Chief Inspector Marek (TV series)

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Television series
German title Chief Inspector Marek
Original title Chief Inspector Marek
Country of production Austria
original language German
Year (s) 1963 - 1970
length 80 minutes
Episodes 8th
genre Thriller
idea Friedrich Redl , Florian Kalbeck , Fritz Eckhardt
production ORF
music Norbert Pawlicki , Kurt Werner
First broadcast 3rd October 1963

Oberinspektor Marek was an Austrian crime series that was broadcast on Austrian television by ORF from 1963 to 1970.


The individual episodes take place in Police Station 24 of the Vienna Criminal Police and tell of cases in which Chief Inspector Marek and his team are investigating.

The series originally came from Friedrich Redl, the last four episodes then wrote the main actor Fritz Eckhardt . The individual episodes were recorded in a studio, which contributed to the chamber play-like character of the series. In addition to Fritz Eckhardt as Viktor Marek in the leading role, Kurt Jaggberg played the role of district inspector Otto Wirz from the start. From 1971 the series was continued as an Austrian contribution to the Tatort series until 1983 , with Eckhardt continuing to write the scripts for the episodes.

In 1987, four years after the last Marek crime scene, the character appeared as a guest role in the ORF crime scene episode " The Last Mord ", also written by Eckhardt . Another five years later, in 1992, Eckhardt investigated one last time as Marek in the crime thriller "Mord im Wald", which, however, was produced and broadcast as a single piece.


  • Subpoena

A woman dies from exhaust fumes in her car. Her husband and sister-in-law are suspicious. Through questioning, Chief Inspector Marek gets to the bottom of the real cause.

  • Interrogation

A young girl is seriously injured by gas poisoning in her lover's apartment. Everything looks like a suicide attempt, but Marek doesn't believe in it and lures the perpetrator into a trap.

  • acquittal

A man is charged with the murder of his wife, but is acquitted. Inspector Wirz, who temporarily took over the executive chair, does not believe in his innocence. But then Marek comes back from vacation.

  • Deadly accident

Chief Inspector Marek is reprimanded for investigating suicide as murder. When he and his people investigate a man's fatal accident, they realize that the case is more complex than it first appears.

  • Girl murder

A girl falls dead from a sports car . The girl didn't have the best reputation - and what has the Gaiter butcher's shop to do with the case? For Inspector Marek, that's where the investigation begins.

  • In a single day

A kidnapping - a dead child and a general manager who makes a sizable inheritance. Chief Inspector Marek has to clear everything up in one day.

  • Simple double murder

Marek has a corpse exhumed because it is supposed to be murder. Maria, the mistress of General Manager Kern, is the main suspect, and Marek is soon on the right track.

  • Perfect murder

Fery Preis, a comrade in the war of Marek, loses his wife under strange circumstances. But the autopsy does not help. Marek is still not defeated.

Films within the series Tatort

episode title Channel First broadcast script Director
12 Suspected murder ORF 0Nov 7, 1971 Fritz Eckhardt Walter Davy
23 The velvet trap ORF Nov 12, 1972 Fritz Eckhardt Walter Davy
35 Femicide ORF 0Dec 9, 1973 Fritz Eckhardt Fritz Eckhardt
44 Murder in the Ministry ORF Oct 13, 1974 Fritz Eckhardt Fritz Eckhardt
55 Vacation murder ORF 28 Sep 1975 Fritz Eckhardt Peter Weck
66 Advertisement murder ORF Sep 12 1976 Fritz Eckhardt Peter Weck
79 The forgotten murder ORF Sep 11 1977 Fritz Eckhardt Peter Patzak
92 Murder in the hospital ORF 0Oct 8, 1978 Fritz Eckhardt Michael Kehlmann
105 Murder in the Grand Hotel ORF Oct 21, 1979 Fritz Eckhardt Georg Lhotsky
117 Murder in installments ORF Oct 19, 1980 Fritz Eckhardt Georg Lhotsky
129 Murder in the Opera ORF Oct 18, 1981 Fritz Eckhardt Wolfgang luck
142 Homicide squad ORF Oct 17, 1982 Fritz Eckhardt Jochen Bauer
150 Murder in the subway (as senior inspector a. D.) ORF Sep 18 1983 Fritz Eckhardt Kurt Junek
199 The last murder (guest role as senior inspector a. D.) ORF Nov 29, 1987 Fritz Eckhardt Kurt Junek

Single film

  • Murder in the Forest (1992)

Marek emigrated to New Zealand after his retirement. But when he wins the lottery, he returns to Austria to invest the money there, and is involved in the investigation into a murder case.


Marek and Inspector Keller interviewed a witness who spent a night in a hotel with three middle-aged men from Munich, two of whom were murdered in Munich and the third received death threats. (The row around Chief Inspector Marek was only later integrated into the Tatort series .)

DVD release

The series Oberinspektor Marek was published on October 26, 2009 on ARD-Video in the series Straßenfeger.

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