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Coat of arms of those of the Stain

The vom Stain family (often imprecisely called "von Stein" ) is a widely ramified line of the Swabian nobility . Four lines of the family were elevated to the status of barons in the 17th century , the Niederstotzinger branch to the status of counts in 1779 . All lines of the Stains, from which most of the southern German nobility descended, are extinct.



The Lords of Stain were originally ministerials . Heinrich vom Stain , who was first mentioned in a document in 922, can be regarded as her progenitor . It is the first mention of a member of this family, the earlier mentions of 728 ( Leopold vom Stain ) and around 800 (Adelhartz vom Stain) is not certain whether they actually belonged to the Swabian Stains.

The name of the family is most likely derived from their ancestral seat, Rechtenstein Castle on the Upper Danube in what is now Baden-Württemberg , which was first mentioned as such in 1331; Back then, a Berthold vom Stain sat on it and called himself Stain vom Rechtenstein for the first time to distinguish himself from other tribal lines.

The Stains are of the same tribe as the later Counts of Stadion and the Lords of Pflummer and also bear the same coat of arms. A continuous line of the vom Stain family, from which all later lines branch off, begins with Berthold vom Stain zu Klingenstein, Bermaringen and Ronsberg around the middle of the 14th century.

The family in the Middle Ages

Lords of Stain were represented in the clergy in the Middle Ages. B. the monk Gerung vom Stain proven in 1156 in Jerusalem , and his relative Eberhard vom Stain was abbot of the Zwiefalten monastery from 1283 to 1327 ; Until the 18th century, family members belonged to the southern German cathedral chapters as canons , and they are particularly common in Constance .

In 1174 members of the family accompanied Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa on his trip to Italy .

By marrying skillfully and economically, the Stains rose (if one considers all family lines together) to the largest landowners among the lower nobility and were able to hold this position. Up until the 19th century, they sat in at times over 50 dominions in southern Germany, especially in Swabia (including Rechtenstein , Klingenstein , Bermaringen , Uttenweiler , Emerkingen , Harthausen , Reisensburg , Ronsberg , Konzenberg , Ichenhausen , Niederstotzingen , Bächingen , Bergenweiler , Jettingen , Mattsies , boar stall ).

The family in modern times

The majority of the stains remained Catholic . A special case was Niederstotzingen, which was at times divided into three dominions under Stain relatives, but two of which went over to Protestantism ; this led to problems, of course, and the town church was used simultaneously by both denominations until the 20th century.

In 1611 the evangelical imperial knight Leopold Karl vom Stain († 1628) was raised to the baron status by Emperor Rudolf II. His male descendants sat on Bächingen until 1790 and on Niederstotzingen until 1809. His Catholic cousin Heinrich vom Stain († 1624) experienced the same ennoblement a little later, in 1623; At the same time, he and his descendants were given the binding title “zum Rechtenstein”, so that from now on they could officially call themselves “Freiherren vom Stain zum Rechtenstein”. These were u. a. the younger Rechtensteiner line (expired in 1743) and the Ichenhauser line (expired in 1952) as well as the Catholic Niederstotzinger line (until 1663).

During the Thirty Years' War , the Bächingen branch in particular was held in high regard, as evidenced by the contacts with the high nobility of that time; u. a. Karl Ludwig, the son of Freiherr Friedrich vom Stain zu Bächingen, was born on October 13, 1632 by the Swedish King Gustav Adolf at Hellenstein Castle in Heidenheim . In addition, Friedrich's brother David von Stain , because he spoke fluent French, was asked in 1646 by the council of the heavily branded imperial city of Giengen to stand up for the city so that it would not have to fear an attack from the east.

Later on, the evangelical Niederstotzingen line in particular rose to prominence by marrying into noble families such as Watteville , Ursel and Maldeghem . In 1779, the crowning glory of an almost 1,000-year family history, the childless Freiherr Karl Leopold vom Stain (* 1729; † 1809) zu Niederstotzingen, married to Duchess Charlotte Philippine von Ursel , was elevated to the rank of count by Emperor Joseph II . Karl Leopold was in close contact with the imperial court and accumulated titles, offices and wealth; Silver was loaned from his property to the city of Ulm in 1809/10 when Archduchess Marie Luise , Napoleon's future wife, was about to visit there.

With the death of Ernst-Friedrich Reichsfreiherr von Stain zum Rechtenstein (1936–2018), the last bearer of the von Stain zum Rechtenstein family , all family lines (32 lines at times) and family members died out.

coat of arms

The family's coat of arms shows three black wolf rods lying on top of one another on gold, with the hooks turned downwards ; on the helmet with black and yellow blankets a golden wolf tang, the upturned hooks of which are equipped with a natural peacock mirror. From 1611 the descendants of baron Leopold Karl von Stain wore a coat of arms enhanced with elements of the coat of arms of the related lords of Schwarzenberg , whereas the descendants of baron Heinrich von Stain from 1623 also had an increased coat of arms. The wolf fish remained a distinctive feature of both lines and are still a reminder of the former ruling family as part of many municipal coats of arms.

Significant family members

Genealogical overview

The following master list does not claim to be complete.

Berthold vom Stain, zu Klingenstein, Bermaringen and Ronsberg, called 1349–1377
Buppelin vom Stain, zu Klingenstein, Bermaringen and Emerkingen, gen. 1393–1400
1. Eberhard vom Stain, zu Emerkingen, called 1410–1461, ⚭ Anna von Freyberg
1. David vom Stain, zu Emerkingen, called from 1441, ⚭ Agnes von Rechberg
Bernhard vom Stain, zu Emerkingen, called 1463–1511, ⚭ Anna von Stoffeln
1. Heinrich vom Stain, zu Hürbel , called 1522–1537
2. Eberhard vom Stain, Canon of Constance , called 1522–1526
3. Margaretha vom Stain, ⚭ Dietrich von Roth, zu Bußmannshausen
4. Bernhard vom Stain, zu Emerkingen and Niederstotzingen (from 1525), called 1498–1536, ⚭ Anna von Hoheneck (descendant of Elisabeth von Hoheneck, née vom Stain, heiress of the reign of Rechtenstein)
1. Bernhard vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, Harthausen, Ichenhausen and Rechtenstein (from 1557), called 1523–1577, progenitor of the younger Rechtenstein and Ichenhauser lines, ⚭ Magdalena Speth von Schülzburg
1. Buppelin vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen (1582–1603), * 1553
2. Johann Dietrich vom Stain, * 1558
3. Andreas vom Stain, zu Ichenhausen, called 1562–1622, ⚭ Maria von Hornstein
Bruno vom Stain, zu Ichenhausen, called 1622–1652, ⚭ Barbara Amalia Schilling von Cannstatt
1. Johann Andreas vom Stain
2. Johann Joachim vom Stain
4. Heinrich Freiherr vom Stain to Rechtenstein, to Rechtenstein, Harthausen, Emerkingen and Niederstotzingen, † 1624, ⚭ Regina Schad von Mittelbiberach
Johann David Freiherr vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, to Emerkingen, Harthausen and Niederstotzingen, † 1641, ⚭ Veronika Barbara Freiin Schenk von Stauffenberg
1. Franz Wilhelm Freiherr vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, Emerkingen, Rechtenstein and Harthausen, ⚭ Maria Juliana Freiin von Laimingen
1. Franz Buppelin Freiherr vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, † 1712, ⚭ Maria Anna Josepha von Rechberg
Maria Anna Freiin vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, * 1706, † 1783, ⚭ Kajetan Joseph Graf Fugger , zu Kirchheim , Schmiechen and Türkenfeld
2. Heinrich Ferdinand Freiherr vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, to Emerkingen, Rechtenstein, Harthausen and Unterstadion , * 1663, † 1739, ⚭ Eva Emilia Countess Reuss
3. Tiberius Joseph Freiherr vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, † 1710
4. Franz Wilhelm Freiherr vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, Canon in Constance
2. Maria Franziska Elisabeth Freiin vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, * 1627, † 1693, ⚭ Friedrich Ferdinand Graf Fugger , zu Untersulmetingen
3. Johanna Franziska Freiin vom Stain zum Rechtenstein, ⚭ Johann Nikolaus Freiherr von Welden
2. David vom Stain, zu Bühl , * 1526, ⚭ Anna vom Weyer (heiress of the Bühl reign)
1. Leopold Karl Freiherr vom Stain, zu Bühl, Bächingen (from 1594) and Niederstotzingen (from 1605), † 1628, ⚭ Margaretha von Westernach (heiress of the Bächingen rule)
1. Vain Heinrich Freiherr vom Stain, Oberamtmann zu Hohentrüdingen , † 1624, ⚭ Magdalena Marschall von Pappenheim
1.Leopold David Freiherr vom Stain, † 1640
2. Heinrich Wilhelm Freiherr vom Stain, † 1642
3. Veit Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain, † 1650
4. Anna Maria Freiin vom Stain, * 1623, † 1645, ⚭ Jakob Friedrich von Buwinghausen, zu Zavelstein
2. David Freiherr vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, † 1656, ⚭ 1. Anna von Plieningen , 2. Maria Helena Freiin von Welz
1. Friedrich Adam Freiherr vom Stain (from 1st marriage), zu Niederstotzingen, * 1630, † 1681, ⚭ Maria Magdalena Ungelter von Deisenhausen
Johann Friedrich Jakob Freiherr vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, * 1667, † 1692
2. David Freiherr vom Stain (from 2nd marriage), zu Niederstotzingen, * 1649, † 1681, ⚭ Maria Lucia von Hallweil
1. Friedrich Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain, * 1677, ⚭ 1. Anna Margaretha von Bärenfels, 2. Maria Susanna Freiin von Closen
2. Maria Christina Freiin vom Stain, * 1678, † 1758, ⚭ Eberhard Heinrich Freiherr von Göllnitz
3. Friedrich Freiherr vom Stain, zu Bächingen, * 1599, † 1653, ⚭ 1. Anna Regina Freiin von Knöringen , 2. Anna Barbara von und zu Mentzingen
1. Anna Barbara Freiin vom Stain (from 1st marriage), ⚭ Ernst Friedrich Leutrum von Ertingen , zu Nippenburg and Liebeneck
2. Karl Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain (from 1st marriage), zu Niederstotzingen and Riedhausen , * 1632, † 1708, ⚭ Maria Franziska Freiin von Riedheim
1. Karl Leopold Freiherr vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, * 1667, † 1733, ⚭ Maria Luisa Freiin von Bernerdin
2. Ferdinand Heinrich Freiherr vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, * 1682, † 1733, ⚭ Anna Desirée Countess of Watteville
1. Karl Leopold Graf vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen and Riedhausen, * 1729, † 1809, ⚭ Charlotte Philippine Duchess of Ursel
2. Maria Philippina Freiin vom Stain, * 1730, † 1758, ⚭ Charles Florent Joseph Count of Maldeghem
3. Charlotta Anna Desirée Sophia Freiin vom Stain, canoness
4. Theresia Antonia Freiin vom Stain, canon lady of Oberstenfeld
3. Wolfgang Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain (from 2nd marriage), zu Bächingen and Buttenhausen , * 1640, † 1722, ⚭ Eva Magdalena Zobel von Giebelstadt
1.Sophia Charlotta Freiin vom Stain, * 1690, ⚭ Ludwig Christoph Freiherr von Vohenstein, zu Adelmannsfelden (grandparents of Duchess Franziska von Württemberg )
2. Friedrich Karl Freiherr vom Stain, zu Bächingen, * 1692, † 1753, ⚭ Regina Katharina Freiin von Münchingen
1. Friedrich Karl Heinrich Freiherr vom Stain, zu Bächingen, * 1726, † 1800
2. Johann Alexander Freiherr vom Stain, zu Bächingen, * 1728, † 1782
3. Maria Ernestina Freiin vom Stain, * 1695, ⚭ Karl Freiherr von Schmidberg, zu Lehrensteinsfeld
4. Wilhelm Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain, zu Bächingen, * 1696, † 1747
5. Juliana Johanna Freiin vom Stain, * 1698, ⚭ Johann Friedrich Freiherr von Racknitz , zu Haunsheim
6. Franziska Friederika Freiin vom Stain, * 1700, ⚭ Johann Wilhelm Gottfried Freiherr von Seckendorff -Gutend, to Obernzenn and Meuselwitz
4. Eitel Bernhard Freiherr vom Stain (from 2nd marriage), zu Bächingen, * 1643, † 1680
5. Christian Friedrich Freiherr vom Stain (from 2nd marriage), zu Niederstotzingen, * 1649, † 1700, ⚭ 1. Anna Justina Hofer von Lobenstein , 2. Maria Salome von Heßberg
1. Juliana Friederika Freiin vom Stain, ⚭ Albrecht Heinrich Schertlin von Burtenbach , zu Burtenbach
2. Heinrich Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, * 1689, † 1751, ⚭ 1. Juliana Sophia Charlotta von Gaisberg , 2. Eva Luisa Charlotta von Thüngen
1. Luisa Friederika Freiin vom Stain (from 1st marriage), * 1715
2. Johann Friedrich Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain (from 1st marriage), zu Niederstotzingen, * 1717, ⚭ Luisa Charlotta von Herwarth
1. Maria Henriette Charlotta Freiin vom Stain
2. Johanna Philippina Luisa Freiin vom Stain
3. Karolina Ernestina Freiin vom Stain
3. Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Freiherr vom Stain (from 1st marriage), zu Niederstotzingen, * 1719, † 1777, ⚭ Franziska Henriette Maria Freiin von Racknitz
1. Heinrich Karl Friedrich Freiherr vom Stain, zu Niederstotzingen, † 1799, ⚭ Nanette Franziska Tänzel von Tratzberg
2. Charlotta Freiin vom Stain, ⚭ von Welling
3. Henriette Luisa Charlotta Freiin vom Stain, † 1796, ⚭ Johann Philipp Heinrich Rabus
6. Sophia Maria Freiin vom Stain (from 2nd marriage), * 1652, ⚭ Reinhold Freiherr von Schmidberg, zu Lehrensteinsfeld
2. Johann Heinrich vom Stain, in Bergenweiler, † 1617, ⚭ Elisabeth von Wittstatt
Heinrich vom Stain, zu Bergenweiler and Trendel , called 1617–1637, ⚭ Euphrosina Elisabeth Schertlin von Burtenbach
3. Buppelin vom Stain, to Emerkingen, gen. 1526–1587
4. Heinrich vom Stain, † 1605, to Niederstotzingen, Emerkingen, Bergenweiler and Bühl
5. Andreas vom Stain, * 1532, Canon of Regensburg and Constance
6. Eberhard vom Stain, Benedictine, prince abbot of Kempten (1571–1584)
2. Friedrich vom Stain, called 1449–1468, Johanniter zu Rhodos and Weißensee
3. Buppelin vom Stain, called 1449–1500, to Konzenberg and Niederstotzingen, ⚭ Felizitas von Argen
1. Jakob vom Stain, † 1525, to Niederstotzingen
2. Georg vom Stain, called 1474–1490, keeper at Kelheim , ⚭ Ursula von Ahelfingen
Buppelin vom Stain, gen. 1500–1521
2. Anna vom Stain, ⚭ Erasmus Marshal von Biberbach
3. Berchtold vom Stain, zu Emerkingen, gen. 1415–1428
Siegmund vom Stain, to Emerkingen and Pflummer , gen. 1438–1463, ⚭ Margaretha von Rechberg


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