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Macaw lugdunensis Smith ;  
Ara Ubiorum Roman sanctuary in the oppidum ubiorum Cologne city ​​center, probably near Alt St. Alban and Gürzenich Smith ;  
Arabia Smith ;  
Arabia Deserta ἡ ἔρημος Ἀρξία  (hē erēmos Arxia) syrian desert Smith ;  
Arabia Felix Ἀραβία εὐδαίμων  (Arabia eudaimōn) Arabian Peninsula , especially the southwest with today's Yemen Smith ;  
Arabia Petraea Province of the Roman Empire, encompassing the territory of the former Nabatean Empire  
Arabiae Smith ;  
Arabicus Sinus Sea between Arabia and Aegyptus Red Sea Smith ;  
Arabis Ἄραβις  (Arabis) River in Gedrosien Smith ;  
Arabitae Smith ;  
Arabrica Smith ;  
Aracca Smith ;  
Araceli City of the Vaskonen in Tarraconensis, Hispania Huarte Araquil west of Pamplona in the province of Navarre Plin. Nat. 3.3. s. 4; Itin. Ant. P. 455; Smith ;  
Arachnaeum Ἀραχναῖον  (Arachnaion) Mountains in the Argolis Arachnaion Smith ;  
Arachosia Smith ;  
Arachoti Fons Smith ;  
Arachotus Smith ;  
Arachthus Smith ;  
Aracia Smith ;  
Aracillum Smith ;  
Aracynthus Smith ;  
Arad Ἀράδ  (Arad) Canaanite city in southern Palestine near today's Arad in Israel PECS ; Smith ;  
Araden Smith ;  
Aradus Ἄραδος  (Arados) Island and port off the Phoenician coast Aruad off the Syrian coast PECS ; RE ; Smith (1) ;  
Aradus Ἄραδος  (Arados) Island in the Persian Gulf al-Muharraq off the coast of Bahrain RE ; Smith (2) ;  
Arae Alexandri Smith ;  
Arae Flaviae Location in Germania superior Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arae hesperi Smith ;  
Arae Philaenortum Smith ;  
Arae Sestianae Smith ;  
Araethyrea Smith ;  
Aragus Smith ;  
Arainus Smith ;  
Aramaei Smith ;  
Arandis Ἀρανδίς  (Arandis) City of the Celtics (Celtici) in Lusitania Ourique in Portugal Ptol. 2.5.6; It. Ant. P. 426; Plin. Nat. 4.22. s. 35; Smith ;  
Arandunum Location in southern Gaul possibly Calvisson in the south of France PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arangas Smith ;  
Arantia Smith ;  
Araphs Ἀραφήν  (Araphēn) Attic demos of the phyle Aigeus Rafina in Greece PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Arar , Araris Ἄραρ  (Arar), Ἄραρις  (Araris) River in Gaul Saône in France Smith ;  
Ararus Smith ;  
Aratispi Smith ;  
Arauris Smith ;  
Arausio Ἀραυσίων  (Arausiōn) City of the Cavari north of Arelate in Gaul Orange in the south of France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aravi Smith ;  
Aravisci Smith ;  
Araxa Ἄραξα  (Araxa) City in the north of the Xanthos valley in Lycia at today's Ören in Turkey Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Araxates Smith ;  
Araxes Ἀράξης  (Araxēs) River in Armenia Macaws in the Middle East Smith (1) ;  
Araxes Ἀράξης  (Araxēs) River in the Persis Kor , tributary of Lake Bakhtegan in Iran Strab. xv. p.729; Curt. 5.4; Smith (2) ;  
Araxes Ἀράξης  (Araxēs) another name of Jaxartes in Scythia Syr Darya in Central Asia Strab. xi. p.512 .; Smith (3) ;  
Araxes Ἀράξης  (Araxēs) River in asia possibly the Chabur Xen. Anab. 1.4.19; Smith (4) ;  
Araxus Smith ;  
Arba Liburnian Island Rab in front of Croatia Smith ;  
Arbaca Smith ;  
Arbace Smith ;  
Arbalo Smith ;  
Arbeia Roman fortress in Britain at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall South Shields in England Pleiades ; RE ; Smith ;  
Arbela Ἄρβηλα  (Arbēla) City in eastern Assyria Erbil in Iraq Smith (1) ;  
Arbela Ἄρβηλα  (Arbēla) fortified settlement in Galilee Irbid in Jordan Smith (2) ;  
Arbela Ἄρβηλα  (Arbēla) Village in the Jezreel Valley Eusebius of Caesarea onomasticon 14:20;   
Arbelitis Smith ;  
Arbiti Montes Smith ;  
Arbocala Smith ;  
Arbon Ἄρβων  (Arbōn) City in Illyria Pleiades ; RE ;   
Arbor Felix Border fort in Raetia , on the south bank of Lacus Brigantinus Arbon on Lake Constance PECS ; Pleiades ; RE ;   
Arca , Caesarea Ἄρκη  (Arkē), Ἄρκαι  (Arkai) City in Phenicia , birthplace of Severus Alexander Arqa in northern Lebanon Smith ;  
Arcadia Ἀρκαδία  (Arkadia) City in Crete Smith ;  
Arcadia Ἀρκαδία  (Arkadia) Arcadia , a landscape of the Peloponnese Smith ;  
Arcesine Smith ;  
Arceuthus Smith ;  
Archabis Smith ;  
Archaeopolis Smith ;  
Archandrotpolis Smith ;  
Archelais Smith ;  
Arci Smith ;  
Arcidava Ἀργίδαυα  (Argidaua) Place in Dacia Vărădia in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Arcobriga Smith ;  
Arconnesus Smith ;  
Ardabda Smith ;  
Ardanis Smith ;  
Ardea Ἀρδέα  (Ardea) City of the Rutulians in Lazio Ardea , 36 km south of Rome PECS ; Smith ;  
Ardea Ἄρδεα  (Ardea) City in Persia, southwest of Persepolis Ptol. 11.4.5; Ammian. 23.6; Smith ;  
Ardelica Smith ;  
Ardericca Smith ;  
Ardettus Smith ;  
Ardiaei Smith ;  
Ardobrica Smith ;  
Ardotalia Roman fortress in Britain Melandra Castle , west of Glossop in Derbyshire , England PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arduenna Smith ;  
Ardyes Smith ;  
Area Smith ;  
Arebrigium Smith ;  
Arecomici Smith ;  
Aregenua , Aregenoua Capital of the Viducassen in Gaul Vieux in the Calvados department in France PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Areiopagus Smith ;  
Arelate Ἀρελάτη  (Arelatē) City of the Ligurians in Gallia Narbonensis Arles in the south of France PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Aremorica , Armorica north-western coast of Gaul between Sequana ( Seine ) and Liger ( Loire ) Normandy and Brittany  
Arenacum Smith ;  
Arenae Montes Smith ;  
Arenas Ἀρήνη  (Arēnē) City in Messenia Smith ;  
Arenas Ἀρήνη  (Arēnē) Source at Lepreon in Triphylia  
Areon Smith ;  
Areopolis City in Moab 15 kilometers north of Kerak in Jordan PECS ; Smith ;  
Arethusa Ἀρέθουσα  (Arethousa) City in Syria Smith (1) ;  
Arethusa Ἀρέθουσα  (Arethousa) Lake in Armenia Smith (2) ;  
Arethusa Ἀρέθουσα  (Arethousa) Source at Syracusae Fonte Aretusa in the port of Syracuse Smith (3) ;  
Arethusa Ἀρέθουσα  (Arethousa) Source near Chalkis on Euboea Smith (4) ;  
Arethusa Ἀρέθουσα  (Arethousa) Source on Ithaca , the island of Odysseus Speculatively identified with the Perapigadi spring 5 km southeast of Vathy on what is now Ithaca Smith (5) ;  
Arethusa Ἀρέθουσα  (Arethousa) City in Mygdonia in Macedonia Smith (6) ;  
Aretias Ἀρητιάς  (Arētias) Island off the coast of Pontus Giresun Adası in the Black Sea , northeast of Giresun Smith ;  
Areva Tributary of the Durius in the Hispania Tarraconensis probably the Rio Ucero near Ucero in the province of Soria in Spain Smith ;  
Arevaci Smith ;  
Argaeus Smith ;  
Argamum Όργάμη  (orgamē) City in the mouth of the Danubius in Dobruja in the Danube Delta , on the territory of the Jurilovca municipality , Tulcea County , Romania PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arganthonius Smith ;  
Argaricus Sinus Smith ;  
Argennum Smith ;  
Argenomesci Smith ;  
Argentaria Smith ;  
Argentarius Mons Smith ;  
Argentarius Mons Smith ;  
Argente Smith ;  
Argentea Regio Smith ;  
Argenteus River in the Gallia Narbonensis Smith ;  
Argentomagus Oppidum of the Biturigians in Gaul Saint-Marcel in the Indre department in France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Argentoratum , Argentoratus, Stratisburgium, Strataburgum Ἀργέντωρ  (Argentōr) Roman city in the Germania superior Strasbourg in Alsace Smith ;  
Argentovaria Smith ;  
Argidava Smith ;  
Argilus Smith ;  
Arginusae Smith ;  
Argippaei Smith ;  
Argissa Smith ;  
Argita Smith ;  
Argithea Smith ;  
Argivi Smith ;  
Argob Smith ;  
Argolic sine Smith ;  
Argolis Ἀργολίς  (Argolis) North-east of the Peloponnese , in the narrower sense around Argos Smith ;  
Argos Ἄργος  (Argos) City in the northeast of the Peloponnese , center of the Mycenaean culture Argos PECS ; Smith ;  
Argos Amphilochicum Ἄργος τὸ Ἀμφιλοχικόν  (Argos to Amphilochicon) City on the Ambracian Gulf in Akarnania PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Argos hippium see Arpi  
Argos Ippatum Place in Epirus PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Argos Oresticum Ἄργος Ὀρεστικόν  (Argos Orestikon) Place in Macedonia Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Argos Pelasgicum Ἄργος Πελασγικόν  (Argos Pelasgikon) Homeric city or region in Thessaly Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Argous Portus Smith ;  
Argura Ἄργουρα  (Argoura), Ἄργισσα  (Argissa) City in the Pelasgiotis in Thessaly west of Larissa in Greece PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (1) ;  
Argura Ἄργουρα  (Argoura), Ἄργουσα  (Argousa) City on Euboea Smith (2) ;  
Argyphea Smith ;  
Argyra Smith ;  
Argyre Smith ;  
Argyria Smith ;  
Argyrini Smith ;  
Argyripa see Arpi  
Aria Ἄρια  (Aria) Persian satrapy , land of the Aryans corresponds roughly to the province of Herat in Afghanistan Smith ;  
Aria Civitas Smith ;  
Aria insula Smith ;  
Aria Lacus Smith ;  
Ariaca Smith ;  
Ariaca Smith ;  
Ariacae Smith ;  
Arialbinnum Smith ;  
Arialdinum Smith ;  
Ariana Ἀριανή  (Arianē) Iranian highlands Smith ;  
Ariaspae Smith ;  
Ariassus Ἀριασσός  (Ariassus) City in Pisidia near Yürükbademlisi in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Arichi Smith ;  
Aricia Ἀρικία  (Arikia) City in Lazio on the Appian Way Ariccia PECS ; Smith ;  
Ariconium Place in Britain at Weston under Penyard in Herefordshire , England PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Arigaeum Smith ;  
Arii Smith ;  
Arimaspi Smith ;  
Arimathea Smith ;  
Ariminum Ἀρίμινον  (Ariminon) City in Umbria Rimini on the Adriatic PECS ; Smith ;  
Arimphaei Smith ;  
Arinchi Smith ;  
Ariolica Smith ;  
Aris Ἄρις  (Aris) River in Messenia , tributary of the Pamisus Aris Smith ;  
Arisba Smith ;  
Aristerae Smith ;  
Aristonautae Ἀριστοναῦται  (Aristonautai) Port of Pellene Xylokastro on the north coast of the Peloponnese Pleiades ; Smith (1) ;  
Aritium Praetorium Smith ;  
Arius Ἀριός  (Arios) River in the satrapy Aria Hari Rud in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan Smith ;  
Arizanti Smith ;  
Armenia Ἀρμενία  (Armenia) Armenia Minor and Armenia Maior see history of Armenia Smith ;  
Armeniae Pylae Smith ;  
Armenium Smith ;  
Armoniacus Smith ;  
Armorici Smith ;  
Armosota Smith ;  
Armozon Prom Smith ;  
Arna Ἄρνα  (Arna) City in Umbria near Civitella d'Arna on a hill above the Tiber east of Perugia Smith ;  
Arnae Smith ;  
Arne Ἄρνη  (Arnē) City in Thessaly at Sophades in western Thessaly Smith (1) ;  
Arne Ἄρνη  (Arnē) Place in Boeotia , mentioned by Homer Smith (2) ;  
Arneae Ἀρνεαί  (Arneai) City in Lycia near Ernez in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Arnissa Ἀρνισσα  (Arnissa) City in Macedonia PECS ; Smith ;  
Arnon Ἀρνὠν  (Arnōn) Border river of Moab in the Bible Wadi al-Mujib in Jordan Smith ;  
Arnus Smith ;  
Aroanius Smith ;  
Aroe Smith ;  
Aroer Smith ;  
Aromata Promontorium Smith ;  
Arosapes Smith ;  
Arosis Smith ;  
Arotrebae Smith ;  
Arpi , Argos Hippium Ἄρποι  (Arpoi), Ἀργύριππα  (Argyrippa) City of the Daunians in Apulia near Foggia PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Arpinum Ἄρπινα  (Arpina) City of the Volscians in Lazio Arpino in the province of Frosinone PECS ; Smith ;  
Arra Smith ;  
Arrabo Ἀραβών  (Arabōn) Tributary of the Danubius Raab , tributary of the Danube Pleiades ; Smith (1) ;  
Arrabon Smith ;  
Arrabona Fort on the Limes Pannonicus Győr in Hungary PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (2) ;  
Arrechi Smith ;  
Arretium Ἀρρήτιον  (Arrētion) City in Etruria Arezzo in Tuscany PECS ; Smith ;  
Arrhapachitis Smith ;  
Arrhene Smith ;  
Arrhiana Smith ;  
Arriaca Smith ;  
Arrubium , arubium Place in Moesia inferior Măcin in the Romanian Dobruja PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arsa Smith ;  
Arsa Smith ;  
Arsada City in Lycia Arsaköy in the Muğla Province of Turkey PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Arsameia City in Kommagene on the Euphrates Gerger Kalesi at Gerger in Turkey Pleiades ;   
Arsameia  (Arsameia pros Nymphaio) City on Nymphaios in Commagene Eski Kale (Old Castle) near Kocahisar (formerly Eski Kahta), Kahta County in Adıyaman Province in Turkey PECS ;   
Arsamosata Smith ;  
Arsanias Ἀρσανίας:  (Arsanias) Tributary of the Euphrates Murat Smith ;  
Arsanus Smith ;  
Arsenaria RE ; Smith ;  
Arsene Smith ;  
Arsesa Smith ;  
Arsia Smith ;  
Arsia Silva Smith ;  
Arsiana Smith ;  
Arsinarium Smith ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) Capital of the Nomos Heroonpolis , port city on the Gulf of Heroonpolis ( Gulf of Suez ) on the Red Sea Smith (1) ;  
Arsinoe , Crocodilopolis Ἀρσινόη  (Arsinoē), Κροκοδείλων πόλις  (Krokodeilōn polis) Capital of the Nomos Arsinoites, between the west bank of the Nile and Lake Moeris Madinat al-Fayyum Smith (2) ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City on the Red Sea in the Troglodytica region Strab. xvi. p.769; Smith (3) ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City in Aithiopia , at the entrance to the Red Sea near the Bab al-Mandab Strab. xvi. p.773; Mela, 3.8; Plin. Nat. 6.34; Ptol. 4.5.14; Pleiades ; Smith (4) ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City on the coast of Kilikia Tracheia on the coast east of Bozyazı in Turkey Pleiades ; Smith (8) ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City in Crete near Limenas Chersonisou Smith (5) ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City in southeastern Cyprus Famagusta PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (6) ;  
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City in northwestern Cyprus Polis Chrysochous in the Paphos district , near the capital of the Marion Kingdom PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη  (arsinoē) City in southwestern Cyprus on the coast south of Paphos Pleiades ;   
Arsinoe Ἀρσινόη ἐν Αὐλῶνι  (Arsinoē en Aulōni) Place in Palestine in the Jordan Valley , in the Bekaa Plain or in Wadi Arabah Pleiades ;   
Arsinoe see Conope  
Arsinoe see Coressia  
Arsinoe see Methana  
Arsinoe see Patara  
Arsinoe see Tauchira  
Arsinoeia see Ephesus  
Arsissa Smith ;  
Artabia Smith ;  
Artabri Smith ;  
Artabrorum Portus Smith ;  
Artabrorum Sinus Smith ;  
Artabrum Prom Smith ;  
Artacana Smith ;  
Artace Smith ;  
Artacene Smith ;  
Artacoana Smith ;  
Artaea Smith ;  
Artageira Smith ;  
Artagera Smith ;  
Artamis Smith ;  
Artanes Smith ;  
Artanissa Smith ;  
Artaunum Ἄρταυνον  (Artaunon) Place in Germania possibly the heather drink oppidum near Oberursel Smith ;  
Artaxata Ἀρτάξατα  (Artaxata), Ἀρταξιάσατα  (Artaxiasata) Capital of Armenia maior , on the banks of the Araxes Artashat in the Armenian province of Ararat PECS ; Smith ;  
Artemisium Ἀρτεμίσιον  (Artemision) Fortress in Macedonia , of Justinian I built Smith (3) ;  
Artemisium Ἀρτεμίσιον  (Artemision) Mountain in the Peloponnese Pleiades ; Smith (2) ;  
Artemisium Ἀρτεμίσιον  (Artemision) Cape on the north coast of Evia, site of the Battle of Artemision PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (3) ;  
Artemisium Ἀρτεμίσιον  (Artemision) Cape in Caria Akça Burnu south of Dalaman on the Turkish coast Pleiades ; Smith (4) ;  
Artemisium see Dianium  
Artemita Smith ;  
Artena City of the Volscians, 404 BC Chr. Destroyed Monte Fortino in the province of Rome was renamed Artena in 1873 due to an uncertain identification Smith (1) ;  
Artena City in Etruria between Caere and Veji not localized Smith (2) ;  
Artigi Smith ;  
Artiscus Ἀρτισκός  (Artiskos) River in Odrysia , tributary of the Hebros Arda , tributary of the Mariza Smith ;  
Artymnesus Smith ;  
Artynia Smith ;  
Arualtes Smith ;  
Aruci Smith ;  
Arunda Smith ;  
Arupium Place of the Japods in Illyria Prozor in Croatia Smith ;  
Arusini Campi Smith ;  
Arutela Roman fort in Dacia Călimăneşti in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Arva Town in Hispania Baetica on the right bank of the Baetis near Cordoba Smith ;  
Arvad Smith ;  
Arvarni Smith ;  
Arverni Smith ;  
Arvii Smith ;  
Arxata Smith ;  
Arycanda Ἀρύκανδα  (Arykanda) City in Lycia 32 km north of Finike in the province of Antalya PECS ; Smith ;  
Arymphaei Smith ;  
Arzanene Ἀρζανηνή  (Arzanēnē), Ἀρξάνη  (Arxanē) Region of Armenia maior between the upper reaches of the Tigris and Lake Van Smith ;  
Arzen Smith ;