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Corps Ratisbonia

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Basic data
University location: Munich
Founding: January 19, 1872
Corporation association : Kösener Seniors Convent Association
Responsible SC : Munich Senior Citizens' Convention
Color status : colored
Fox colors:
Position to the scale : mandatory
Motto: Virtus et honos!

The Corps Ratisbonia Munich is a suspended student association in the Kösener Seniors Convents Association. The corps is obligatory and colored. It brings together students and former students from the universities in Munich and Ulm. The corps members are called Ratisbonen.


Ratisbonia has the colors white-red-light blue with silver percussion. A light blue student cap is also worn. The foxes wear a fox ribbon in white and red with silver percussion. The motto is Virtus et honos!

The coat of arms shows the colors of the corps at the top right, the federal emblem with crossed basket bats without a wreath of leaves, with the foundation date 19. I. [18] 72, the date of admission to the Kösener Seniors Convents Association 25. V. [18] ] 98 and the monogram VH for the motto Virtus et Honos , lower right crossed silver keys in red (city arms of Regensburg) and lower left black in blue the circle of the corps.


On January 19, 1872, former students from Regensburg founded the Academic Society of Regensburg in Munich . After changing its name to Free Student Union Ratisbonia in 1873 , the corporation belonged to the Munich Union Convent from 1884 to 1890 and was then a member of the Coburg Landsmannschafter Convent until 1898. On January 27, 1898, Ratisbonia declared itself a corps and on the following day was initially accepted as a renouncing member of the Munich Senior Citizens' Convention ; on May 25, 1898 she was reciprocated there and thus also a member of the Kösener Seniors Convent Association . With the Corps Neoborussia hall she went a befriended ratio one. During the time of National Socialism , Ratisbonia had to suspend like all corps on February 29, 1936. Reconstituted after the Second World War on December 15, 1950, she sought to join the black circle . This was prevented by the re-establishment of the Halle successor corps Saxonia Frankfurt , which pursued the same goal with the befriended and suspended Neoborussia Halle . The blue circle also waved it off.

On June 1, 1969, the Corps had to suspend due to a lack of young talent. During the suspension in 1971, the old gentlemen's association was incorporated into the Magdeburg district . On April 22, 1994, with the help of the Magdeburg Circle, the reconstitution was carried out in Ulm. Since the summer semester of 1996, the corps again had its own corp house on Ulm's Galgenberg. In the summer semester 2007 Ratisbonia had to suspend again due to a lack of members. The corp house in Strölinweg was initially continued to be operated by the old gentlemen's association in the hope of reconstitution soon. However, this did not materialize, whereupon the Ratisbonias old men’s association signed a traditional contract with the Corps Transrhenania Munich on October 10, 2009 . The corp house in Strölinweg was sold. An active seniors' committee has started its work in Munich and fills the traditional contract with Transrhenania with life.


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