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Rüdiger is a male first and family name .

Origin and meaning

Rüdiger is an old German given name, which is composed of Germanic hroth / hruod "Ruhm, Ehre" and Old High German ger " Ger , Speer" and means "glorious spear fighter" - see Hruodger .


The name was best known through the hero of the Nibelungenlied , Margrave Rudeger von Bechelaren , and was popular until the 15th century, but then went out of use , apart from some noble families such as the Starhembergs . Only with the revival of Germanic and old German personal names in the 19th century did Rüdiger experience a renaissance, especially in the 1st half of the 20th century. Also known is the short form Roger , which has established itself as a popular first name via the Normans in English, Catalan and French.


name day

  • March 1st ; Roger le Fort , (around 1285–1367), French archbishop and blessed of the Catholic Church
  • March 16 ; Roger Wrenno (around 1568-1616), English martyr

Name bearer

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