Olympic Winter Games 1972 / Participant (GDR)

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Gold medals Silver medals Bronze medals
4th 3 7th

The GDR took part in the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan with a delegation of 42 athletes, 29 men and 13 women.

After 1968 it was the GDR's second participation in the Winter Olympics .

Flag bearer

Luge driver Klaus-Michael Bonsack carried the flag of the GDR , which started under its own flag for the first time, during the opening ceremony in the Makomanai stadium .


With four won gold, three silver and seven bronze medals, the team of the GDR took 2nd place in the medals table .

Gold medal.svg gold

Silver medal.svg silver

Bronze medal.svg bronze

Participants by sport

On Hockey competition at the bobsled races and in the alpine ski disciplines no East German athletes participated.

Biathlon pictogram.svg biathlon

With Hansjörg Knauthe, the biathletes provided one of the most successful GDR representatives. The good placements in the individual decision were reflected in relay bronze.


  • Dieter Speer (SG Dynamo Zinnwald)
    Individual (20 km): 13th place
    Relay (4 × 7.5 km): Olympic bronze
  • Horst Koschka (SG Dynamo Zinnwald)
    Individual (20 km): 20th place
    Relay (4 × 7.5 km): Olympic bronze

Figure skating pictogram.svg figure skating

The figure skaters won a medal in pair skating. The very young athletes, the oldest participants were 21 years old, were able to place in all competitions among the top eight.




Speed ​​skating pictogram.svg Speed ​​skating

Only two women competed in speed skating, men did not start. Rosemarie Taupadel was able to achieve a remarkable 5th place over 1500 m.


  • Ruth Budzisch (SC Dynamo Berlin)
    500 m: 13th place
    1000 m: 33rd place
  • Rosemarie Taupadel (SC Dynamo Berlin)
    1000 m: 12th place
    1500 m: 5th place
    3000 m: 15th place

Luge pictogram.svg Sledding

The luge competitions became GDR championships with international participation. Only one medal was given to the competition, the Italian two-seater Paul Hildgartner / Walter Plaikner became Olympic champions at the same time as Hörnlein / Bredow.




Nordic skiing

Cross country skiing pictogram.svg Cross-country skiing

Renate Fischer achieved a single-digit placement among women cross-country skiers. In the season, Anni Unger lost the fight for fourth place in the sprint to the finish against Michaela Endler from Germany.
In the men's category, Gert-Dietmar Klause in particular attracted attention with two single-digit placements. The season, which had won silver at the 1970 World Cup with the same line-up, ended up in 6th place.


  • Renate Fischer (SC Traktor Oberwiesenthal)
    3 × 5 km relay: 5th place
    5 km: 14th place
    10 km: 9th place
  • Gabriele Haupt (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    3 × 5 km relay: 5th place
    5 km: 20th place
    10 km: 18th place
  • Anna Unger (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    3 × 5 km relay: 5th place
    5 km: 28th place
    10 km: 20th place
  • Christine Philipp (SC Traktor Oberwiesenthal)
    5 km: 30th place
    10 km: 31st place


  • Gert-Dietmar Klause (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    15 km: 13th place
    30 km: 8th place
    50 km: 9th place
    4 × 10 km relay: 6th place
  • Gerhard Grimmer (ASK Vorwärts Oberhof)
    4 × 10 km relay: 6th place
  • Eberhard Klessen (ASK Vorwärts Oberhof)
    30 km: 27th place
    50 km: 16th place
  • Gerd Heßler (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    15 km: 25th place
    30 km: 18th place
    4 × 10 km relay: 6th place
  • Axel Lesser (ASK Vorwärts Oberhof)
    15 km: 6th place
    30 km: 12th place
    4 × 10 km relay: 6th place
  • Rainer Groß (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    15 km: 26th place
    50 km: 18th place

Ski jumping pictogram.svg Ski jumping

The GDR representatives had nothing to order on the small hill. In a competition on the large hill, which was very much influenced by the external conditions, Rainer Schmidt was able to advance from eighth place to bronze place, only 0.5 points behind Walter Steiner, who placed second, and 0.6 points behind Olympic champion Wojciech Fortuna , but also only 0 , 1 point ahead of the fourth Tauno Käyhkö . Manfred Wolf, who was still third after the first round, fell back to fifth.

  • Hans-Georg Aschenbach (ASK Forward Brotterode)
    Normal hill: 31st place
  • Rainer Schmidt (SC Motor Zella-Mehlis)
    Normal hill: 15th place
    Large hill: Olympic bronze
  • Manfred Wolf (ASK Forward Brotterode)
    Normal hill: 38th place
    Large hill: 5th place
  • Henry Glaß (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    Normal hill: 18th place
    Large hill: 20th place
  • Heinz Wosipiwo (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    Large hill: 39th place

Nordic combined pictogram.svg Nordic combination

Ulrich Wehling was the name of the surprise winner from Sapporo. The hitherto unknown young athlete was fourth after jumping. With the third fastest run time, he took almost two minutes from the Finn Rauno Miettinen, who had been second up until then , and won gold. Karl-Heinz Luck with the fastest running time from 17th place improved almost sensationally to bronze after jumping.

  • Ulrich Wehling (SC Traktor Oberwiesenthal)
    Individual (normal hill 70 m / 15 km): Olympic gold
  • Karl-Heinz Luck (SC Motor Zella-Mehlis)
    Individual (normal hill 70 m / 15 km): Olympic bronze
  • Hans Hartleb (SC Motor Zella-Mehlis)
    Individual (normal hill 70 m / 15 km): 18th place
  • Günter Deckert (SC Dynamo Klingenthal)
    Individual (normal hill 70 m / 15 km): 9th place


Medals by sports

Medal table (based on the decisions)
space team gold silver bronze total
1 Luge 3 2 3 8th
2 Nordic combination 1 0 1 2
3 biathlon 0 1 1 2
4th Ski jumping 0 0 1 1
figure skating 0 0 1 1

Medals according to sports clubs

Medal table (based on the individual athletes)
space team gold silver bronze total
1 ASK Oberhof 3 0 1 4th
2 SC tractor Oberwiesenthal 2 3 3 8th
3 SG Dynamo Zinnwald 0 1 4th 5
4th SC Dynamo Berlin 0 0 2 2
SC Motor Zella-Mehlis 0 0 2 2

Participants by sports clubs

team Men Women total
SC Dynamo Klingenthal 6th 2 8th
SC tractor Oberwiesenthal 4th 4th 8th
ASK Oberhof 6th 1 7th
SC Dynamo Berlin 1 4th 5
SG Dynamo Zinnwald 5 0 5
SC Karl-Marx-Stadt 2 2 4th
SC Motor Zella-Mehlis 3 0 3
ASK forward Brotterode 2 0 2
total 29 13 42


  • Presentation of the nominated athletes in the BZ on January 19, 1972 p. 8

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