Masters 2001

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Masters 2001
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Tournament type: Invitation tournament
Attendees: 18th
Venue: Wembley Conference Center,
London , England
Opening: February 4, 2001
Endgame: February 11, 2001

Winner: EnglandEngland Paul Hunter
Finalist: IrelandIreland Fergal O'Brien
Highest Break: 138 ( Paul Hunter , Jimmy White ) EnglandEngland

The 2001 Benson & Hedges Masters was an invitation-only snooker tournament for the 2000/01 season that was held from February 4-11 , 2001 at the Wembley Conference Center in London . It was the 27th edition of the Masters.

Paul Hunter won the tournament by beating Fergal O'Brien 10-9 in the final .

In the wildcard round , Jimmy White beat Joe Swail 6-1, Marco Fu lost 6-1 to Benson & Hedges Championship winner Shaun Murphy .

Prize money

Prize money
winner £ 175,000
finalist £ 88,000
Highest break £ 20,000
total £ 650,000

Final round

  Round of 16
best of 11 frames
Best of 11 frames
best of 11 frames
Best of 19 frames
 EnglandEngland Paul Hunter 6th                  
 WalesFlag of Wales (1959 – present) .svg Matthew Stevens 5  
 EnglandEngland Paul Hunter 6th
   EnglandEngland Peter Ebdon 3  
 EnglandEngland Peter Ebdon 6th
 ScotlandScotland Alan McManus 4th  
 EnglandEngland Paul Hunter 6th
   ScotlandScotland Stephen Hendry 4th  
 EnglandEngland Jimmy White 6th    
 EnglandEngland Ronnie O'Sullivan 2  
 EnglandEngland Jimmy White 4th
   ScotlandScotland Stephen Hendry 6th  
 ScotlandScotland Stephen Hendry 6th
 EnglandEngland Shaun Murphy 4th  
 EnglandEngland Paul Hunter 10
   IrelandIreland Fergal O'Brien 9
 EnglandEngland Dave Harold 6th        
 ScotlandScotland John Higgins 3  
 EnglandEngland Dave Harold 6th
   EnglandEngland John Parrott 5  
 EnglandEngland John Parrott 6th
 EnglandEngland Stephen Lee 5  
 EnglandEngland Dave Harold 4th
   IrelandIreland Fergal O'Brien 6th  
 IrelandIreland Ken Doherty 6th    
 EnglandEngland Anthony Hamilton 1  
 IrelandIreland Ken Doherty 2
   IrelandIreland Fergal O'Brien 6th  
 IrelandIreland Fergal O'Brien 6th
 WalesFlag of Wales (1959 – present) .svg Mark Williams 5  

Individual evidence

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