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Roger is a variant of the male given name Rüdiger , which is mainly used in the English, Catalan and French-speaking areas (for the origin and meaning of the name, see here ). The name can also appear as a family name .

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Pronunciation of the name

In the English-speaking area the pronunciation [ ˈrd englischenr ] is common, in the French-speaking area [ roˈʒeː ]. There are several variants in the German-speaking area: the German, in which the "g" is pronounced as usual in German, the English or French pronunciation.

Roger as a first name

Roger as a family name


  • Jolly Roger is a name for the pirate's skull flag and is synonymous with the devil.
  • Roger is the confirmation for the receipt of a message in international radio traffic, in German: Got it!
  • Roger is on the Spelling alphabet Joint Army / Navy Phonetic Alphabet for r , which in this context for received ( "receive" Engl. For, "get") stands.
  • Roger is also used colloquially: Everything roger in the sense of everything in order .
  • Roger is the brand name of the guitar makers Wenzel and Roger Rossmeisl
  • Roger is the name of the alien character in the animated series American Dad , see American Dad # Roger
  • Alles Roger is the title of a CD single and a song by Sportfreunde Stiller
  • Roger-Benz , French automobile manufacturer
  • Roger American Mechanical Carriage Company , former American automobile manufacturer
  • Kangaroo Roger (2006–2018) boxed and lived in the kangaroo park in Alice Springs, Australia

Individual evidence

  1. Australia mourns its most famous kangaroo

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