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The Cimetiere du Montparnasse (formerly Cimetiere du Sud ) is one of the three major Parisian cemeteries , the beginning of the 19th century and thus before the last incorporation (1860) outside the former were created city limits. The Montmartre Cemetery (formerly Cimetière du Nord) and the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery (formerly East Cemetery) as well as the Passy Cemetery were also created at that time .

Aerial view of the Montparnasse cemetery


Moulin de la Charité

At the site of today's cemetery were three old courtyards and a mill (14th / 15th century), to which the students of the Jesuit college Louis-le-Grand used to direct their steps in their free time, which is why the mill was based on one of the Jesuit theologians Molina sparked polemic was initially called mockingly "Moulin Moliniste". When the Community of the Brothers of Mercy of Saint John of God (Frères de la Charité) took possession of the site in 1654 to make it their burial place, they kept the mill, henceforth called Moulin de la Charité (14./15. Century), which can still be seen in the cemetery today, albeit without its wings. From 1784 the dead of the Hôpital de la Charité, founded by the brothers near the Bourg Saint-Germain , were also buried here. At the beginning of the 19th century , the Paris prefect Nicolas Frochot bought the land to create the new cemetery. The first funeral took place in 1824. Since 1890 the cemetery has been separated by a road into a large part, Grand Cimetière (GC) and a small part, Petit Cimetière (PC).

Graves of famous people

Cenotaph of the poet Charles Baudelaire († 1867)

Burials from 1801 to 1900

Burials from 1901 to 2000

Viktor Yushchenko with his wife at the grave of Symon Petlyuras († 1926) in 2005
Juliette († 1991) and Man Ray († 1976), together again
Grave of Julio Cortázar († 1984)
Tomb of Sartre († 1980) and Beauvoir († 1986)

Funerals since 2001

Susan Sontag († 2004)
Stéphane Hessel († 2013)

Works by well-known artists

Interior view of the Montparnasse cemetery
  • Jean Arp : “La Roue” (1965), granite, on the grave of the art collector and dealer Pierre Loeb, 28th Division
  • César Baldaccini : grave sculpture, bronze, on the artist's grave
  • Auguste Bartholdi : Bust of the painter Gustave Jundt (1886), bronze, 17th division
  • Albert Bartholomé : high relief on the grave of Honoré Champion († 1909), 3rd Division
  • Constantin Brâncuși : “Le Baiser” (The Kiss) (1910), Stein, 22nd Division
  • Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse : female figure and bust of J. Wattiez on the grave of the Wattiez-Gaillard family, marble, 27th division
  • Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux : bronze medallion on the tomb of Carpezat (1855), 6th division
  • José de Charmoy : stele on the grave of Sainte-Beuve († 1869), stone, 17th division
  • José de Charmoy : “Charles Baudelaire” (1902), stone column with the portrait of the poet, 27th division
  • Horace Daillion : “Le Génie du sommeil éternel” (1889), bronze
  • Jules Dalou : marble bust on the grave of Charles Robert († 1899), 6th Division
  • Carle Elshoecht : bust and two bas-reliefs on the grave of the surgeon Jacques Lisfranc († 1847), bronze, 13th division
  • Henri Lagriffoul : two stone female figures (1945) on the Marchand grave, 22nd Division
  • Henri Laurens : “La Douleur”, bronze, on the artist's grave, 7th division
  • Léopold Morice : “Pleureuse”, marble, on the grave of the Morice family, 26th division
  • Auguste Rodin : "César Franck" (1890), bronze medallion on the composer's grave, 26th division
  • Niki de Saint Phalle : “Le Chat Ricardo” (1989), polyester sculpture on the grave of Ricardo Menon (1952–1989), assistant to the artist
  • Pierre Henri Varnier : “La famille Spiegel” (1882), 13th division


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