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Coat of arms of the municipality of Aschau a.Inn
Aschau am Inn
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Aschau a.Inn highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 12 '  N , 12 ° 21'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Bavaria
County : Mühldorf am Inn
Height : 457 m above sea level NHN
Area : 20.76 km 2
Residents: 3318 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 160 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 84544
Area code : 08638
License plate : MÜ, VIB , WS
Community key : 09 1 83 113
Community structure: 37 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Main street 4
84544 Aschau a.Inn
Website :
First Mayor : Christian Weyrich ( CSU )
Location of the community of Aschau a.Inn in the district of Mühldorf am Inn
Mühldorfer Hart Zangberg Waldkraiburg Unterreit Taufkirchen (Landkreis Mühldorf am Inn) Schwindegg Schönberg (Oberbayern) Reichertsheim Rechtmehring Rattenkirchen Polling (bei Mühldorf am Inn) Obertaufkirchen Oberneukirchen (Oberbayern) Oberbergkirchen Niedertaufkirchen Niederbergkirchen Neumarkt-Sankt Veit Mühldorf am Inn Mettenheim (Bayern) Maitenbeth Lohkirchen Kraiburg am Inn Kirchdorf (bei Haag in Oberbayern) Jettenbach (Oberbayern) Heldenstein Haag in Oberbayern Gars am Inn Erharting Egglkofen Buchbach (Oberbayern) Aschau am Inn Ampfing Landkreis Landshut Landkreis Rottal-Inn Landkreis Rosenheim Landkreis Ebersberg Landkreis Altötting Landkreis Erding Landkreis Traunsteinmap
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Aschau am Inn (officially: Aschau a.Inn ) is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Mühldorf am Inn .


Geographical location

Aschau am Inn is located in the south -eastern Upper Bavaria region in the foothills of the Alps in the valley of the Inn, around 65 km east of the state capital Munich , 17 km west of Mühldorf , 30 km north of Wasserburg and four kilometers from Waldkraiburg , where the nearest train station is on the Rosenheim railway line –Mühldorf , operated by the Südostbayernbahn , is located. The municipality is naturally bordered in the north and west by a richly wooded old moraine, in contrast to this, in the southeast, the extensive valley of the Inn with its post-glacial Inn gravel terraces and alluvial forests forms the municipality boundary.

General data on the location

  • Districts: 37
  • Local roads: 46 km
  • Clubs: 25
  • Commercial enterprises: approx. 200
  • Restaurants: eight
  • Churches and chapels: twelve
  • Places in day-care centers: 134

Community structure

There are 37 districts:

There are the districts of Aschau am Inn and Fraham.

Aschau am Inn in the winter light

Neighboring communities


Until the church is planted

The first documentary mention was made in 788 in the Notitia Arnonis . Aschau am Inn belonged to the Landshut Rent Office and the Neumarkt Regional Court of the Electorate of Bavaria. The Counts Toerring zu Jettenbach owned the open Hofmark Aschau .

In the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria , today's municipality was created with the municipal edict of 1818 .

20th century

In 1939 there were 1,300 inhabitants in Aschau. Since then, there has been a steady upward trend. During the Second World War , one of the largest German explosives factories was located in today's industrial area. An increase in the population was noted especially after the end of the Second World War due to the settlement of numerous expellees. On April 1, 1950, the community ceded parts of the area to the newly formed community of Waldkraiburg.

On October 23, 1977, the name of the community Aschau bei Kraiburg was officially changed to Aschau am Inn .


On July 1, 1976, the districts of Bergham, Fraham, Klugham, Buchtal, Reit and Urfahrn with a total of 158 inhabitants were incorporated from the former municipality of Fraham .


According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistics , the population figures developed as follows on December 31 of each year:

was standing Residents
1960 2203
1970 2553
1980 3079
1990 2891
1995 2842
2000 2922
2005 2862
was standing Residents
2006 2863
2007 2836
2008 2816
2009 2758
2010 2757
2011 3010
2012 3089
was standing Residents
2013 3131
2014 3168
2015 3231
2016 3310
2017 3353

Since 1972, the year of the municipal reform, the population has increased by 723 people until 2016. This corresponds to a growth of 27.95 percent. In the past ten (five) years it has increased by 16.71 (6.8) percent.

Between 1988 and 2018 the municipality grew from 2,801 to 3,384 by 583 inhabitants or by 20.8%.


In the local elections in 2020 Christian Weyrich (CSU) was elected mayor.

coat of arms

Blazon : Above a silver shield base, inside a red rose, in green a golden ash.

Culture and sights

Aschau is on the route of the Benediktweg pilgrimage route , which was opened in August 2005.

Architectural monuments


A sports center offers opportunities for exercise. 25 clubs and associations show the active association activity and the community spirit of the population.

Economy and Infrastructure

Industry, trade and commerce

Mainly chemical and metal processing companies are located in the 170 hectare industrial area. In addition, there are many other craft businesses and all the necessary facilities for basic services in Aschau am Inn. In 2017 there were 2,736 employees subject to social insurance contributions. The industrial area is completely shielded south of the town center in a wooded area on the lower so-called second inner road. Aschau has therefore been able to maintain its rural character to this day.

The headquarters of Bayern-Chemie Gesellschaft für Flugchemische Antriebe mbH is located in the village.

Agriculture and Forestry

In 2016, an area of ​​1,457 hectares was used for agriculture. While there were still 56 farms in 1999, their number had fallen to 46 by 2016.

Farm size structure in agriculture
Farm size in ha Number of establishments
1999 2010
under 5 6th 1
5 to under 10 9 7th
10 to under 20 14th 16
20 to under 50 22nd 16
50 or more 5 6th
total 56 46


In the modern workshops of the Waldwinkel vocational training center in the German province of the Salesians Don Bosco , 330 mostly physically handicapped young people are trained in various professions.


  • Johannes Muschol (1949–1981), killed on the Berlin Wall
  • Pope Benedict XVI spent his primary school years under his real name Joseph Alois Ratzinger from 1932 to 1937 in Aschau am Inn and celebrated his first communion here on March 15, 1936. In 2009 the primary school was named Pope Benedict XVI after the approval of the government of Upper Bavaria . primary school
  • Kathi Stimmer-Salzeder (* 1957), German songwriter and publisher of her own works


  • Bernhard Muschol: Aschau am Inn. A home book. Aschau am Inn community, Aschau am Inn 1985.

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