turkey Smith ;  
Sinna , Cinna City in the Illyricum near Lake Skadar in Albania  
Sinna City in Africa proconsularis possibly today's Kalâat Snan , Kef Governorate in Tunisia  
Sinna Σιννᾶ  (Sinna) Mountain in Syria Lebanon Mountains Smith (2) ;  
Sinonia Smith ;  
Sinope Σινώπη  (Sinōpē) Greek colony on the Euxinos coast Sinop on the Black Sea Smith ;  
Sinoria Smith ;  
Sinotium Smith ;  
Sinsii Smith ;  
Sinti Thracian tribe Smith ;  
Sintice Σιντική  (Sintikē) Settlement area of ​​the Sintier on the Strymon in Thrace roughly Sintiki area in Central Macedonia Smith ;  
Sinties Smith ;  
Sinuessa Σινούεσσα  (Sinouessa), Σινόεσσα  (Sinoessa) Port city on the Via Appia in the extreme south of Lazio in the territory of the communes of Cellole , Sessa Aurunca and Mondragone Smith ;  
Sion Σιών  (Siōn) pre-Israelite Jerusalem of the Jebusites Smith ;  
Siph Smith ;  
Siphae Smith ;  
Siphnos , Siphnus Σίφνος  (Siphnos) Island of the Cyclades Sifnos in the Aegean Sea Smith ;  
Sipia Smith ;  
Sipontum , Sipuntum City in Puglia Siponto south of Manfredonia in Italy Smith ;  
Sipylus Smith ;  
Siracellae Smith ;  
Siracene Smith ;  
Siraceni Smith ;  
Sirae Smith ;  
Sirae Smith ;  
Sirangae Smith ;  
Sirbes Smith ;  
Sirbi Smith ;  
Sirbitum Smith ;  
Sirbonis Lacus Smith ;  
Sirenusae Smith ;  
Siricae Smith ;  
Sirio Settlement in Gaul possibly today's Cérons in France Smith ;  
Siris Σῖρις  (Siris) City and Greek colony of Magna Graecia near Policoro in the Italian Basilicata Smith ;  
Siris Σῖρις  (Siris) River in Italy that flows into Siris Sinni in Italy Smith ;  
Siris Σίρις  (Siris) City in Thrace Serres in Greece Smith ;  
Sirmio Smith ;  
Sirmium Σίρμιον  (Sirmion) Capital of the province of Pannonia Inferior within Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia Smith ;  
Sirnides Smith ;  
Siroc Smith ;  
Sisapon Smith ;  
Sisar Smith ;  
Sisara Σισάρα  (Sisara) See in Africa propria Ichkeul Lake in Tunisia Smith ;  
Sisara see Sarbane  
Sisaraca Smith ;  
Sisauranum see Sarbane  
Siscia Σισκία  (Siskia), Σεγέστα  (Segesta) City in the south of Pannonia superior Sisak in Croatia Smith ;  
Sitace Smith ;  
Sitacus Smith ;  
Sithonia Σιθωνίη  (Sithōniē) middle of the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki Smith ;  
Sitia Location in Hispania Baetica Smith ;  
Sitifi Smith ;  
Sitillia Smith ;  
Sitiogagus Smith ;  
Sitomagus Smith ;  
Sitones Smith ;  
Sittace Smith ;  
Sittacene Smith ;  
Sittocatis Smith ;  
Siuphi Smith ;  
Siva Σίουα  (Sioua) City in Cappadocia Smith ;