Monster House

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German title Monster House
Original title Monster House
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
JMK 10
Director Gil Kenan
script Dan Harmon ,
Rob Schrab ,
Pamela Pettler
production Jack Rapke ,
Steve Starkey
music Douglas Pipes
camera Paul C. Babin
Xavier Pérez Grobet
cut Adam P. Scott

Monster House is a2006computer-animated family film that released in American theaters on July 21. The film characters are primarilyanimatedusing the latest animation technology (so-called performance capture ). The film was only the second in which this technology was used so extensively, after Robert Zemeckis ' Der Polarexpress . The German film launch took place on August 24, 2006.

The film was produced by Zemeckis' ImageMovers and Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment , animation was provided by Sony Pictures Imageworks , music by Douglas Pipes , published by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment . Paul C. Babin was responsible for the cinematography .

In a press release from Columbia when the first half of the film was broadcast at their New York headquarters in early May 2006 , the cast for each character's voices was awarded to: Steve Buscemi , Nick Cannon , Maggie Gyllenhaal , Kevin James , Jason Lee , Catherine O'Hara , Kathleen Turner and Fred Willard .

Director Gil Kenan won the UCLA Spotlight Award for his live action / animation horror - fantasy short film The Lark . For this film he also received an award from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Kenan also received both the British Academy Fellowship and the Lew Wasserman Fellowship for film production in 2001/02 . Following Monster House , Kenan began working on City of Ember , an adaptation of the book Jeanne DuPrau by screenwriter Caroline Thompson for Walden Media and Playtone .

This film was directed by the MPAA with PG classified and released because of the eerie images and sequences, thematic elements and some crude humor and language choppy until six years ago.


Monster House centers around the DJ person who is certain that something strange is going on in the house across the street. This enigmatic house is known by children as the house to be avoided at all costs. It belongs to a moody old man named Nebbercracker who keeps everything that ends up on his property to himself. DJ's parents want to attend a dental conference out of town on the weekend and leave him in the care of babysitter named Elizabeth "Zee", a born from hell that DJ constantly discriminates against.

Ketchup, DJ's best friend, has saved up all his money to buy a basketball and decides to play his first basketball game with DJ. The ball accidentally rolls onto Nebbercracker's lawn. When DJ tries to get the ball back into his possession, the old nebber cracker appears all of a sudden, DJ grabs himself and lifts him off the floor. After a few minutes, Nebbercracker's face goes pale and he collapses over DJ. After his apparent death, DJ notices that something strange is still going on in the house across the street when he suddenly receives a call from inside the house.

Later, Zee's grubby friend and wannabe rock star Punk shows up. DJ then secretly meets with Ketchup and persuades him to help him solve the mystery of the house. Meanwhile, Punk is chased out of the house by Zee and makes fun of the house and its owner by trampling the lawn. Suddenly the front door opens and Punk's dragon, which Nebbercracker has taken from him, appears. Punk goes into the door frame to get the dragon, but is eaten by the house.

Zee doesn't believe the DJ and Ketchup who holed up in DJ's room after ketchup attacked the house. Ketchup spotted through a telescope Jenny, a student who sells candy for her school, and is overwhelmed by the way she looks. It's the same for DJ, but suddenly they see Jenny heading for the monster house and storm out to save her. After a successful rescue, Jenny helps them both.

Since the police who called Jenny don't believe them and make fun of her, they get advice from a computer game freak who tells them that they have to find the heart and put out the fire, only then would the curse be averted. They conclude that the boiler must be the heart of the house, as smoke has been rising from the chimney since Nebbercracker died. Your plan is to get into the house and put out the fire in the boiler. To do this, they make a doll that they fill with cough syrup bottles to put the house to sleep. However, the plan is thwarted by the two policemen who lock the children in the police car. However, they are eaten when you inspect the house. But that's not all, the house and the surrounding trees also grab the police car in which the children are locked and want to devour it.

Inside the house, the children escape the car but cannot escape from the house. You decide to find the heart as the house probably doesn't know the three are still alive. They rush into the cellar and find a shrine.

The trio tracked down a corpse, which, trapped in cement, was stuck in the basement of the house, which is later discovered to be the body of Nebbercracker's wife. Suddenly the house becomes aware of the intruders and attacks the three. In the last second, Jenny manages to force the house into a swallow reflex and the trio is spat out. The DJ and ketchup have an argument after which DJ sets out to cross the street to his house. Unfortunately, he doesn't pay attention where he's stepping and is hit by an ambulance. DJ gets away with no scratches to the relief of Ketchup and Jenny. Nebbercracker, who is obviously not dead after all, gets out of the ambulance.

Nebbercracker tells you the story of the house and its wife. The story begins with Nebbercrackers meeting the giant Constance during a circus-like show, after which they both fall in love. Now everything focuses on the building, in the course of which it turns out that Constance hates children because they bullied them because of their size. A serious accident occurred during the construction of the house: As children harass Constance on Halloween, she falls into the basement and is buried under cement. Nebbercracker reports that after her death, Constance's ghost seized the house and he himself is doomed to live in it until his death. He tells the trio that he keeps children away from his house in order to protect them from the horror attacks of Constance, the monster house.

When Nebbercracker reconciles with DJ in front of the house, it goes crazy and wants to kill her. It rips itself out of the ground and follows them with the help of the surrounding trees. The four flee to a drained lake where an excavator and a crane are standing. Nebbercracker explains to DJ that he has to throw a stick of dynamite into the fireplace, the heart, and is handed it by him after trying unsuccessfully to do it himself. DJ and Jenny tell ketchup that he has to lure the house under the crane. After a kiss between DJ and Jenny, she lights the dynamite and DJ hurls it into the fireplace. The house detonates.

Then you can see Nebbercracker dancing with the spirit of Constance, who then ascends into the sky. Nebbercracker thanks the three of them because he's now free.

The next scene opens with trick-or-treating (children go from house to house on Halloween) on the Nebbercracker estate. Ketchup, DJ and Jenny help Nebbercracker to return the toys that were collected in the collapsed basement to the children. Jenny leaves the scenario, mentioning that the three of them should take a break as soon as possible. DJ thinks he's not too old to be trick-or-treating, and he and Ketchup are running around the neighborhood for some candy. Afterwards, Punk emerges from the debris of the house with his "great paper kite" on his back.

During the end credits, all the people who were eaten by the house emerge from the rubble.

Performance capture

All of the cartoon characters in the film owe their existence to a complex recording process known as Performance Capture . This process was developed by Robert Zemeckis for his film The Polar Express , also produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks .

Digital 3D version

As with The Polar Express a was stereoscopy - 3D movie version done of the film which is shown in the selected cinema. While Der Polarexpress was being produced for the gigantic 3D IMAX 70mm film format , Monster House was shown in around 200 cinemas equipped with the new REAL D Cinema digital 3D stereoscopic projection. The process is not based on any film track, but is purely digital. Since the original source material was "produced" in virtual 3D, it has been able to create a very lush stereoscopic environment, and with a few months of preparation time it will perhaps surpass the 3D effect even of The Polar Express. For the film release, the studio gave it the name Imageworks 3D .


Monster House premiered in North America at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 15, 2006.

Before it was released in theaters, it could also be viewed on a Blu-ray Disc on a running Playstation 3 prototype during E3 2006.


The film was largely received positively and praised by many film critics. On Rotten Tomatoes , it got 70 percent positive reviews. Michael Medved gave Monster House three and a half stars out of four, calling it "brilliant, [...] skillful, clever [and] funny". Medved cautioned parents, however, about their young children, given the frightening and intense nature of the film, adding that a " PG-13 rating " would have been more appropriate than his "PG rating".

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave the film "two thumbs up".

Jörg Buttgereit from epd Film wrote that Monster House is an animated film which, on closer inspection, turns out to be a straightforward horror film. Faint-hearted children who have not yet been hardened by Harry Potter may feel overwhelmed.

The lexicon of international films said: “The 3D animation film designed for children consistently juggles with horror and comedy elements and not only keeps the target group in suspense in the form of an adventurous roller coaster ride. The skilful rhythm and the weird, originally worked out characters cover up some inconsistencies. "


In the trailer, the distinctive title melody from Beetlejuice is used, otherwise there is no connection between the two films. Hailey Ann Singer and the band Velvet Revolver also announced that they only contributed one song to the film and that it will be included on the soundtrack. The film also features the song Halloween by Siouxsie and the Banshees in the credits .


Monster House was nominated for Best Animated Film at the 2007 Academy Awards, but failed to win the award. The animated film also received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award , the Prize of the Florida Film Critics Association and six nominations for the Annie Animated Film Prize .


The Berliner Synchron was a setting in order. Andreas Pollak wrote the dialogue book and directed the dialogue.

role English voice actors German voice actors
Douglas J. "DJ" Hartner Mitchel Musso Maximilian Artajo
Ketchup Sam Lerner Johannes Walenta
Jenny Bennett Spencer Locke Victoria Frenz
Fog crackers Steve Buscemi Freimut Götsch
Elizabeth "Zee" Maggie Gyllenhaal Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
punk Jason Lee Daniel Fehlow
DJ's mother Catherine O'Hara Sabine Arnhold
DJ's father Fred Willard Hans Hohlbein
Reginald "Skull" Skulinski Jon Heder Michael Iwannek
Constance Kathleen Turner Evelyn Meyka
Little girl Ryan Newman Julia Igelbrink
Officer Landers Kevin James Roland Hemmo
Officer Lister Nick Cannon Asad Black

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