Horná Lehota (Brezno)

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Horná Lehota
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Horná Lehota (Slovakia)
Horná Lehota
Horná Lehota
Basic data
State : Slovakia
Kraj : Banskobystrický kraj
Okres : Brezno
Region : Horehrony
Area : 45.887 km²
Residents : 602 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 13 inhabitants per km²
Height : 640  m nm
Postal code : 976 51
Telephone code : 0 48
Geographic location : 48 ° 50 ′  N , 19 ° 33 ′  E Coordinates: 48 ° 50 ′ 19 ″  N , 19 ° 32 ′ 46 ″  E
License plate : BR
Kód obce : 508624
Community type : local community
Structure of the municipality: 2 parts of the community
Administration (as of November 2018)
Mayor : Vladimír Bušniak
Address: Obecný úrad Horná Lehota
č. 99
976 51 Horná Lehota
Website: www.horna-lehota.sk
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Horná Lehota (until 1927 Slovak "Horná Lehota"; Hungarian Felsőszabadi - until 1907 Felsőlehota ) is a municipality in the middle of Slovakia with 602 inhabitants (December 31, 2019) that the Brezno District , a circle of kraj Banskobystrický heard and to traditional landscape Horehronie is counted.


View of Horná Lehota from the cemetery

The municipality is located on the southern slope of the central part of the Low Tatras , in the catchment area of ​​the Hnusné brook in the Hron river system . The almost 45.9 km² large municipal area extends to the main ridge of the Low Tatras and thus to the core area of ​​the Low Tatras National Park and is part of the two thousand meter peaks Chopok and Ďumbier , bounded by the Bystrianka brook in the east and a side ridge in the west. The town center is at an altitude of 640  m nm and is 12 kilometers away from Brezno .

Administratively, the municipality is divided into parts of Bruchačka (two kilometers south of the main town) and Horná Lehota.

The municipality of Horná Lehota borders Demänovská Dolina and Liptovský Ján over the main ridge in the north, on a short section Brezno in the northeast, Bystrá in the east, Valaská in the southeast, Podbrezová in the south and Dolná Lehota in the west.


The place was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1406 as Superior Lehota and at that time belonged to the estate of Liptsch Castle and was there until 1848. Up to the 16th century there were gold mines and after that Horná Lehota was an agricultural place with developed sheep farming. In 1828 there were 151 houses and 1,168 inhabitants who were employed in forestry, agriculture and as lace makers, and from the middle of the 19th century they also worked in the steel mill in Podbrezová.

Until 1918 the place in Sohl County belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary and then came to Czechoslovakia or today Slovakia.


According to the 2011 census, 580 inhabitants lived in Horná Lehota, including 527 Slovaks, seven Roma and one each Magyar and Czech. 44 residents did not provide any information. 307 residents committed to the Roman Catholic Church, 100 residents to the Evangelical Church AB, six residents to the Apostolic Church and one resident each to the Evangelistic Church and the Jewish community; one resident was of a different denomination. 93 inhabitants had no denomination and the denomination of 71 inhabitants has not been determined.

Results after the 2001 census (584 inhabitants):

By ethnicity:

  • 94.35% Slovaks
  • 4.97% Roma

By denomination:

  • 61.13% Roman Catholic
  • 20.72% Protestant
  • 13.87% non-denominational
  • 2.74% no answer

Sightseeing and tourism

  • Roman Catholic Archangel Michael Church in Baroque style from the end of the 17th century
  • Protestant church from 1790, after the Edict of Tolerance built
  • Grave, memorial and memorial parsonage to the poet Samo Chalupka
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In the municipality there are well-known tourist places such as Tále , Krpáčovo (partly in Dolná Lehota) and Trangoška below the Chopok. These can be reached via the neighboring towns of Bystrá and Dolná Lehota.


Individual evidence

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