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Buana Smith ;  
Bubalia Smith ;  
Bubassus Smith ;  
Bubastis , Bubastus Βούβαστις  (Boubastis), Βούβαστος  (Boubastos) Egyptian city with the cult of Bastet southeast of Zagazig in Egypt Smith ;  
Boyhood Smith ;  
Bubon Βούβων  (Boubōn) City in northern Lycia Ruins on Dikmen Tepe near İbecik in Turkey PECS ; Smith ;  
Buca Smith ;  
Bucatium  (Bouquet) Place in Aetolia at Paravola in the municipality of Agrinio in western Greece PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Bucephala Βουκέφαλα  (Boukephala) City on Hydaspes in India, founded by Alexander the Great Jhelam in India Smith ;  
Bucephala Cape south of Troizen in the Argolis probably Cape Koraka west of Dikigoron north of the island of Spetses at the entrance to the Argolic Gulf Pausanias 2.34.8; Smith ;  
Bucephalus Βουκέφαλος  (Boukephalos) Cape in the Saronic Gulf probably Frankolimano northeast of Solygeia Pliny 4.9; PECS ; Smith ;  
Buces Smith ;  
Buchaetium Βουχαίτιον  (Bouchaition) Elish colony in the estuary of the Acheron in Epirus south of Filippiada PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Bucinna Smith ;  
Bucinobantes Alemannic tribe in the Main estuary near Mainz Smith ;  
Bucolion Smith ;  
Bucolorum Urbs Smith ;  
Budalia Smith ;  
Budeium Smith ;  
Budii Smith ;  
Budini Smith ;  
Budorus Smith ;  
Budroae Smith ;  
Bulis Βοῦλις  (Boulis) City in Phocis Zalitza on the Gulf of Corinth Smith ;  
Bulla Regia Βούλλα Ῥηγία  (Boulla Rhēgia) City in the Africa proconsularis Hammam Daradji in Tunisia , about 170 kilometers from Tunis away PECS ; Smith ;  
Bullis see Byllis  
Bumadus Smith ;  
Buphagium Βουφάγιον  (Bouphagion) City in Arcadia at Sarakini in the Peloponnese PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Buphagus Βουφάγος  (Bouphagos) River in Arcadia, tributary of the Alpheios Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Buphia Smith ;  
Buphras Smith ;  
Buporthmus Smith ;  
Buprasium Smith ;  
Bura Βοῦρα  (Boura) City in the Achaia possibly Kastro, east of Egio Smith ;  
Buraicus Smith ;  
Burchana Βουρχανίς  (Bourchanis) Island in the North Sea , at the mouth of the Amisia not exactly localized, possibly Borkum Smith ;  
Burdigala Βουρδίγαλα  (Bourdigala) Capital of the Bituriges Vivisci on the left bank of the Garumna Bordeaux in France PECS ; Smith ;  
Burgenae Kastel on the Pannonian Limes PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Burginatium Alenkastell on the Lower Germanic Limes Finds in the Kalkar district of Altkalkar in the Kleve district on the Lower Rhine Smith ;  
Burgundiones Smith ;  
Burgus versus Florentiam possibly a Ländeburgus on the Pannonian Danube Limes Remains in the municipality of Dunafalva in Bács-Kiskun County in Hungary  
Buridava , Boridava Roman auxiliary troop camp in Dacia in the municipality of Stolniceni , Vâlcea County in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Burii Smith ;  
Burnum Roman legion camp in Liburnia Ivoševci near Kistanje in Croatia PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Burrium , Burrio Roman fortress in Britain on the southern outskirts of Usk in Monmouthshire , Wales PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Bursao Smith ;  
Buruncus Smith ;  
Busae Smith ;  
Busiris Βούσιρις  (Bousiris) Capital of 9 Lower Egypt Gaus Abu Sir Bana in Lower Egypt Smith ;  
Butadae Smith ;  
Buthoe Smith ;  
Buthrotum Βουθρωτόν  (Bouthrōton) City in Epirus Butrint ruins near Saranda in southern Albania PECS ; Smith ;  
Buticus lacus Smith ;  
Butos Smith ;  
Butrium Smith ;  
Butua Smith ;  
Butuntum Smith ;  
Buxentum Ρυξοῦς  (Ryxous), Βούξεντον  (Bouxenton) City in Lucania Policastro Bussentino , a district of the city of Santa Marina in Italy PECS ; Smith ;  
Buzara Smith ;