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新潟 市
Geographical location in Japan
Niigata (Japan)
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Region : Chūbu
Prefecture : Niigata
Coordinates : 37 ° 55 '  N , 139 ° 2'  E Coordinates: 37 ° 54 '58 "  N , 139 ° 2' 11"  E
Basic data
Surface: 726.45 km²
Residents : 796,500
(October 1, 2019)
Population density : 1096 inhabitants per km²
Community key : 15201-3
Flag / coat of arms:
Flag / coat of arms of Niigata
Tree : pasture
Flower : tulip
Song : Sunahama de (On the sandy beach)
town hall
Address : Niigata City Hall
602 - 1 , Gakkōchōdōri Ichiban-chō
Niigata -shi
Niigata  951-8550
Website URL:
Location Niigatas in Niigata Prefecture
Location of Niigatas in the prefecture

Niigata ( Japanese 新潟 市 , - shi ) is a city and the administrative seat of the Niigata prefecture of the same name on Honshū , the main island of Japan . Niigata is located at the mouth of the Shinano River and is one of the largest port cities on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan .

Niigata has 796,500 inhabitants and is 300 km north of Tokyo .

The region is an oil and gas production area, so there are also oil refineries here . In addition, the paper and food industry as well as mechanical engineering and shipbuilding play an important economic role.


After a long history as a port city of Niigata was after the Harris Treaty and other unequal treaties of the European colonial powers to the treaty port - was implemented but the opening until 1869, shortly after the Meiji Restoration .

After the restoration, the prefecture (temporarily -fu , later -ken ) Niigata emerged from the previous shogunate administration for the city and the surrounding area after several mergers and reorganizations . The urban district (- ku ) Niigata was established in 1879, and today's urban district (-shi) Niigata was established in 1889.

In 1945 Niigata was on the list of possible atomic bomb targets alongside Kokura and other cities , but was spared. The targets of the atomic bombs were ultimately Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

In 1949 Niigata University was founded. On June 16, 1964, large parts of the city were destroyed by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3, with houses above a filled up former river bed tilting to one side spectacularly due to soil liquefaction . Some of the 2002 World Cup matches were played in Niigata.

Development of the urban area from the establishment of Niigata City in 1889 to 2005

On January 1, 2001, the district town of Kurosaki ( 黒 埼 町 ) from the district of Nishikanbara was incorporated into Niigata. On March 21, 2005, 12 more communities followed: the independent cities (shi) Niitsu ( 新 津市 ), Shirone ( 白 根 市 ), Toyosaka ( 豊 栄 市 ), and the cities ( machi ) Kosudo ( 小 須 戸 町 ), Yokogoshi ( 横越 町) ) and Kameda ( 亀 田 町 ) depending on the county of Nakakanbara , the city of Nishikawa , the villages ( mura ) Iwamuro ( 岩 室 村 ), Ajikata ( 味 方 村 ), Katahigashi ( 潟 東村 ), Tsukigata ( 月 潟 村 ) and Nakanokuchi , respectively from the district of Nishikanbara, and on October 10th the city of Maki ( aus) from that same district.

2007 Niigata was the government appointed a metropolis .

Politics and administration

Political groups in the city parliament
(as of May 14, 2019)
A total of 51 seats
  • Shōseikai ( 翔 政 会 ; LDP etc.): 26
  • KPY : 6
  • Minshu Niigata ("Democrat [en] Niigata"; KDP etc.): 5
  • Kōmeitō : 4
  • Shin shimin club ("New Citizens Club "; LDP etc.): 3
  • Shimin net Niigata ("Citizen Network Niigata"; SDP etc.): 3
  • Non-attached (including a green ): 4

As mayor of Niigata (Niigata-shichō) Akira Shinoda retired in 2018 after four terms. In the mayoral election on October 28, 2018, the the continued LDP formally supported former council house deputies Yaichi Nakahara with 30% of the votes against the national opposition parties ( KDP , DVP , CPY , LP , SDP supported) former city MPs Satoshi Koyanagi (27.6 %), former city parliamentarian Takashi Yoshida (27.4%), who was supported by parts of the LDP, and Susumu Iino (15.0%), a former employee of the city administration. The voter turnout recovered from 2014 by over nine points to 49.8%.

The city parliament of Niigata (Niigata-shigikai) has had 51 regular members since 2015, who are elected from the city districts as constituencies in uniform local elections. In the 2019 election , the LDP was the strongest party with 18 seats, 17 election winners were without party nominations; the CPJ won six seats, KDP and Kōmeitō four each, SDP and the local Midori Niigata party ( 緑 ・ に い が た , "Green [e] Niigata") one each.

The districts of Niigata elect a total of 15 members to the 53-member prefectural parliament of Niigata (Niigata-kengikai) .

Municipalities and constituencies of the House of Representatives of Niigata with the city of Niigata in purple

In elections to the House of Representatives ( Shūgiin ) , the lower house of the national parliament, the city of Niigata extends into constituencies 1 to 4 of Niigata prefecture, with only Niigata 1 being entirely in the city of Niigata and Niigata 2–4 ​​also surrounding communities and the island community Sado include. In the 2017 House of Representatives election , LDP candidates lost all four constituencies, the former Democrats Chinami Nishimura ( KDP with SDP support), Eiichirō Washio (independent, later to the LDP), Takahiro Kuroiwa ( DFP without party nomination with SDP support, later for KDP parliamentary group), and Makiko Kikuta (DFP without party nomination with SDP support, later to the KDP parliamentary group).


City structure

Since April 1, 2007, Niigata has been subdivided into eight districts ( ku ) as seirei shitei toshi ("city by government decree") :

with check digit
Surname Area (in km²) population Population
density (inh / km²)
Color in
the map
Rōmaji , translation Kanji 1.10.2017 1 1.10.2018 2 1.10.2015 3
15101-7 Kita-ku ("North District") 北区 107.72 74,564 76,328 708.58 blue green
15102-5 Higashi-ku ("East District") 東区 38.62 136.257 137,577 3562.33 Light Blue
15103-3 Chuo-ku ("Central District") 中央 区 37.75 183,000 183,767 4868.00 dark blue
15104-1 Konan-ku 江南 区 75.42 68,397 68.906 913.63 yellow-green
15105-0 Akiha-ku 秋葉 区 95.38 76,055 76,843 805.65 green
15106-8 Minami-ku ("South District") 南 区 100.91 44,485 45,685 452.73 cyan
15107-6 Nishi-ku ("West District") 西区 94.09 161.904 162,833 1730.61 orange
15108-4 Nishikan-ku 西 蒲 区 176.55 55,920 58,218 329.75 ocher
15201-3 Niigata-shi ("City of Niigata") 新潟 市 726.45 800,582 810.157 1115.23


The Niigata train station is the terminus of Jōetsu Shinkansen from Ueno and therefore provides for the arriving from Tokyo visitors the most convenient access to the coast of the Sea of Japan . The 1982 inaugurated route owes its existence to the personal commitment of former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka , whose constituency in the Niigata Prefecture was.

Niigata Airport is about 8 km northeast of the city center . Among other things, there is a flight connection to the Russian city ​​of Vladivostok .

The port facilities, consisting of the old east port and the newer west port, are among the 23 "important ports" of Japan.


Niigata is the home of the Albirex Niigata football club from J. League Division 1 , whose games are played at the Denka Big Swan Stadium .

sons and daughters of the town

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