Hornbosteler Hutweide

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Hornbosteler Hutweide

IUCN Category IV - Habitat / Species Management Area

Przewalski horses, cattle in the background

Przewalski horses , cattle in the background

location North-west of Celle , Celle district , Lower Saxony
surface 176 ha
Identifier NSG LÜ 269
WDPA ID 329452
Geographical location 52 ° 41 '  N , 9 ° 51'  E Coordinates: 52 ° 41 '11 "  N , 9 ° 51' 14"  E
Hornbosteler Hutweide (Lower Saxony)
Hornbosteler Hutweide
Sea level from 29 m to 35 m
Setup date December 30, 2004
administration NLWKN

The Hornbosteler Hutweide is a nature reserve in the Lower Saxony communities of Wietze and Winsen (Aller) in the district of Celle .

The nature reserve with the sign NSG LÜ 269 is 176  hectares in size. A large part of the nature reserve is part of the FFH area "Aller (with Barnbruch), lower Leine, lower Oker". The area has been a nature reserve since December 30, 2004. The responsible lower nature conservation authority is the district of Celle.

The nature reserve is located west of Winsen (Aller) and north of Wietze almost entirely on the left bank of the Aller in its floodplain area . The island between military and lock the barrage Bannetze is involved only to a part in the conservation area.

The protected area, which is partially flooded when the water is too high, is characterized by semi-open to open grassland areas . In the nature reserve, there are some well-preserved remains of a hat landscape with poor hat pastures and hat forests , as was typical for the Allerniederung. The hat forests are dominated by common oaks , junipers and sloes . The hut forests have partly been converted into pine and spruce forests that are used for forestry purposes .

The Aller is of reeds , Riedern and Hochstaudenfluren accompanied. Most of the grassland in the protected area is cultivated extensively, but intensive cultivation also takes place in some areas.

The nature reserve is the habitat of various bird species. So here are u. a. Red kite , partridge , lapwing , stonechat , wagtail , red- backed killer , nightingale , oriole and kingfisher as well as reed bunting , yellow mockers , marsh warbler and wryneck are indigenous. The white stork uses the area for foraging. The area is also a resting place for lapwing, breakage and green sandpipers , sandpiper and snipe . The nature reserve is still a habitat for various reptiles and amphibians , including sand lizards , pond frogs and sea ​​frogs , dragonflies such as green mermaid and green mermaid , locusts such as warty bites and red-bodied grasshoppers, and butterflies such as map and aurora butterfly . 32 plant species on the Lower Saxony Red List have been identified in the nature reserve , including swan flowers , crayfish claws , misunderstood water hose , common carnation and marigold .

Grazing program

An initially 75 hectare area in the nature reserve has been grazed since 2009 to preserve the original hat landscape. In February 2009 a herd of Heck cattle was settled in this part of the nature reserve, in May 2009 Przewalski horses were added.

Traffic development

In the south, the Aller cycle path runs in parts on the edge of the nature reserve or through part of the meadow landscape. In addition, some hiking trails run through the nature reserve. There are two information boards and a refuge on the Aller cycle path.

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