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Cabaleis Smith ;  
Cabalis Smith ;  
Cabasa Κάβασα  (Kabasa) Capital of the Gaus Kabasites in Lower Egypt possibly Shabas el-Shuhada in Egypt Smith ;  
Cabassus Smith ;  
Cabellio , Cabelio Καβαλλίων  (Kaballiōn) Place in Gaul Cavaillon in the Vaucluse department in France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cabilonnum , Cabillonum, Caballinum, Gabilunnum Καβυλλῖνον  (Kabyllinon) Place in Gaul Chalon-sur-Saône in France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cabira Smith ;  
Cabubathra Mons Smith ;  
Cabura Bactrianae Smith ;  
Cabyle , Calybe, Diospolis Καβύλη  (Kabylē), Καλύβη  (Kalybē) City in Thrace Kabile in Bulgaria PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cachales Smith ;  
Cacyparis Smith ;  
Cacyrum Smith ;  
Cadena Κάδηνα  (Kadēna) City in Cappadocia Smith ;  
Cadi Κάδοι  (Kadoi) City in Phrygia Eski Gediz in Turkey Smith ;  
Cadistus Smith ;  
Cadmeia Smith ;  
Cadmus Mons Κάδμος  (Kadmos) Mountain in Lycia Babadağ in the Turkish province of Denizli Smith ;  
Cadmus fl Κάδμος  (Kadmos) River that rises on the mountain of the same name in Lycia Gökpınar in Turkey  
Cadra Smith ;  
Cadrema Smith ;  
Cadrusi Smith ;  
Cadurci see Divona  
Cadusii Καδούσιος  (Kadousios) Mountain people in Media Atropatene Settlement area on the southwest coast of the Caspian Sea Smith ;  
Cadyanda Smith ;  
Cadytis Smith ;  
Caecilia Castra Smith ;  
Caecilionicum Smith ;  
Caecina , Cecina River in Etruria Cecina in Tuscany Smith ;  
Caecinus Smith ;  
Caecubus Ager Smith ;  
Caelia City in Apulia near Barium Ceglie del Campo in the city of Bari in Italy PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (1) ;  
Caelia City in Calabria , west of Brundisium Ceglie Messapica in Italy PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (2) ;  
Caena Smith ;  
Caenae Smith ;  
Caenepolis Smith ;  
Caenepolis see Taenarum  
Caenica Smith ;  
Caenicenses Smith ;  
Caenina Smith ;  
Caeno Smith ;  
Caenus Smith ;  
Caenys Smith ;  
Caepionis Turris , Caepionis Monumentum Καιπ́ίωνος πίργος  (Kaipiōnos pirgos) Roman lighthouse at the mouth of the Baetis Chipiona in Spain PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Caeratus Smith ;  
Caere Καιρέα  (Kairea), Ἄγυλλα  (Agylla) City in southern Etruria Cerveteri in Lazio PECS ; Smith ;  
Caeresi Smith ;  
Caesairea Smith ;  
Caesaraugusta , Colonia Caesaraugusta, Caesarea Augusta, Salduba Καισαραυγουστα  (Kaisaraugousta), Καισάρεια Αὐγούστα  (Kaisareia Augousta) Tarraconensis town in Hispania Saragossa in Spain PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Caesarea , Arca Caesarea, Caesarea ad Libanum Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City in Lebanon Arqa in Lebanon Pleiades ;   
Caesarea , Antiochia Caesarea, Caesarea in Pisidia Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City in Pisidia Yalvaç in Turkey Pleiades ;   
Caesarea , Eitha Caesarea Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City in Arabia Petraea about 10 km north of Shahba in Syria Pleiades ;   
Caesarea Cappadociae Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City in Cappadocia Kayseri in Turkey PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (1) ;  
Caesarea Germanice , Helge, Germanicopolis Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City in Bithynia near Tahtalı in the Nilüfer district , Bursa province in Turkey Pleiades ; Smith (2) ;  
Caesarea insula Island off the coast of Gaul Jersey in the English Channel Smith ;  
Caesarea Maritima Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City on the coast of Palestine PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (4) ;  
Caesarea Mauretaniae , Iol Καισάρεια  (Kaisareia) City in Mauretania Caesariensis Cherchell in Algeria PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Caesarea Philippi see Paneas  
Caesarea in Cilicia see Anazarbus  
Caesarodunum , Civitas Turonorum Καισαρόδουνον  (Kaisarodounon) Main town of the Turons in Gallia Lugdunensis Tours in France PECS ; Smith ;  
Caesaromagus , Bratuspantium Καισαρόμαγος  (Kaisaromagos) City in the Bellovac region in Gaul Beauvais in France PECS ; Smith ;  
Caesaromagus City in the territory of the Trinovants in Britain Chelmsford in England Smith ;  
Caesena Καίσηνα  (Kaisēna) City in Gallia cispadana Cesena in Emilia-Romagna PECS ; Smith ;  
Caesia Silva Smith ;  
Caetobriga , Caetobrix, Catobriga, Cetobriga, Troy Καιτόβριε  (Kaitobrie) City in Lusitania in the delta of the Sado river in southern Portugal about 30 kilometers southeast of Lisbon PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cagrae Καγραι  (Kagrai) Place in Pamphylia Cevizli in Akseki County in Antalya Province in Turkey PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Caiatia City in Samnium Caiazzo in the province of Caserta in Italy Smith (1) ;  
Caicus Κάϊκος  (Kaïkos) River in Mysia Bakırçay Smith ;  
Caieta Καίητη  (Kaiētē) City in Lazio Gaeta in Italy PECS ; Smith ;  
Cailamus Smith ;  
Caino City in Gaul Quinone in France PECS ;   
Calabria Καλαβρία  (Calabria) Calabria Calabria Smith ;  
Calachene Smith ;  
Calacte , Caleacte Καλὴ Ἀκτὴ  (Kalē Aktē), Καλάκτα  (Kalakta) City in Sicily Caronia in the province of Messina PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Calafiius Mons Smith ;  
Calagum Smith ;  
Calagurris Convenarum City in Gaul Saint-Martory in France PECS ; Smith ;  
Calagurris Fibularia City on the southern edge of the Pyrenees near Huesca , perhaps Loarre , in Spain  
Calagurris iulia, Calagurris iulia Nassica, Calagorris, Calaguris Κλάγουρις  (Klagouris) City of Vascones in Hispania Tarraconensis Calahorra in Spain PECS ; Smith ;  
Calam Smith ;  
Calama City in Numidia Guelma on the Algerian coast PECS ;   
Calaminae , Galaminae fabulous drifting islands in Lydia Pliny 2.95; Smith ;  
Calamyde Smith ;  
Calarna Smith ;  
Calasarna Smith ;  
Calathana Smith ;  
Calatia Καλατία  (Kalatia) City in Campania on the road from Capua to Beneventum S. Giacomo delle Galazze, about 2 km southeast of Caserta Smith (2) ;  
Calatum Smith ;  
Calaureia Smith ;  
Calbis Smith ;  
Calcaria Place in Britain at the village of Newton Kyme , 3 km north of Tadcaster in Yorkshire PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Calcaria solarium Place in Gallia Narbonensis northwest of Massilia near Vitrolles in the south of France Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Calcua Smith ;  
Cale City in Gallaecia Postage in Portugal Smith ;  
Caledonia northern part of Britain Scotland Smith ;  
Calela Smith ;  
Calentes Aquae Smith ;  
Calentum Smith ;  
Cales Κάλης  (Kalēs) City of the Oscar tribe of the Aurunkers and Ausons in Campania Calvi Risorta in the province of Caserta in Italy PECS ; Smith ;  
Cales Καλης  (Kalēs) River in Bithynia Alapli Su in the Zonguldak Province on the Black Sea coast of Turkey Smith ;  
Cales Καλης  (Kalēs) Emporium at the mouth of the Cales River Alapli in Turkey Smith ;  
Cales Smith ;  
Caleti Smith ;  
Caletra Smith ;  
Calingae Smith ;  
Calinipaxa Smith ;  
Callaici Smith ;  
Callas Κάλλας  (Kallas) small river that flows into the sea at the northern tip of Evia Xerias on Euboea Smith ;  
Callatebus Smith ;  
Callatis Κάλλατις  (Kallatis) City in Thrace Mangalia in Romania Smith ;  
Callenses Smith ;  
Calleva Attrebatum City in Britain at Silchester in Hampshire , England PECS ; Smith ;  
Calliarus Smith ;  
Callichorus Smith ;  
Callicula Mons Smith ;  
Callidromus Smith ;  
Calliena Smith ;  
Callienses Smith ;  
Callifae Smith ;  
Calliga Smith ;  
Calligeris Smith ;  
Calligicum Prom Smith ;  
Callinicum, Nicephorium, Leontopolis Καλλίνικος  (Kallinikos), Νικηφόριον  (Nikephorion) City on the Euphrates Ar-Raqqah in Syria Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Callinusa Smith ;  
Calliope Καλλιόπη  (kalliopē) City in Parthia , founded by Seleucus I. Smith ;  
Callipolis Καλλίπολις  (Kallipolis) City on the Gulf of Taranto Gallipoli in Puglia Smith (1) ;  
Callipolis Καλλίπολις  (Kallipolis) City in Sicily Smith (2) ;  
Callipolis Καλλίπολις  (Kallipolis) City in Thrace , on the Dardanelles opposite Lampsakos Gelibolu in Turkey Smith ;  
Callipolis Καλλίπολις  (Kallipolis) City in Caria  
Callipolis Καλλίπολις  (Kallipolis) City in Lokris  
Callipolis Καλλίπολις  (Kallipolis) City in Tarragona  
Callipolis see Callium  
Callirrhoe Καλλιρόη  (Kalliroē), Καλλιρρόη  (Kallirroē) Spring and spa on the east bank of the Dead Sea 'Ain ez-Zara in Jordan PECS ; Smith ;  
Callirrhoe Fons Καλλιρόη  (Kalliroē), Καλλιρρόη  (Kallirroē) Source near Athens Smith ;  
Callistratia Smith ;  
Callithera Smith ;  
Callium, Callipolis Smith ;  
Calloniana Place in Sicily at Sommatino or at Barrafranca in Sicily PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Calo Alenkastell on the Lower Germanic Limes between Krefeld and Xanten , on the Lower Rhine Smith ;  
Calor Κάλωρ  (Kalōr) River in Samnium Calore Irpino in southwest Italy Smith (1) ;  
Calor Κάλωρ  (Kalōr) River in Lucania Calore Lucano in southwest Italy Smith (2) ;  
Calos Smith ;  
Calpe Κάλπη  (Kalpē) Rock of Gibraltar Smith ;  
Calpe Κάλπη  (Kalpē) Port in Bithynia Kirpe on the Turkish Black Sea coast  
Calpe Κάλπη  (Kalpē) River in Bithynia , which flows into the Black Sea west of the settlement of the same name Ilaflı Dere in Turkey Smith ;  
Calpia Smith ;  
Calucones Καλούκωνες  (Kalukones) Germanic tribe on the Elbe  
Calucones Καλούκωνες  (Kalukones) Rhaetian tribe in the Rhine Valley in Graubünden Smith ;  
Calycadnus Καλύκαδνος  (Kalykadnos) River in Cilicia Göksu Smith ;  
Calydnae insulae Smith ;  
Calydon Καλυδών  (Kalydōn) City in Aetolia Evinochori east of Messolongi Smith ;  
Calymna Smith ;  
Calynda Κάλυνδα  (Kalynda) City in Lycia Kozpınar in southwest Turkey Smith ;  
Camacha Κάμαχα  (Kamacha) Fortress in Armenia minor Kemah in Turkey Smith ;  
Camara Καμάρα  (Kamara) City in Crete Smith ;  
Camaracum , Camaraco, Civitas Camaracensium City of Nervi in Gallia Belgica Cambrai in the Nord department in France Smith ;  
Camarina Καμάρινα  (Kamarina) City in Sicily 16 km southwest of Vittoria , in the province of Ragusa on the south coast of Sicily Smith ;  
Camatullici Smith ;  
Cambadene Smith ;  
Cambala Smith ;  
Cambalidus Mons Smith ;  
Cambete , Cambes Settlement in Gaul Kembs in the French department of Haut-Rhin Smith ;  
Cambiovicenses Smith ;  
Cambodunum Καμβοδουνον  (Cambodounon) City in Raetia Kempten (Allgäu) PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Cambodunum unlocated roman way station in Britain Area of Leeds Smith ;  
Camboglanna Roman fortress on Hadrian's Wall in Britain Castlesteads northwest of Brampton near Carlisle in England Pleiades ;   
Cambolectri Smith ;  
Cambonum Smith ;  
Camboricum Smith ;  
Cambunii Montes Smith ;  
Cambysene Smith ;  
Cambyses River in Kambysene , tributary of Cyrus Iori in Georgia Smith ;  
Cambyses River in Atropatene Smith ;  
Cameirus Smith ;  
Camelobosci Smith ;  
Cameria Smith ;  
Camerinum Smith ;  
Camertes Smith ;  
Camicus Smith ;  
Camisa Smith ;  
Camisene Smith ;  
Cammanene Smith ;  
Campae Smith ;  
Campania Καμπανία  (Kampania) Landscape south of Lazio on the Tyrrhenian Sea Campania Smith ;  
Campi Laborini Smith ;  
Campi Macri Smith ;  
Campi Phlegraei Smith ;  
Campi Raudii Smith ;  
Campi Veteres Smith ;  
Campodunum see Cambonunum  
Campona Roman garrison on the Pannonian Danube Limes at Nagytétény in Hungary PECS ;   
Camponi Smith ;  
Campus Diomedis Smith ;  
Campus Foenicularius Smith ;  
Campus Juncarius Smith ;  
Spartarius campus Smith ;  
Stellatis campus Smith ;  
Campyle Smith ;  
Camulodunum City in Britain Colchester in England PECS ; Smith ;  
Camuni Smith ;  
Camunlodunum Smith ;  
Cana Κανᾶ  (Kana) Village near Nazareth not exactly localized, several places near Nazareth are discussed Smith (1) ;  
Cana Κανᾶ  (Kana) Village near Jericho Smith (2) ;  
Cana Κανᾶ  (Kana) City in Lycaonia  
Cana Island off Caledonia Canna off Scotland  
Canaan Region in Palestine Smith ;  
Canae , Cane Κάναι  (Kanai) Mountain on a peninsula of the same name on the coast of Aeolis with a settlement of the same name on the coast in the northeast of the mountain Kara Dağ between Dikili and Çandarlı in Turkey Smith ;  
Canaria Smith ;  
Canas City in Lycia Smith ;  
Canasis Smith ;  
Canastraeum Smith ;  
Canate Smith ;  
Canatha Κάναθα  (Kanatha) City of the Decapolis El-Qanawat in Syria , northeast of Bostra PECS ; Smith ;  
Cancanorum Prom Smith ;  
Candara Κάνδαρα  (Kandara) City in Paphlagonia Cendere in Turkey Smith ;  
Candari Smith ;  
Candasa Smith ;  
Candavia Smith ;  
Candidiana Smith ;  
Candidum Promontorium Smith ;  
Candyba Κάνδυβα  (Kandyba) City in Lycia Kandyba ruins near the village of Çataloluk (Gendibe) in southwestern Turkey Smith ;  
Cane Κάνη  (Kanē) Emporium and cape of the same name on the south coast of Arabia Bir 'Ali in Yemen Smith ;  
Cane see Canae  
Canethus Smith ;  
Cangi Smith ;  
Canini Campi Smith ;  
Canis Flumen Smith ;  
Cannabiaca Roman fortress on the Danube Limes probably Zeiselmauer fort in Lower Austria Pleiades ;   
Cannae Κάνναι  (Kannai) Location in Apulia , scene of the Battle of Cannae about 60 km northwest of Bari , near the mouth of the Ofanto PECS ; Smith ;  
Cannar Smith ;  
Canninefates Smith ;  
Canobus Smith ;  
Canonium Smith ;  
Canovium , Canubium, Conovium Roman fortress in Britain Caerhun in Wales PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Cantaber Oceanus Smith ;  
Cantabras Smith ;  
Cantabria Κανταβρία  (Cantabria) Settlement area of ​​the Cantabrians Cantabria in Spain Smith ;  
Cantae Celtic tribe in Britain Settlement area in Kent and the South Downs Smith ;  
Cantanus Κάντανος  (Kantanos) City in Crete Kandanos in Crete Smith ;  
Canthi sine Smith ;  
Cantii house Portus Smith ;  
Cantilia Smith ;  
Cantium Smith ;  
Canusium Κανύσιον  (Kanysion) City in Puglia Canosa di Puglia in Italy PECS ; Smith ;  
Capara Smith ;  
Capena City in Etruria Civitucola near Capena in Lazio PECS ; Smith ;  
Capera City in Lusitania (province) at Oliva de Plasencia , approx. 10 km north of Plasencia in Spain PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Capernaum Smith ;  
Caphareus Smith ;  
Caphyae Smith ;  
Capidava Καπίδαβα  (Kapidaba) City in Moesia Topalu in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Capisa Smith ;  
Capissene Smith ;  
Capitium City in Sicily Capizzi in the province of Messina Smith ;  
Capitolias City in Palestine probably near Beit Ras north of Irbid PECS ; Smith ;  
Hernic capitulum Καπίτουλον  (Capitoulon) City of Hernics in Lazio Piglio in the province of Frosinone in Italy Smith ;  
Capori Smith ;  
Capotes Smith ;  
Cappadocia Καππαδοκία  (Cappadocia) Roman province in Asia Cappadocia in Turkey Smith ;  
Cappadox Καππάδοξ  (Cappadox) flow Delice Çayı Smith ;  
Capraria Smith ;  
Capraria Smith ;  
Caprasia Smith ;  
Capreae Καπρέαι  (Kapreai) Island off the coast of Campania Capri in the Gulf of Naples PECS ; Smith ;  
Capria Lake Smith ;  
Caprus Smith ;  
Caprus Smith ;  
Capsa , Iustiniana Κάψα  (Kapsa) City in Byzacena in Africa Gafsa in Tunisia PECS ; Smith ;  
Capua Καπύη  (Kapyē) City in Campania Capua in the province of Caserta in Italy PECS ; Smith ;  
Caput Bovis Smith ;  
Caput Vada Smith ;  
Caracates Smith ;  
Caracca Smith ;  
Caraceni Smith ;  
Caracotinum , Caracoticum Port city at the Sequana estuary Harfleur at the mouth of the Seine PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Carae Smith ;  
Caralis Καράλις  (Karalis) City in Sardinia Cagliari in Sardinia PECS ; Smith ;  
Caralitis Smith ;  
Carallis Smith ;  
Carambis Smith ;  
Caranitis Smith ;  
Carantonus Smith ;  
Caranusca Smith ;  
Carasa Smith ;  
Caravis Smith ;  
Carbae Καρβαί  (Karbai) Arab tribe Settlement area in the vicinity of pre-Islamic Mecca Smith ;  
Carbana Smith ;  
Carbantorigum Smith ;  
Carbina Κάρβινα  (Karbina) City of Messapier in Apulia Carovigno in the province of Brindisi in Italy PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Carbis Smith ;  
Carcaso City in Gallia Narbonensis Carcassonne in France PECS ; Smith ;  
Carcathiocerta Smith ;  
Carcici Smith ;  
Carcina Smith ;  
Carcinites Smith ;  
Carcinitis Smith ;  
Carcoras Smith ;  
Cardamyle Smith ;  
Cardia Καρδία  (cardia) City in Thrace Ruins near the village of Bolayır in the Turkish province of Çanakkale (Province) Smith ;  
Carduchi Smith ;  
Careiae Location on Via Clodia in Etruria at Santa Maria di Galeria north of Rome Smith ;  
Carene Smith ;  
Careni Smith ;  
Carentomagus Smith ;  
Cares Smith ;  
Caresene Smith ;  
Caresus Κάρησος  (Karesos) River from the Ida Mountains Smith ;  
Caria Καρία  (Karia) Landscape Caria in the southwest of Asia Minor Province of Muğla in Turkey Smith ;  
Cariatae Smith ;  
Carilocus Smith ;  
Carine Smith ;  
Carisa Smith ;  
Carmaei Smith ;  
Carmalas Smith ;  
Carmana Smith ;  
Carmania Smith ;  
Carmel City in Palestine , between Maon and Ziph al-Karmil in the West Bank Smith ;  
Carmelus Mons Smith ;  
Carmo Κάρμων  (Karmōn) fortified city in Hispania Baetica Carmona in Andalusia PECS ; Smith ;  
Carmylessus Smith ;  
Carna Κάρνα  (Karna) Capital of the Ma'in in Arabia Felix Sa'da in Yemen Smith ;  
Carnasium Καρνάσιον ἄλσος  (Karnasion alsos) Sanctuary in Messenia at Polichni in Messenia Smith ;  
Carne Καρνος  (Karnos) City in Phenicia Tell Qarnoun, about 4 km north of Tartus in Syria Smith ;  
Carni Smith ;  
Carnia Smith ;  
Carnonacae Celtic tribe in Northern Caledonia Settlement area was the west coast of today's Ross-shire in Scotland Smith ;  
Carnos Καρνος  (Karnos) Island off the coast of Akarnania Kalamos in the Ionian Sea Smith ;  
Carnuntum , Carnus Καρνοῦς  (Karnous) Capital of the Roman province of Pannonia about 40 kilometers east of Vienna directly on the south bank of the Danube in the municipal area of Petronell-Carnuntum and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg in Lower Austria PECS ; Smith ;  
Carnutes Smith ;  
Carocotinum Smith ;  
Caron Portus Smith ;  
Caropolis Smith ;  
Carpasia Καρπασία  (Karpasia) City in Cyprus on the north coast of the Karpas peninsula in Cyprus Smith ;  
Carpates Mons Smith ;  
Carpathium Mare Smith ;  
Carpathus Κάρπαθος  (Karpathos) Island in the Aegean Sea Karpathos in the Dodecanese Smith ;  
Carpeia Smith ;  
Carpella Smith ;  
Carpentorate , Carpentoracte, Forum Neronis City in Gallia Narbonensis Carpentras in France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Carpesii Smith ;  
Carpessus Smith ;  
Carpetani Smith ;  
Carpi Καρπιανοί  (Karpianoi), Κάρπιδες  (Karpides) People of Southeast Europe Smith ;  
Carpia Smith ;  
Carpiani Smith ;  
Carpis Smith ;  
Carpis Smith ;  
Carreum Potentia City in Liguria Chieri in Piedmont PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Carrha Flumen Smith ;  
Carrhae Κάρραι  (Karrai) City in northwestern Mesopotamia Harran in the Turkish province of Şanlıurfa PECS ; Smith ;  
Carrhodunum Smith ;  
Carruca Smith ;  
Carseae Smith ;  
Carseoli , Carsioli Καρσέολι  (Karseoli) City of the Aequer Carsoli in the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Carsium roman fortress in Ripa Thraciae Hârșova on the lower Danube in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Carsulae , Carsulis Κάρσουλοι  (Karsouloi) City in Umbria about 4 km north of San Gemini in the province of Terni in Italy PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Carteia Καρθαία  (Karthaia) City in Hispania in the area of ​​the municipality of San Roque , about 13 kilometers northeast of Algeciras ( Portus Albo ) near the mouth of the Guadarranque PECS ; Smith ;  
Cartenna Καρτένναι  ( Kartennai ) Port city in Mauretania Caesariensis near Ténès in the north of Algeria Smith ;  
Carthaea Smith ;  
Carthage Καρχηδών  (Karchēdōn) Phoenician metropolis in North Africa near Tunis in Tunisia PECS ; Smith ;  
Carthago Nova Νέα Καρχηδών  (Nea Karchēdōn) Tarraconensis town in Hispania Cartagena in Spain PECS ; Smith ;  
Carthago Vetus Smith ;  
Carura Smith ;  
Carus Vicus Smith ;  
Carusa Smith ;  
Carvancas Smith ;  
Carventum Smith ;  
Carvetii Celtic tribe in Britain Settlement area in Cumbria and North Lancashire in North West England Smith ;  
Carvo Roman auxiliary fort of the Lower Germanic Limes near Kesteren in the municipality of Neder-Betuwe in the Dutch province of Gelderland Smith ;  
Caryae Smith ;  
Caryanda Smith ;  
Carysis Smith ;  
Carystus Smith ;  
Cascantum Smith ;  
Casci Smith ;  
Caseirotae Smith ;  
Casia Regio Smith ;  
Casii Montes Smith ;  
Casilinum Smith ;  
Casinum Κάσινον  (casino) City in Lazio Cassino in the province of Frosinone in Italy PECS ; Smith ;  
Casius River in Albania Qusar in Azerbaijan Smith ;  
Casius City in Lower Egypt, near Pelusium at the Casius Mons elevation of the same name  
Casius Mons Sandstone formation on the coast of Lower Egypt near the Sirbonian Sea , near Pelusium Ras Qasrun in Egypt Smith ;  
Casius Mons Κάσιον  (Kasion) Mountain in Syria, south of Nymphaion Keldağ , 65 km southwest of Antakya Smith ;  
Casmenae Smith ;  
Caspatyrus Smith ;  
Caspeiria Smith ;  
Caspeiria Ins Smith ;  
Casperia City of the Sabines Casperia in Lazio Smith ;  
Caspiae Portae Smith ;  
Caspiae Pylae Smith ;  
Caspiana Smith ;  
Caspii Smith ;  
Caspii Montes Smith ;  
Caspingium Smith ;  
Caspium Mare Smith ;  
Cassandreia Smith ;  
Cassandres Smith ;  
Cassi Smith ;  
Cassinomagus , Casinomagus Place in Gaul Chassenon in the Charente department in France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cassiope City on Korkyra Kassiopi in Corfu Smith (1) ;  
Cassiope see Cassope  
Cassiope Pr Cape on Korkyra Akra Kassope in Corfu Smith (1) ;  
Cassiotis Κασσιῶτις  (Kassiōtis) Landscape in Syria around Mount Kasion , including Antioch and Seleukia Piera Mountainous region around the Keldağ in the Turkish-Syrian border area  
Cassiterides Smith ;  
Cassope Smith ;  
Cassotis Smith ;  
Castabala Καστάβαλα  (Kastabala) City in Kilikia Pedias three kilometers north of the Ceyhan , the ancient pyramus, near Kesmeburun in the southern Turkish province of Osmaniye Smith ;  
Castalia Fons Κασταλία  (Kastalia) Castalian spring at the foot of Parnassus Spring at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Greece Smith ;  
Castamon Smith ;  
Castax Smith ;  
Castellani Καστελλανοί  (Kastellanoi) Iberian people of the Hispania Tarraconensis Settlement area at the foot of the Pyrenees , northeast of Barcelona Smith ;  
Castellum Smith ;  
Castellum Amerinum Smith ;  
Castellum Caracenorum Smith ;  
Castellum Dimmidi roman fortress in Mauretania Caesariensis Messad in Algeria PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Castellum Firmanum Smith ;  
Castellum Menapiorum Main town of the Menapier in northern Gaul Cassel in northern France PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castellum Onagrinum see Onagrinum  
Castellum Sablonetum Roman garrison site on the Rhaetian Limes Remnants east of the town of Ellingen in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district , Bavaria  
Castellum Tidditanorum see Tiddis  
Castellum Valentiniani Smith ;  
Castellum versus Tautantum Roman garrison on the Pannonian Danube Limes possibly one of the late antique fortresses in Budapest 's Pest district in Hungary , the exact location is being discussed  
Casthanaea Smith ;  
Castnium Smith ;  
Castoli campus Smith ;  
Castra Alata Smith ;  
Castra Albana Legion camp for the Legio II Parthica , near the destroyed Alba Longa built Albano Laziale in Lazio in Italy PECS ;   
Castra Caecilia City in Lusitania Cáceres in Spain PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castra Constantia , Ulcisia Castra Roman military camp in Pannonia in the town of Szentendre in Pest County in Hungary Smith ;  
Castra Cornelia Smith ;  
Castra Exploratorum Place in Britain Netherby Hall in the parish of Arthuret in Cumbria , England PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castra Hannibalis Smith ;  
Castra Herculis Auxiliary fort of the Lower Germanic Limes Ground monument near Meinerswijk , a polder near Arnhem in the Dutch province of Gelderland Smith ;  
Castra Nova City in the Mauretania Caesariensis Mohammadia province Muaskar in Algeria  
Castra Postumiana Smith ;  
Castra Pyrrhi Smith ;  
Castra Regina , Reginum City in Raetia on the Danube Regensburg in Bavaria PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castra Traiana Roman fortress in Dacia near Dăeşti on the Olt River in Vâlcea County in Romania PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castra Vetera Legion camp in the Germania inferior near Xanten on the Lower Rhine Smith ;  
Castrimoenium City in Lazio Marino southeast of Rome PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castrum album Smith ;  
Castrum Inui fortified port in Lazio, mentioned in the Aeneid near the coast in Ardea Smith ; 41 ° 35 '  N , 12 ° 31'  E
Castrum Minervae Smith ;  
Castrum novelty i Smith ;  
Castrum Rauracense late antique Roman fort near Augusta Raurica n Kaiseraugst in Switzerland PECS ;   
Castrum Truentinum City on the Munch of Truentus in the Picenum Martinsicuro at the mouth of the Tronto in Italy Smith ;  
Castrum Vergium Smith ;  
Castrum Vindonissense late antique Roman fort near Vindonissa near Windisch in the Swiss Aargau  
Castulo Κασταλών  (Kastalōn) Capital of the Oretani in Hispania Tarraconensis 7 km south of Linares in Andalusia PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Castulonensis Saltus Smith ;  
Casuaria Smith ;  
Casuarii Smith ;  
Casuentus Smith ;  
Case Κάσος  (Kasos) Island in the Aegean Sea Kasos in the Dodecanese Smith ;  
Casystes Smith ;  
Catabani Smith ;  
Catacecaumene Smith ;  
Catadupa Smith ;  
Cataea Smith ;  
Catalauni , Catelauni City in Belgica Secunda Châlons-en-Champagne in Champagne Smith ;  
Catana , catina Κατάνη  (Katanē) City on the east coast of Sicilia Catania in Sicily PECS ; Smith ;  
Catanii Κατάνιοι  (Katanioi) Arabia Deserta tribe Smith ;  
Cataonia Smith ;  
Cataractonium Place in Britain Catterick in Yorkshire in England PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Catarrhacts Smith ;  
Catarrhacts Smith ;  
Catarrhacts Smith ;  
Catarzene Smith ;  
Catenneis Smith ;  
Cathaei Smith ;  
Cathraps Smith ;  
Catobrga Smith ;  
Catorissium Smith ;  
Cattarus Smith ;  
Catti Smith ;  
Cattigara Smith ;  
Catualium Smith ;  
Catuellani Smith ;  
Caturiges Smith ;  
Catusiacum Smith ;  
Catviaca Smith ;  
Catyeuchlani Smith ;  
Cauca Καῦκα  (Kauka) City in Tarraconensis in Hispania Coca in the Segovia province of Spain PECS ; Smith ;  
Caucasiae Portae Smith ;  
Caucasus Καύκασος  (Caucasus) Mountains between Pontus Euxinus and Caspium Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea Smith ;  
Caucasus Indicus Smith ;  
Cauchabeni Smith ;  
Cauchi see Chauci  
Cauci Smith ;  
Caucones Smith ;  
Caudini see Caudium  
Caudium Καύδιον  (Kaudion) City in Samnium on the Via Appia between Capua and Benevento , near today's Montesarchio Smith ;  
Caue Smith ;  
Caulares Smith ;  
Caulonia Καυλὼν  (Kaulōn) City in gross Caulonia in the province of Reggio Calabria in Italy Smith ;  
Caunii Smith ;  
Caunonium Smith ;  
Caunus Καῦνος  (Kaunos) City in Caria near Dalyan in Turkey Smith ;  
Caurium City in Hispania Coria in Extremadura, Spain PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Causennae Place in Britain Ancaster in Lincolnshire , England PECS ;   
Tennis Place in Britain Saltersford near Grantham in England Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Cavares Smith ;  
Cavii Smith ;  
Caystri Campus Smith ;  
Cazeca Smith ;