Olsen Gang Junior

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German title Olsen Gang Junior
Original title Olsen-bound junior
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 2001
length 85 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Peter Flinth
script Anne-Marie Olesen
Lars Mering
Nikolaj Scherfig
production Thomas Heinesen
music Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Søren Hyldgaard
camera Torben Forsberg
cut Ghita Beckendorff
Line Schou Hillerbrand

The children's film Olsenbande Junior is a film by director Peter Flinth , shot in 2001 in Denmark .

The Danish film was made as a continuation of the successful Olsen Gang film series, except that this film tells the story of the Olsen Gang in their childhood days ( prequel ). The film is based on the 31-part television series Olsen-bandens første kup from 1999.


The Round Tower in Copenhagen is an important part of Egon's plan.

Egon Olsen lives in a children's home in 1958. He has a plan to get away from there: he would like to be adopted by a rich family. Benny and Kjeld are thrilled, but like in almost every Olsen Gang film, something goes wrong here too.

The new parents turn out to be rocket manufacturers and want to be the first to send him into space. Even before the Russians or Americans, Denmark should go down in history as a space travel nation. Benny and Kjeld can first free Egon.

Thereupon Egon swears revenge, and he already has a plan for how he can thwart the plans of the rocket manufacturer. He is captured again, however, and so the police can only free him shortly before the start. Due to a mishap, the rocket manufacturer himself ends up in the rocket, and Denmark actually sends the first man into space.

Worth mentioning

  • Egon's father is played by Henning Sprogøe , whose father Ove Sprogøe played the role of Egon Olsen in the fourteen films of the Olsen Gang.
  • The screenwriter of all of the Olsen gang films, Henning Bahs , has a brief appearance as a technical employee in the rocket factory.
  • Some actors from the actual Olsen Gang films appear: z. B. Jesper Langberg (Mortensen, film 4) or Claus Ryskjær (Georg, film 9)
  • The daisy earrings that Kjeld gives Yvonne at the end of the film are worn by the adult Yvonne in many Olsen gang films.
  • The Olsen Gang films and this movie have a rather loosely related relationship. Egon, Benny and Kjeld are about the same age here. In the Olsen Gang films, however, Egon is much older than Benny and Kjeld. The gang's childhood must also have happened much earlier than 1958, so Kjeld and Yvonne got married in 1956 according to the “official” Olsen gang chronology; Egon was born either in 1925 (according to film 2) or in 1927, according to contradicting reports. Even if one assumed that the gang actually spent their childhood together, it must have been in the years just before the Second World War.


The film service calls Olsenbande Junior “Best Family Entertainment”. Kino.de thinks that this film makes it difficult to explain the popularity of the Olsen Gang films, but that Olsen Gang Junior offers solid entertainment.


The director Peter Flinth was nominated in 2002 for a prize at the Finnish film festival Oulun kansainvälinen lastenelokuvien festivaali .


  • Olsen Gang Junior , Poul Hansen / Kick Records, 2001, Denmark

Other films and sequels

Ringstabekk Castle in Bærum Municipality . In the films this is the arrest and the children's home LYKKEBO , which is also the main residence of the Norwegian Egon Olsen - Junior.

As a new idea, the Jönssonligan (Jönsson gang) , which is a remake of the Danish Olsen gang , was shot in Sweden in the mid-1990s with children who had characters similar to the Swedish adult characters. In contrast to the actual Jönssonligan films, the first two junior films have also been dubbed in German so far. Later, Denmark and Norway followed this example and created their own “youth versions” of the Olsen Gang . Remakes of the other Danish Olsen gang films have also been made in Norway . The first Danish Junior-Olsenbande film adaptation was the Danish television series Olsenbandens første kup (1999-2000). This was remodeled in 2001 as Olsenbandens første kupp ("The Olsenbande Junior and their first coup") into a 24-part Christmas series in Norway for the television station TV2 . The subsequent Danish sequel, Olsenbande Junior , was also adapted in Norway as a remake, slightly changed. The corresponding adaptation and the new scripts were made and written by Sverre Holm and Arne Naess Lindtner , among others . While no further junior films were produced in Denmark after that, an entire Olsenbande Junior film series was created in Norway without corresponding Danish originals (2003-2010), the parts of which are among the most successful productions in Norwegian film history:

Some Norwegian Olsen Gang Junior films were also shown publicly several times at the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck .

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