The (presumably) last prank of the Olsen Gang

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German title The (presumably) last prank of the Olsen Gang
Original title Olsen-bandens sidste deprifter
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 1974
length 98 minutes
Director Erik Balling
script Henning Bahs , Erik Balling
production Bo Christensen
music Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
camera Henning Kristiansen
cut Ole Steen Nielsen

←  Predecessor
The Olsen Gang is running amok

Successor  →
The Olsen Gang sets the course

The (probably) last prank of the Olsen Gang is a Danish crime comedy from 1974. It is the sixth film with the Olsen Gang . According to the title, it was originally supposed to be the last film in the series; however, the next film was made a year later with the title Die Olsenbande sets the course , which is why the German title was probably supplemented with the word .


The Olsen Gang in Mallorca during the shooting of the film The (probably) last prank of the Olsen Gang .

Egon, Benny and Kjeld with their wife and child arrived safely in Spain after the last adventure, but they have no cash. For this reason, Egon tries to crack the safe of the wealthy Danish restaurant owner "Schwein-Hansen", but is caught in the act, arrested and transported back to Denmark .

After his release from prison, to the astonishment of Kjeld and Benny, Egon is picked up from the prison by a large limousine and pretends not to know his two friends. As it turns out, Egon had contact with the outwardly reputable businessman Holm-Hansen jr. manufactured. He had heard of Egon's mastery in opening Franz Jäger safes and therefore hired him to break open a safe that his business partner, who had recently passed away, left behind in a villa in Switzerland.

The diamonds are handed over in the Copenhagen Børse.

Once there, Egon masters the task given him with flying colors, but to his horror is left behind in the villa and handed over to the police. At the last moment he escapes and makes his way to Denmark, where he returns to Kjeld and Benny. His goal is to get to Holm-Hansen jr. To take revenge for breaking the bargain. The contents of the safe were nothing less than the Bedford diamonds, which had been sought after worldwide for decades and which Holm-Hansen sells to an Arab prince for 15 million dollars or 100 million kroner.

At the Knippelsbro in Copenhagen , Egon manages to steal the jewels from the sheikh's car. However, when he later returned her to Holm-Hansen jr. wants to bring in order to blackmail him with it, the bag contains nothing but worthless trinkets instead of diamonds. Yvonne swapped the jewels "as a precaution" and hid them well at home. However, Egon, Kjeld and Benny find out that she took the cupboard in which the jewels were kept to a second-hand dealer.

Meanwhile, Holm-Hansen jr. assigned to take care of Egon's disappearance. Benny and Kjeld break with Egon, who has meanwhile lost his mind, to the said junk dealer. While they manage to get the real jewels back, Egon is kidnapped by the stupid pig. Only at the last second do Kjeld and Benny free him.

Egon now has a new plan: Kjeld and Benny dress up as police officers and go with Egon as an alleged "delinquent" who was attacking Holm-Hansen jr. has testified about this. While Holm-Hansen jr. is "interrogated" by Benny, Egon can crack his safe unnoticed and steal the three suitcases with the 100 million crowns. When the Olsen gang disappears with the prey, Holm-Hansen jr. the police. However, she discovered the long sought-after Bedford diamonds in Holm-Hansen's safe, so that Holm-Hansen jr. is arrested. In the meantime, Egon, Benny, Kjeld, Yvonne and Børge can return to Mallorca safe and wealthy by 100 million kroner.

German synchronization

This film was only shown on television in the GDR, for the first time at Christmas 1977, when the following film was already shown in the cinema. That is why the word “probable” came into the German title. The main roles were cast by the same voice actors in both films: Karl Heinz Oppel as Egon, Peter Dommisch as Benny, Erhard Köster as Kjeld, Helga Hahnemann as Yvonne and Michael Pan as Børge.

The German version has been shortened by around six minutes compared to the Danish version.


The film should actually form the end of the series and is also designed dramatically. At the same time, however, many characters and plot elements that were formative for all later Olsen Gang films are present for the first time in this film; for example Ole Ernst as detective assistant Holm, who is regularly instructed by his fatalistic superior; Ove Verner Hansen as the stupid pig that Egon always tries to get out of the way with a particularly unusual method; and Bjørn Watt-Boolsen as a seemingly honorable, but actually unscrupulous main opponent of the Olsen gang.


  • The tourist chasing Benny at the beginning of the film is Morten Grunwald's wife Lily Weiding . Kirsten Walther's husband Palle Wolfsberg also had a small role in the Mallorca scenes as the owner of the restaurant "Schwein-Hansen".
  • Some scenes were actually shot in Switzerland ( Feldbach and Herrliberg ); however, the villa from whose safe Egon fetches the diamonds was in the Klampenborg district of Copenhagen.
  • In 1975, Olsenbandens siste bedrifter was a Norwegian remake.
  • The actors of the Olsen Gang in the Norwegian remakes , Arve Opsahl , Sverre Holm and Carsten Byhring , have a guest appearance as drunken tourists.
  • The original DEFA version is approx. 6 minutes shorter than the original. In the newer DVD and TV version (from 2005), some sequences were reinserted, especially the missing parts of Egon's trip to Switzerland, which could be inserted without any problems, as Ove Sprogøe also speaks German in the original Danish. In the Danish-German BluRay version, a few more shots appear - unsynchronized. This is how the scene that was originally available in the DEFA version for television was cut: Kjeld guards in his disguise as a policeman Egon, who is supposed to open Holm Hansen's safe during the process. While Kjeld remains in the typical submissive role of the assistant despite his disguise, his role character changes in the original version when it becomes clear that he has lost the keys to Egon's handcuffs. On a remark by Benny that one feels like a completely different person in the uniform, the uniformed Kjeld suddenly and unexpectedly develops authority over Egon, who then bends in surprise and opens the safe on Kjeld's orders without a stethoscope or gloves. The scene is briefly visible when Benny looks into the room again and Kjeld, still threatening to hit his own hand with the baton. Shortly afterwards he awakes from his imagination and is the old, submissive assistant again.


Ove Sprogøe received a Bodil for best leading actor.


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