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Brezno in Slovakia Okres Brezno in Slovakia
Basic data Okres Brezno
Kraj : Banskobystrický kraj
Area : 1,265.21 km²
Residents : 61,269 (December 31, 2019)
Population density : 48.43 inhabitants / km²
License plate : BR
District code: 603
Administrative division
Cities: 1
Municipalities (excluding cities): 29
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The Okres Brezno is an administrative unit in the central slovakia square kilometers with a population of 61,269 (December 31, 2019) and an area of 1,265. It borders clockwise on the Okresy Liptovský Mikuláš , Poprad , Rožňava , Revúca , Rimavská Sobota , Poltár , Detva , very briefly Zvolen and Banská Bystrica .


The Okres has a somewhat elongated shape from west to east and lies on both sides of the upper reaches of the Hron (German Gran ), which rises near Telgárt and then flows west. Most of the population is concentrated in the Horehronské podolie valley , which forms the small valley basin Breznianska kotlina in the central part around Brezno . Otherwise, the Okres is quite mountainous: north of the Hron are characterized by the south side of the Low Tatras , with a smaller portion in the Ďumbierske Tatry sub-mountains and a larger portion in the Kráľovohoľské Tatry sub-mountains . South of the Hron you can find partial mountains of the Slovak Ore Mountains , initially the Spišsko-gemerský kras in the southeast (including the Muránska planina plateau ) and the Veporské vrchy in the south. In the southwest the Okres has a small part of the Poľana Mountains . In addition to the Hron, its tributaries Bystrianska , Čierny Hron and Rohožná are important rivers . In the southwest the Okres has a share in the source area of ​​the Rimavica and in the extreme east in that of the Hnilec .

Due to the enclosed location, with the exception of the Hron valley, further crossings are only possible via mountain saddle, such as Čertovica through the Low Tatras, Besník in the east, Javorinka in the southeast, Zbojská in the south and Tlstý javor in the southwest.


The main traffic routes cross in the area between Podbrezová and Brezno . There are no motorways or expressways. The main street is the 1st order street 66 , which runs from Banská Bystrica towards Brezno and ends at the 1st order street 67 on the eastern border of the Okres . The 1st order road 72 runs in two sections: first from the Čertovica saddle from Kráľova Lehota out to Podbrezová and then from Brezno to the Zbojská saddle towards Tisovec . Other regionally significant connections are the 2nd order road 529 from Brezno to Lom nad Rimavicou and further on to Hriňová and the 2nd order road 531 from Červená Skala (near Šumiac ) towards Muráň . Second order road 584 begins at Bystrá, but ends on the south side of the Chopok and is not connected to the rest of the route on the other side of the Low Tatras.

The main railway line is the course book line from Zvolen to Červená Skala, which historically emerged as the Zvolen – Podbrezová , Podbrezová – Tisovec (Podbrezová – Brezno-Halny section) and Brezno – Červená Skala railway lines . The railway line to Margecany joins in Červená Skala . The remaining part of the Podbrezová – Tisovec railway leads to Tisovec.


Historically, the district is largely located in the former Sohl County , a smaller part in the east from Polomka belongs to the former Gemer and Kleinhont County (see also the list of historical counties in Hungary ).



The district office is in Brezno .


In the article Protected Objects in Okres Brezno you can find out about the objects protected by the Slovak Monument Office in Okres.

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