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Dresden 1895; the circular core city (old town south of the Elbe and inner new town north of the Elbe) is radially enclosed by the suburbs

Suburb is a name for a part of the city ​​or district that is outside the city ​​center . The designation can be found in various place names .

About the term and name customer

In medieval cities, a suburb was an area of ​​the city that lies outside the city ​​wall of the core city . The suburbs were less densely built up and offered space for businesses that found no space in the city or that was disruptive, such as B. for tanners , because of the smell. A suburb is often located along the arteries of the city or forms a ring around the core city with several suburbs.

However, the suburb was not subject to city ​​law , nor did its residents have the rights of citizenship of the city and were only allowed to use their protection in exceptional cases. In the course of urban development , however, certain suburbs were often annexed to the city as a new town and then usually surrounded by a separate wall. Therefore Neustadt is a quite common name of districts.

Suburbs are also used today to refer to incorporated places and planned city extensions. Furthermore, the term is used for a collection of upstream settlements ( suburbs ) in large metropolitan areas , such as the suburbs of Athens or the banlieues of the Île-de-France around Paris . These suburbs are in the narrow sense but satellite cities or satellite towns .

Name variants

Neustadt is, in the respective national language, a common name for a city in many other countries:

Suburbs are often called after their general location:

In general, suburbs are usually named after the incorporated villages that were located there, or after the destination of the trunk road that runs out of the city there, or after the city gate in front of which the suburb was created. (See the following list for examples)

According to persons (mostly founders / donors):

Places and districts called suburb


Until 1945: Vordere Vorstadt (Königsberg)




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