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Transmission masts

Santa Maria di Galeria is a fraction that forms the zone Z.XLIX in the Roman Municipio XIV . It is located on the northern outskirts of Rome and has 3126 inhabitants (2006) .

Vatican Radio transmitter

In the vicinity of Santa Maria di Galeria there has been a large radio station for shortwave radio from Vatican Radio since 1957 . The area of ​​the transmitter is an extra-territorial property of the Holy See .

The transmission system for medium wave at the same location was remarkable . It consisted of four 94-meter-high grounded towers to which the wires of a trap antenna were attached to horizontal arms . The transmitting antenna , via which Vatican Radio broadcast its program for Europe on 1530 kHz , had a switchable directional characteristic. After the strong European transmitter was shut down in 2011, its transmission antenna was dismantled in 2014.

Because of the formation of transmission towers with allegedly excessive electromagnetic radiation , the former general directors of Vatican Radio in 2000 were Roberto Cardinal Tucci and Pasquale Borgomeo on charges "dangerous throwing of objects" been charged. After clarification of the admissibility of the charges by the Court of Cassation , both were sentenced in 2005 by the Rome Tribunal to a ten-day prison term, the execution of which was suspended on payment of certain conditions. The Court of Appeal of Rome acquitted her in 2007, but the Court of Cassation overturned her acquittal in 2008. The appellate court thereupon again ordered payment conditions in 2009; the Court of Cassation confirmed this against Tucci alone in 2011 after Borgomeo died in 2009.

In addition, the public prosecutor applied for a scientific and technical report on the effects of radiation, which the examining magistrate Zaira Secchi presented in 2010 and which assumes an increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma .

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