The leftovers

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Television series
German title The leftovers
Original title The leftovers
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2014-2017
White Rabbit Productions,
Movie 44,
Warner Bros. Television
length Pilot episode: 72 minutes
51 to 58 minutes
Episodes 28 in 3 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , fantasy
idea Damon Lindelof,
Tom Perrotta
production Nan Bernstein Freed,
Peter Berg ,
Sarah Aubrey,
Damon Lindelof ,
Tom Perrotta
music Max Richter
First broadcast June 29, 2014 (USA) on HBO
first broadcast
October 24, 2014 on Sky Atlantic HD

The Leftovers is an American television series that aired on HBO from June 29, 2014 to June 4, 2017 . The German premiere took place on October 24, 2014 on Sky Atlantic HD . It is based on Tom Perrotta 's novel of the same name from 2011 and is produced, among others, by the producer Damon Lindelof , who is known through Lost . Justin Theroux , Amy Brenneman , Christopher Eccleston and Liv Tyler play part of the central lead roles. On August 13, 2014, HBO extended the series for a second season. In December 2015, HBO announced that the series would have a third and final season, which aired April 16 through June 4, 2017.

The series deals with the subject of the rapture . The fictional storyline begins three years after the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of two percent of the world's population in the series .


season 1

On October 14, 2011, two percent of the world's population suddenly and simultaneously disappeared without a trace. Three years later, the event still preoccupies many people and they are looking for the cause and reason for the 140 million inexplicably disappeared.

In the city of Mapleton in the US state of New York, the police chief Kevin Garvey, Jr. did not lose any living relatives as a result of the event, but he still tries to create some normality in the current world, but at the same time also has psychological problems. He lives there with his daughter Jill in his father's house. However, she has a very difficult relationship with her father and continues to isolate herself from him and the rest of the outside world.

Laurie Garvey is Kevin's wife and was a psychologist before October 14th . The Garveys' marriage wasn't the best at the time of the event. Kevin wanted to leave the family and Laurie was pregnant, but only she knew. Her unborn baby disappeared from an ultrasound scan on October 14th. After the event, Laurie joined the mysterious sect " The Guilty Remnant " (originally The Guilty Remnant ). The sect sees itself as a "living reminder" to the people who try to forget the event of October 14th. For this reason, the members leave their families, communicate only by writing, dress uniformly in white and attract attention through excessive cigarette consumption. The leader of the “Guilty Remaining” is Patti Levin. She was being treated by Laurie before October 14th, at which point she had a premonition that something terrible was about to happen. The “guilty remaining” woo the people in the city with their way of life. Among them is Megan Abbott, who was supposed to appear shortly before the altar and consequently joins the sect. The sect is planning various actions in Mapleton, including breaking into the homes of those who have remained and stealing clothes and family photos of those who have disappeared.

Tom Garvey is Laurie's son and Kevin's stepson. After dropping out of college, he joined guru Holy Wayne, who is wanted by the US authorities for prophecy and abuse of minors. When Wayne's property is raided, Tom helps the girl Christine to escape. Wayne, who is also on the run from the authorities, gives Tom the instruction to protect the pregnant Christine because her baby will be special. But Tom turns away from Wayne when he discovers that there are other pregnant girls who, like himself and Christine, are on the run, and Wayne told them the same story. After Christine's daughter is born, she abandons Tom with the baby, after which he returns to Mapleton with the baby.

Matt Jamison, the parish priest of Mapleton, exposes the misdeeds of disappeared people by denouncing them on leaflets and distributing them around town. He also tries to persuade the members of the "guilty remaining" to leave the sect. He himself is tormented by the question why he did not also disappear at the event, since he interprets this as a gesture of God. Matt cares for his wife Mary, who has been in a vegetative state since October 14th after a car accident. When Matt can no longer pay the loan on the church property, the "debtors left" buy it.

Nora Durst is Matt Jamison's sister and lost her husband, daughter and son in the disappearance, making her the only one of her family left. She works for the "Sudden Disappearance Authority", on whose behalf she questions relatives of those who have disappeared. With the help of the answers an attempt is supposedly made to recognize a pattern in order to be able to explain the disappearance. In return, the respondents receive compensation. Hopeless and desperate, Nora still clings to her family after three years and searches in vain for answers. When she is venting her desperation at a meeting of the authorities, a man approaches her, who sends her to Holy Wayne, who relieves her of her burden with his embrace. Then Nora starts a relationship with Kevin Garvey.

Kevin Garvey, Sr. is Kevin's father and former Mapleton Police Chief. After October 14th, he set fire to the city library and committed himself to psychiatry. He admits that voices speak to him but does not refer to himself as crazy. As he escapes from the psychiatric ward, he approaches Kevin and explains to him that the voices claim that his son has a purpose. Kevin stamps the statements as nonsense, but he would not be able to escape his destiny, says his father.

Kevin Garvey, Jr.'s mental health problems increasingly manifest themselves in dreams, hallucinations, and inexplicable blackouts. For example, he sees Dean, the hunter, who shoots stray dogs. At the same time, however, Dean seems to be real because he speaks at a city council meeting and he testifies as a witness to the murder of Gladys, a member of the "Guilty Remaining". One day Kevin finds himself with Dean and Patti in a hut in the woods. According to Dean, Kevin, who can no longer remember anything, kidnapped Patti and tied her to a chair with the intention of killing her. Patti explains to Kevin that it's about not being forgotten and making a mark. Kevin realizes that Patti wants to die, but does not do her this favor and unties her. Dean leaves the hut and Patti commits suicide in front of Kevin's eyes. Kevin calls Matt Jamison and asks for help. They both bury the body and drive back to Mapleton. When they stop at a rest stop on the way back, Kevin meets Holy Wayne in the toilet, who was shot by the US authorities. Before Wayne dies, he asks Kevin what a wish he could grant him. The fulfillment of the wish would show Holy Wayne that he is real and not a cheater. Previously, in a dream, Kevin was admitted to mental hospital, where he meets his father and the dead Patti.

In the meantime, those “guilty” had made dolls from the stolen photos of the missing people and clothed them. During the night they bring the dolls into the houses of those who remained, whereupon the townspeople revolt against the sect, in which the houses of the "guilty remained" are set on fire and the dolls are burned. Kevin is able to rescue his daughter Jill, who had previously joined her mother Laurie, from one of the burning houses. After Nora has found her family's dolls, she decides to leave town and writes a farewell letter that she wants to bring Kevin over. On the porch of Kevin's house, she finds an abandoned baby who is apparently Christine's daughter. Kevin and Jill also return home after the events that night, where they meet Nora, who is holding the baby in her arms.

season 2

After Nora has found the baby on Kevin's porch, she takes it in with her. Nora and Kevin decide to stay together and adopt the baby. They name their adopted daughter Lily. Kevin, who has given up his job with the police, seems increasingly stressed because he sees Patti, the dead leader of the "Guilty Remaining", and she speaks to him. Jill is still in contact with her stepbrother Tom, from whom she learned that her adopted sister is Christine's daughter and Tom has dumped her with Kevin. In the meantime, Kevin's father has been released from psychiatric hospital and explains to him that although he still hears voices, he no longer ignores them and will go to Australia as the voices demand of him.

Kevin and Nora decide to leave Mapleton with Jill and Lily. By selling Nora's house, they can afford to buy a house in the small Texas town of Jarden, where Nora's brother Matt has moved. Jarden is the only place where no people went missing on October 14, 2011. Due to the “Miracle of Jarden”, the “Miracle” national park was founded around the city, which is a magnet for tourists and a place of pilgrimage for believers and fanatics from all over the world. Due to the large number of visitors, access to the national park is strictly regulated, which has resulted in a camp at the park boundary. Kevin and his family move into a house next to the seemingly happy Murphy family, whom they become friends with. John and Erika live there with their two teenage twin children Evie and Michael. John, who works for the local fire department and was imprisoned for attempting the murder of his father-in-law Virgil, does not believe in the miracle of Miracle, which he expresses with physical violence to the residents and charlatans who profit from it. His wife Erika is about to leave the family.

Laurie has now got out of the “guilty group” and, together with her son Tom, takes care of other dropouts, whom he helps to get out as an informer within the sect. Laurie and Tom try to bring the dropouts back to a normal life, but they realize that the dropping out leaves a void in people. Because of this, Tom tells them that he has the gift of Holy Wayne to take people's pain away with a hug. Over time, however, Tom no longer believes his task, which leads to an argument with his mother and he leaves her. Megan Abbott is still with the “guilty ones”, but no longer shares every view of the sect and resorts to more radical means. In the meantime, Tom has sought contact with Megan to find out why he was sexually assaulted by Megan when he was an informant with the "Guilty Remaining". He joins Megan to come to Jarden, where she is apparently planning an action.

When the earth shook in Jarden one night, Evie and two friends disappeared without a trace. Kevin, whose family knows that he is sleepwalking, wakes up that night, tied to a concrete block, in a dry lake where the car of the missing girl is parked. As with the previous incidents, Kevin cannot remember anything. Since the girls were not found in the subsequent search, it is assumed that they disappeared as in the event on October 14, 2011. The supposedly safe Jarden that Kevin and Nora have chosen for their new family reawakens their old fears in Nora. In the meantime she also deals with scientific approaches that try to explain the events of then and now.

Matt continues to care for his wife Mary, who is still in a vegetative state but was conscious on the first day they moved to Jarden. When visiting a doctor outside the national park, it is found that his wife is pregnant. The fact that they were both unable to father a child before October 14th, his wife became conscious on arrival, and Matt had sex with her that day reinforce Matt's belief in the miracles in Miracle. On the way home, their bracelets are stolen and they can no longer enter Miracle. Although John Murphy's relationships could both re-enter the park, Matt declines to help when he learns that John doesn't believe in the miracles. Matt then decides to stay in the camp at the park boundary. Kevin and Nora smuggle Mary to Jarden, where she is looked after by Nora.

Meanwhile Kevin speaks to Patti and decides to tell Nora about her. Nora leaves him and Kevin seeks advice from Laurie, who came to Jarden in search of Tom. Jill confesses to Michael about her father's problems, whereupon Michael decides to help him. Michael brings him to his grandfather Virgil, who had already recognized Kevin's situation when he arrived in Miracle and Kevin had already sought advice from him the night the girls disappeared. To get rid of Patti, Kevin has to kill her on the "other side", for which he has to die. In Virgil's opinion, Kevin has an extraordinary protector or adversary who saved him from drowning in the lake that night. This time, under the guidance of Virgil, Kevin drinks poison to die. However, Virgil empties the syringe with the antidote and kills himself.

After crossing over to the "other side", Kevin wakes up in a hotel. His father, who is in the same hotel room in Australia, tries to contact Kevin via the television in the hotel room and explains to him that he has to throw Patti into a well. At the hotel, Kevin meets Virgil, Holy Wayne and Gladys, among others. Kevin finds the young Patti, drives her to Jarden and throws her into a well, where she dies. Then Kevin wakes up and climbs out of his grave, in which he was previously buried by Michael. When Kevin comes home, he is arrested because his handprint was found on the girls' car. Kevin can now remember what happened the night the girls disappeared and explains to John that the disappearance was staged. John doesn't believe Kevin and looks in vain for an explanation as to why his daughter would do this to them. Out of desperation, Kevin is shot by John.

On the anniversary of the disappearance, Megan plans to invade Miracle to make people suffer just as much as the rest of humanity did four years earlier. The same day, Mary wakes up from a coma in another earthquake and Nora takes her to see Matt, who still lives at the camp outside the park. Megan drives through the parking barrier with her car and trailer and threatens to detonate a bomb on the access bridge. When Megan is arrested, the three missing girls get out of the trailer. After a countdown it becomes clear that there is no bomb and people storm the park. Among them are the supporters of Megan and the "Guilty Remaining". Matt and Mary are also trying to get back to Jarden. Nora and Lily can be saved from the crowd by Tom on the bridge.

Kevin, who was shot by John, wakes up again in the hotel on the "other side" and can return by participating in a karaoke competition. In Jarden there is now chaos and devastation after the city was stormed. John finds the seriously injured Kevin and brings him home, where his whole family is already waiting for him.

season 3

After those "guilty" were killed in a drone attack in Jarden, including Megan Abbott and Evie Murphy, the city is returning to "normalcy" as a place of pilgrimage. Three years after this event, the seventh anniversary of the sudden disappearance is approaching.

Kevin Garvey is now chief of the police in Jarden, where his stepson Tom also works. John Murphy married Kevin's ex-wife Laurie and works with her as a diviner. Matt Jamison continues to preach about the miracles in Jarden, including his wife Mary and three year old son Noah. But Mary is tired of spending her life in Matt's immovable place of miracles and decides to move back to Mapleton with her son. Matt learned about Kevin's "Resurrections" through John and Michael, after which he began to write a book that he sees as the successor to the New Testament .

Nora had to give her adoptive daughter Lily back to her birth mother Christine after a welfare negotiation and works again as a case worker for the "Authority for Sudden Disappearances". One day she is approached by the actor Mark Linn-Baker , who had gone into hiding out of desperation after the sudden disappearance of his fellow actors and now claims that an organization has found a way to get people to the place where they disappeared using a machine and radiation therapy bring. Nora is then offered to undergo the procedure, for which she travels to Australia under the pretext of investigating undercover for her authority and is accompanied by Kevin.

In Melbourne , the scientists get in touch with Nora, where she has a medical examination and has to answer a question that she fails. Meanwhile, Kevin believes he saw the late Evie on Australian Breakfast TV and begins looking for her. He finally finds her in a library and after a phone call with Laurie, he discovers that it is not Evie. After Nora and Kevin's setbacks, there is a dispute between the two, in which Nora questions Kevin's book and his savior-like position. Kevin insinuates that Nora is using her missing children to act as a forced victim. Kevin then burns the book and leaves.

Meanwhile, Kevin's father is out and about in the Australian outback , hiking the songline and learning Aboriginal songs to prevent an approaching flood, which he believes will take place on the seventh anniversary of the disappearance. When the last Aborigine, Christopher Sunday, dies in an accident, he misses the last song. Kevin Sr. is in contact with Matt, from whom he also received the draft of Kevin's book but, to his annoyance, does not appear in it. After surviving a snakebite, he is cared for on Grace Playford's farm, where an ark is being built. He learns from Grace that she is looking for a police officer named Kevin who is said to have supernatural abilities. Grace found a page of Kevin's book with Kevin Sr. when Grace took care of him and immediately accepted it as religious truth. When Kevin's father sees his son on TV, he decides to bring him to the farm.

Meanwhile, an officer on a French submarine is responsible for the launching of a nuclear missile in the South Pacific, whereupon all civil flights in Australia are banned from taking off and landing. Matt wants to bring Kevin back to Jarden for the seventh anniversary and, with the help of a pilot friend of an NGO , flies to Australia with John, Michael and Laurie. However, since they are only allowed to land in Tasmania , they take a ferry to Melbourne, which was chartered for a sex party by a cult that pays homage to a lion. There Matt meets David Burton, who claims to be God after he came back to life in a mountaineering crash and Kevin met him twice on the "other side" before. Matt watches Burton throw a passenger overboard, which is a sacrilege for him . During the discussion with the supposed God, Matt realizes that he has sacrificed his entire life and that his childhood cancer has now returned. He then lets go of Burton, who is then bitten to death by the lion while leaving the ferry.

The four of them part ways in Melbourne. While John and Michael look for Kevin at the airport and find out about Kevin's whereabouts from a phone call on his cell phone, Matt and Laurie decide to help Nora, who is pursuing the organization, to reapply for radiation therapy. Finally, they can locate the organization. Nora says goodbye to her brother Matt and enters the machine. Laurie drives to the farm to see Kevin, his father, John and Michael to get an idea of ​​the upcoming events.

On the farm Kevin decided to go over to the "other side" again to find out for his father the name of the song by Christopher Sunday. For Grace, who lost her five children in the sudden disappearance, he should ask why they weren't wearing shoes that day. John asks Kevin to bring the news to Evie that she is loved by her family. Arriving on the other side, Kevin finds himself in a double role as an identical twin: he is the US president and in another role an assassin who is supposed to kill him. Kevin does not get an answer to his questions from the people and Evie denies her father. The situation comes to a head when an international crisis breaks out, with Defense Minister Patti Levin calling on the President to carry out a first nuclear strike on the enemy. To do this, Kevin has to remove the second half of the activation key from the ventricle of the assassin, who has now been caught. Kevin is reluctant at first, but then decides to kill the other Kevin, but after he has read the protocol, which deals with the unsuccessful relationship between Nora and him. Kevin starts a war in which he hopes the world of the "other side" will be destroyed and he can never return. Kevin returns and sits down with his father, who is sitting on the roof of Grace's house after torrential rain.

Years later, the visibly aged Nora breeds carrier pigeons under a false name in the outback. She learns from a nun that Nora works for that an older man named Kevin has asked about her. Shortly afterwards, Nora packs her things to leave the place. However, Kevin is already on her doorstep and claims to know her from Mapleton. He invites her to a dance at a party that turns out to be the wedding of a couple that Kevin happened to meet. Kevin replies evasively to Nora's questions about their shared past and says she is mistaking him for someone else. Finally, he tells her about Matt's funeral, his children, his grandchild and lively 91-year-old father. After the dance, Nora goes home, where Kevin visits her again the next morning. He tells her that he wants a fresh start and that he has been using his vacation for years to look for her in Australia. Kevin still lives in Jarden, where everyone else is fine. Nora admits that Kevin was right in their last argument and that is why she used the machine. When she arrived at the place of the disappeared, however, she found that in this version of the world, where 98 percent of people have disappeared, her husband and children are the lucky ones in a world full of orphans and Nora is just a ghost there . She then went to the inventor of the machine and asked him to build the same machine so that she could return. Eventually she made it back, but considering the past time, Nora feared that Kevin would not believe her and did not contact him. Kevin, crying, takes Nora's hand and says that he believes her.

Cast and dubbing

The German dubbing was done by the dubbing company calamedia GmbH in Berlin based on a dialogue book by Rainer Martens and Cornelius Frommann and directed by Rainer Martens.

Main cast

role actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Kevin Garvey, Jr. Justin Theroux 1.01-3.08 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Nora Durst Carrie Coon 1.01-3.08 Antje von der Ahe
Laurie Garvey Amy Brenneman 1.01-3.08 Elisabeth Günther
Matt Jamison Christopher Eccleston 1.01-3.08 Bernd Vollbrecht
Megan "Meg" Abbott Liv Tyler 1.01-3.01, 3.07 Nana Spier
Tom "Tommy" Garvey Chris Zylka 1.01-3.02, 3.06 Ricardo Richter
Jill Garvey Margaret Qualley 1.01-3.01, 3.06 Lydia Morgenstern
Aimee Emily Meade 1.01–1.08 1.09-1.10 Anne Helm
Patricia "Patti" Levin Ann Dowd 1.01-2.10, 3.07 Joseline Gassen
Mary Jamison Janel Moloney 2.01-3.01, 3.03 1.03, 1.07-1.09 Dascha Lehmann
Lucy Warburton Amanda Warren 1.01–1.10 Victoria Storm
dean Michael Gaston 1.01–1.10 3.01, 3.07 Lutz Schnell
Adam Frost Max Carver 1.01–1.10 Sandro Blümel
Scott Frost Charlie Carver 1.01–1.10 Till Völger
Christine Annie Q. 1.01–1.10 3.02 Victoria Frenz
Erika Murphy Regina King 2.01-2.10, 3.02 Peggy Sander
John Murphy Kevin Carroll 2.01-3.07 Matti Klemm
Michael Murphy Jovan Adepo 2.01-3.01, 3.05-3.07 Paul-Lino Krenz
Kevin Garvey, Sr. Scott Glenn 3.02-3.07 1.02, 1.07, 1.10, 2.02, 2.08 Uli Krohm

Supporting cast

role actor Supporting role
Voice actor
"Holy" Wayne Henry Gilchrest, Jr. Paterson Joseph 1.01-1.10, 2.08 Dietmar miracle
Gladys Marceline Hugot 1.01-1.05, 1.09, 2.08 Andrea Aust
Isaac Rayney Darius McCrary 2.01, 2.04, 2.09 Tilo Schmitz
Virgil Steven Williams 2.01-2.08 Jürgen Kluckert
Evangeline "Evie" Murphy Jasmine Savoy Brown 2.01-2.02, 2.09-3.01, 3.04, 3.07 Maria Hönig
David Burton Bill Camp 2.08, 2.10, 3.05, 3.07 Uwe Jellinek
Grace Playford Lindsay Duncan 3.02-3.04, 3.06-3.07 Sabina Trooger
Christopher Sunday David Gulpilil 3.03, 3.07
Dr. Eden Katja Herbers 3.04, 3.06, 3.08 Dide Penning
Dr. Bekker Victoria Haralabidou 3.04, 3.06, 3.08


Shortly before the publication of Tom Perrotta's novel The Leftovers , HBO acquired the rights to a series development. In June, the producer Damon Lindelof , known from the television series Lost, was hired as showrunner of the series together with Perrotta. The pilot episode for the series was ordered by HBO in February 2013. A series order in the form of ten episodes was placed in September 2013. It was originally planned that the series would have its premiere after the fourth season finale of the Game of Thrones series on June 15, 2014. In mid-April it was announced that production of the series would be suspended for two weeks after the sixth episode. However, this should not initially affect the broadcast date. Two weeks later, however, it was announced that the premiere of the series would be postponed by two weeks to June 29, 2014, as production was still on hold for creative reasons. In August 2014, HBO ordered a ten-part second season due to the constant ratings. In December 2015, HBO commissioned the production of a third and final season.

The soundtrack composed by Max Richter was released on December 2, 2014 as a download. It was also released on CD on August 14, 2015. The soundtrack of the second season was released on February 19, 2016 as a download.


In the United States, the series premiered on June 29, 2014 on HBO . The broadcast of the first season ended on September 7, 2014. The second season was shown from October 4 to December 6, 2015. The third and final season aired from April 16 to June 4, 2017.

In Germany, the episodes of season 1 were already available in the original sound one day after their first broadcast on Sky Go. The German-language first broadcast of the first season was from October 24 to December 19, 2014 on Sky Atlantic HD . The new episodes and a preview episode are also available on Sky Go and Sky Anytime. The German premiere of the second season took place from December 11, 2015 to February 19, 2016. Season 3 was shown in the German-language first broadcast from July 17 to September 4, 2017 on Sky Atlantic HD.



season 1

The first season of the series received mostly mixed to good reviews on Metacritic and a Metascore of 65/100 based on 42 reviews.

The critic Axel Schmitt gave the pilot episode the highest rating of 5 stars and wrote that The Leftovers tells “the story of the bereaved as a grandiose, gloomy moral painting, as an existentialist observation of society full of eccentricity”.

Karoline Meta Beisel from Süddeutsche described The Leftovers as "a single long therapy session", in which it was "about grief, powerless anger and wounds with no chance of recovery".

For Brian Tallerico from , The Leftovers "gives chances despite the excellent cast." For him, the plot of the series is "surprisingly flat after the pilot episode" and "despite the thematic content that could be processed, The Leftovers often lacks the visual self-confidence to implement it". In addition to Perrota's novel, what makes the series “interesting for Tallerico is the cast”, which makes the series “an ensemble piece in every respect”.

Mark Perigard of the Boston Herald draws a critical conclusion , for whom "almost every scene in The Leftovers screams to be artistic" and "leaves the viewer with a series that wallows week after week in self-satisfied self-importance, melancholy and desolate".

season 2

Season 2 received mostly positive ratings with 80 out of 100 points on Metacritic , based on 22 reviews.

Axel Schmitt from judged at the end of the second season that The Leftovers is "a leap in quality that the series, which was already terrific in the first season, made again". Schmitt also sees that there is "hardly an episode that cannot be called" outstanding "and pleads" to produce more of this outstanding television [in the form of a third season] ".

For Daniel Fienberg of the Hollywood Reporter, "Season 2 [...], where the first season of The Leftovers sometimes felt narrow-minded, [...] immediately proves that the series is currently limitless". Although Fienberg was "a fan of the first season, he was not always one" with her, but "after three episodes [he is] tied to season 2". He particularly emphasizes the “outstanding acting achievements”, including “the young and older actors, who are often the bane in television series”. In spite of this, the viewer should “expect no answers and let the secret rest”.

Variety's Brian Lowry gives mixed results after three episodes of the second season. Although the series "pursues commendable approaches" for him, The Leftovers shows , as in the first season, that "the story does not develop in any coherent way" and "the series feels equally disheveled in its style".

season 3

The third season, rated 98 out of 100, based on 17 reviews, by Metacritic , convinced the critics unanimously.

In his review of the last episode of The Leftovers , Axel Schmitt from came to the conclusion that “Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta, Max Richter and all their colleagues [...] one of the best series of the past few years, maybe even one of the best drama series ”. The series not only penetrates "the existentialist questions of our lives", but is "also incredibly entertaining, in the second and third seasons even wonderfully funny".

For Sophie Gilbert of The Atlantic magazine , the third season of The Leftovers “ follows the pattern of previous seasons, but digs up expectations” and is “brilliant television” with “consistently exceptional performances”. Gilbert emphasizes that "it's not about what happened, which, according to Lindelof, is guaranteed never to be revealed, but about the revealing possibilities that we could use through such an inexplicable event to draw conclusions about our own mortal existence".

Variety's Maureen Ryan says the new season of The Leftovers is "spectacular in every way". The series is "indispensable because it understands that pop culture and religious institutions are collections of experiments to find meaning, structure, community and cohesion". This explains "why we are dealing with such vehemence with a series finale and scriptures".


season 1

season 2

  • Nomination:
    • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Best Drama Series
    • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Best Actor in Drama Series - Justin Theroux
    • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Best Actress in Drama Series - Carrie Coon
    • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Best Supporting Actor, Drama Series - Christopher Eccleston
    • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series - Regina King
    • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series - Ann Dowd
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Drama Series
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Ensemble of the Year
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Actor in Drama Series - Justin Theroux
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Actress in Drama Series - Carrie Coon
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Supporting Actor in Drama Series - Christopher Eccleston
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series - Regina King
    • Satellite Awards - Best Genre Series
    • Television Critics Association Awards - Outstanding Achievement Drama
    • USC Scripter Award - Best Acting Television - Damon Lindelof and Jacqueline Hoyt (episode "Axis Mundi")
    • Writers Guild of America Awards - Drama Episode - Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse ("Contract Killer" episode)

season 3

  • Won:
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Drama Episode - "The Book of Nora"
    • TCA Awards - Best Individual Acting - Carrie Coon for The Leftovers and Fargo
  • Nomination:
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Drama Series
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Ensemble of the Year
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Actor - Justin Theroux
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Actress - Carrie Coon
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Supporting Actor - Ann Dowd
    • Gold Derby TV Awards - Best Supporting Actor in Drama Series - Christopher Eccleston
    • Primetime Emmy Awards - Best Guest Actress in Drama Series - Ann Dowd
    • Satellite Awards - Best Genre Series
    • Satellite Awards - Best Actress in Drama Series - Carrie Coon
    • Satellite Awards - Best Supporting Actor in a television series, miniseries, or film - Christopher Eccleston
    • TCA Awards - TV Series of the Year
    • Writers Guild of America Awards - Drama Episode - Tom Perrotta, Damon Lindelof and Tom Spezialy (episode "The Book of Nora")

DVD and Blu-ray publishing

United States
  • Season 1 was released on October 6, 2015
  • Season 2 was released on February 9, 2016
  • Season 3 was released on October 10, 2017
  • Season 1 was released on October 8, 2015
  • Season 2 was released on October 13, 2016
  • Season 3 was released on December 21, 2017

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