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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Niederalteich community
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Niederalteich highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 46 '  N , 13 ° 1'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Lower Bavaria
County : Deggendorf
Height : 312 m above sea level NHN
Area : 9.97 km 2
Residents: 1770 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 178 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 94557
Area code : 09901
License plate : DEG
Community key : 09 2 71 138
Address of the
municipal administration:
Guntherweg 3
94557 Niederalteich
Website :
Mayor : Albin Dietrich (UWG)
Location of the municipality of Niederalteich in the district of Deggendorf
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Niederalteich is a municipality in the Lower Bavarian district of Deggendorf .


The municipality is geographically located on the left bank of the Danube about five kilometers southeast of the confluence of the Isar and the Danube at the foot of the Bavarian Forest . The two districts are the parish village Niederalteich and the wasteland Gundlau.


The place was built over time from the Niederaltaich Abbey of Benedictine , which in the year 731 or 741 by Duke Odilo of Bavaria was founded. The monks came from the Reichenau island monastery in Lake Constance . They chose an uninhabited area at the mouth of the Isar and built the monastery on a hill, which was dedicated to Saint Mauritius . Abbot Eberswind was the first abbot to name this place Altaha (Altwasser). In 788, after the fall of the Agilolfinger , the Altaich Abbey was elevated to an imperial monastery by Charlemagne . The monastery was destroyed several times in the early 10th century by invasions by Hungarians and Czechs . Also in this century the monastery became a canons' monastery . The monks became canons who were responsible for the ducal burial place of the Luitpoldinger . After the time of the Hungarian invasions in 990 there were again Benedictines in the monastery and Saint Gotthard was abbot of the monastery. He led both Altaich and the monasteries of Hersfeld Abbey and Tegernsee Monastery to a new bloom through his Benedictine reforms. In some of these monasteries he also held the office of abbot.

The place Altaich is said to have had 60 houses in 1226. In the middle of the 13th century, the monastery received lower jurisdiction over the place, which the monastery exercised until its abolition in 1803.

In 1918 Metten moved into the monastery again. The abbey church received the papal honorary title Basilica minor in 1932 .

In 2013 Niederalteich was hit by the floods that affected many places in Central Europe in May and June . The highest level was measured at 8.15 m, by June 4, over 1,800 residents had been evacuated. At noon of the day a dam broke at Winzer's , causing large parts of the village to be flooded by the evening.

Population development

In the period from 1988 to 2018, the community grew from 1,551 to 1,762 by 211 inhabitants or 13.6%. On December 31, 2002 Niederalteich had 1,934 inhabitants.

Culture and sights

Architectural monuments

The baroque basilica in Niederalteich
The Gerhard Neumann Museum
  • Niederaltaich monastery with minor basilica and monastery complex, church built from 1700 to 1739 ( Baroque ) under Abbot Joscio Hamberger (1700–1739)
  • Hofrichterhaus der Hofmark , built 1705 to 1706

See also: List of architectural monuments in Niederalteich and List of ground monuments in Niederalteich


  • Abt-Joscio-Schule (sponsor: Abt-Joscio-Schulwerk e.V.)
  • St. Gotthard High School (sponsor: Niederaltaich Monastery)
  • Rural Volkshochschule St. Gunther
  • Guest and conference house St. Pirmin (sponsor: Niederaltaich Monastery)
  • Gerhard Neumann Museum on the history of aviation from 1960 to the present


  • Boys' choir of Niederaltaich Abbey, Pueri Cantores Altahensis


Municipal council

Seats (with percentage distribution of votes) in municipal council elections:

BüF / ödp CSU SPD UWG total
2002 4th 4th 3 2 13
2008 4 (28.9%) 3 (28.4%) 2 (21.3%) 3 (21.5%) 12
2014 3 (20.97%) 3 (29.24%) 2 (19.82%) 4 (29.97%) 12
2020 2 (16.83%) 3 (28.39%) 2 (13.23%) 5 (41.54%) 12

The local elections on March 15, 2020 gave the following result with a turnout of 67.78%:

  • UWG: Franz Dullinger, Sebastian Kresse, Armin Thalhauser, Maximilian Pfaffinger, Tobias Schinke
  • CSU: Johann Kapfenberger, Judith Schober, Anton Messert
  • BüF / ödp: Petra Nadolny, Dr. Martin Emlinger
  • SPD: Franz Ninding, Josef Staudhammer
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    as a spherical panorama


Albin Dietrich (UWG) was elected First Mayor on March 16, 2014 with 63.27%. His competitor Johann Kapfenberger (CSU) received 36.73%. In the local elections on March 15, 2020 , he was re-elected 1st mayor in the first ballot with 70.59 percent.

At the municipal council meeting on May 12, 2020, Johann Kapfenberger (CSU) was elected second mayor.

coat of arms

Niederalteich coat of arms
Blazon : "In gold over a green three-mountain a blue wavy bar , crossed diagonally above a red abbot's staff and a red knife "
Justification for the coat of arms: The coat of arms expresses the close connection with the Niederaltaich monastery. The green three mountain in gold comes from the coat of arms of the monastery. This is made clear by the abbot's staff. The shaving knife was used to cut reeds on the Danube. The wavy line stands for the Danube , on which the municipality of Niederalteich lies.

Climate Alliance

With the municipal council resolution of December 7, 2004, Niederalteich joined the international climate alliance and thus set an example for the will to sustainability in local politics.

Community partnerships

friendly connections exist to:

  • AustriaAustria Austria , Spitz , (in the Wachau , since 1976): The area around the market town belonged to Niederaltaich Monastery from 812 to 1504 and was a Bavarian enclave in Austria for a long time.
  • HungaryHungary Hungary , Bakonybél (Hungary, since 2000): The establishment of Bakonybél goes back to the missionary work of the Holy Gunthers.

School connection (St. Gotthard Gymnasium) to:

Economy and Infrastructure


  • Haushofer organic nursery
  • DenkWerkstatt - Franz Xaver Denk GmbH
  • Dictum GmbH (wood processing workshops)
  • Eisenhardt stainless steel processing
  • Hubert Ammer landscape architect
  • MedienService Tobias Schinke
  • Metallbau Voggenreiter GmbH & Co. KG
  • Metal and plant construction Dieter Rustler GmbH
  • Article of piety Franz Kindermann
  • Reitberger print shop
  • Richard Anthofer Joinery Components


Web links

Commons : Niederalteich  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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