The Olsen Gang flies over the mountains

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German title The Olsen Gang flies over the mountains
Original title Olsen bands over all bjerge
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 1981
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Erik Balling
script Henning Bahs , Erik Balling
production Bo Christensen
music Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
camera Peter Klitgaard
cut Finn Henriksen

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The Olsen Gang flies over the plank

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The (really) very last trick of the Olsen gang

The Olsen Gang flies over the mountains is a Danish crime comedy from 1981. It is the thirteenth film with the Olsen gang . Together with the previous film The Olsen Gang Flies Over the Plank , the film tells a unified story of about three hours.


The film begins with a compilation of key scenes from the previous film, the story of which it continues.

After Egon found out that the insurance company Hoher Norden he had robbed was involved in illegal arms deals and then narrowly escaped the stupid pig, he thought of new methods to steal the suitcase from Director Bang-Johansen. Bang-Johansen wants to travel with his suitcase to Paris, where a congress of international arms dealers is to take place and where his deputy Hallandsen is already staying. Before that, he will spend one night in the SAS Hotel on Amager .

An attempt by the Olsen gang to steal the money from Bang-Johansen on the way to the hotel fails because of Egon's thirst for revenge - he absolutely wants to mock Bang-Johansen first and then has no more time. A raid in the hotel also fails, in which Yvonne takes part in a coup by the Olsen gang for the only time and appears together with Egon as a cleaner in the hotel, but suddenly obstructs the escape route for him.

The gang's last chance is to follow Bang-Johansen to Paris. Benny calls Yvonne for permission for Kjeld. She threatens to leave him then, but Benny lies to Kjeld that Yvonne agrees. They travel as stowaways in a truck from the Carlsberg brewery to Paris, where they find out that Bang-Johansen is visiting his lover before the conference and that while the suitcase is left unattended in her apartment. Egon wants to take advantage of this opportunity from the hotel across the street by letting himself be pulled over to the balcony on a washing line stretched across the back yard on rollers. He hires the prostitute Suzanne von der Straße as an assistant. While Kjeld is standing in front of the Schmiere door and laboriously preventing a little girl from entering the house, Suzanne and Benny are supposed to first bring Egon over and then pull the suitcase and him back again. The way there works flawlessly, but then Benny's Danish instruction “nu” (now) is interpreted by Suzanne as French “nu” (naked), whereupon she undresses and completely dissuades Benny from his actual task. Meanwhile, Bang-Johansen is able to take the suitcase back, Egon narrowly escapes.

After this failure, the mood in the gang is extremely tense, but they pull themselves together. The very last chance to get hold of the suitcase and thus thwart the purchase of weapons is offered during the conference itself, which is to take place in the world-famous Maxim’s restaurant . For this purpose Egon prepares a Danish sauce and swaps it with the house's world-famous Imperial sauce . The sauce, which is completely inedible for non-Danes, causes chaos among the international conference guests, which the Olsen gang can use to flee with their suitcases.

In Copenhagen it turns out that Yvonne has moved in with her sister. Immediately afterwards the police arrive and arrest Egon on the initiative of the minister involved in the arms trade for "endangering world peace". When Benny and Kjeld leave to get Yvonne back, Benny finds the missing eight million in the pockets of the trench coat that Kjeld took off in the previous film Hallandsen at the airport and which has been in the trunk since then. With the money, Kjeld and Yvonne can finally celebrate their silver wedding anniversary while Egon is incarcerated in the prison's psychiatric ward.

During their last appearances, the three main actors say goodbye to the audience, as the series should end here.

History of origin

Erik Balling and Henning Bahs originally planned to end the Olsen Gang series with the twelfth film. The production company Nordisk Film A / S persuaded the two to produce a two-part film on the occasion of their 75th anniversary in autumn 1981.

It was no coincidence that Paris was chosen as the location to end the series, as Bahs and Balling wrote most of the scripts for the Olsen Gang there.

German synchronization

Like all films in the series, this one was dubbed by DEFA in the GDR . The cast of the dubbing roles was identical in the twelfth and thirteenth films: Karl Heinz Oppel as Egon, Peter Dommisch as Benny, Erhard Köster as Kjeld and Helga Sasse as Yvonne. Jensen and Holm were spoken to again by Dietmar Richter-Reinick and Gert Kießling .

The French-speaking characters appearing in the Paris scenes were not dubbed - with the exception of Suzanne. This was spoken by Hannelore Erle , the wife of Dietmar Richter-Reinick.


  • Erik Balling was given permission to film on the roof of the real Paris Maxim's. However, this seemed to him unsuitable for filming, and so one turned to the neighboring building, in which an Arab bank was located.
  • In the film, Carlsberg and Tuborg are portrayed as competitors. In truth, Tuborg has been part of the Carlsberg Group since 1970.
  • The public urinal, which the Olsen gang visits immediately after their arrival in Paris, was built especially for the film on the Place Gustave Toudouze and dismantled again after the filming was finished.
  • It was Kirsten Walther's last film. She played theater for a few years, then withdrew completely into private life and died in 1987 at the age of only 53.
  • It was also the last film appearance for Poul Reichhardt , who can be seen in a small role as a harbor guard. He died in 1985.
  • After the attempt to steal the suitcase fails because Benny had sex with Suzanne instead of helping Egon, there is a scene that takes place under a bridge. There Egon insults Benny and Kjeld and recapitulates the locations from all the films: Valby, Mallorca, Jutland and Paris.
  • In Norway, this film was remade in 1982 together with its predecessor The Olsen Gang flies over the plank , summarized for the twelfth film Olsenbandens aller siste kupp there . The thirteenth episode was shot there in 1984 with the film … men Olsenbanden var ikke død! another sequel without a Danish template.


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