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The office of general superintendent , until 1540 merely "superintendent", was established shortly after the introduction of the Reformation in Pomerania , when Bishop Erasmus von Manteuffel-Arnhausen refused to accept the new church order in 1535. The superintendent general were the spiritual leaders of the Church in Pomerania.

In 1545 the Synod of Stettin decided that there should be four general superintendents in Pomerania, based in Stettin , Greifswald , Kolberg and Stolp .

The office of general superintendent was taken over by the Prussian regional church at the beginning of the 19th century . In total there were 12 superintendents general in Prussia . In the Pomeranian Provincial Church there was only one job holder who was based in Stettin.

At the beginning of the 1920s - after the elimination of the sovereign church regiment - the ecclesiastical province of Pomerania was divided into a western and an eastern district (Western and Western Pomerania), each with its own general superintendent. The consistory of the province of Pomerania stayed in Stettin until it was relocated to Greifswald after the Second World War . In 1950 the Pomeranian Evangelical Church became an independent regional church, headed by a bishop since 1947 .

General superintendent


The area east of Swine and Oder to Grabow in Pomerania-Stolp belonged to the general superintendent of Stettin , excluding the monastery area of ​​the former diocese of Cammin near Kolberg.


The seat of the consistory was in Greifswald since 1553 with the region west of the Swine and Oder and north of the Randow. When New Western Pomerania fell to Prussia, the general superintendent of Pommern-Wolgast came to an end and was integrated into the church province of Pomerania (based in Stettin).

Kolberg Abbey (Cammin)

The bishops of the Cammin diocese were in office until 1556 , and the Kolberg Consistory was not established until September 2, 1638. It existed until 1645. After the possession of Kolberg by Brandenburg, a new consistory was set up for the entire Electoral Pomerania and the Principality of Cammin. From 1645 Christian Groß was the first general superintendent of the Electorate of Brandenburg for the Duchy of Pomerania (Stettin) and the Principality of Cammin.

Pomeranian Stolp

Because of the great distance to Stettin, Stolp established its own general superintendent, the area of ​​which was bordered by the Grabow in the west . However, the incumbents' powers were curtailed in favor of the "Obersuperintendentur" Stettin. However, there were only two job holders in Stolp. After the death of David Crolle, the Stolper Superintendentur was merged with Pomerania-Stettin.



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