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Hasso-Borussia's coat of arms

The Corps Hasso-Borussia Freiburg is an obligatory and colored student association in the Kösener Seniors Convents Association (KSCV). The Corps brings together students and alumni from the Albert Ludwig University and other Freiburg universities. The corps members are called Hessen-Prussia - in the jargon "HaBos".


Hasso-Borussia has the colors white-red-black-white with silver percussion. A white striker is also worn. The fox ribbon is white-black-white.

The motto is fearless and faithful! . The emblem is Gladius ultor noster!


Inactive foreign corps studying in Freiburg came together in the summer semester of 1874 under the leadership of Baron Schott von Schottenstein Bremensiae, Sueviae Tübingen, Rhenaniae Strasbourg to form a corps student inactive association in the Storchen am Schwabentor. Even then they called themselves Hasso-Borussen and wanted to found a new corps in Freiburg im Breisgau . Most of them were Hessians , whose larger fatherland had become the Kingdom of Prussia after the establishment of the German Empire . Donated to the Roman Emperor on June 12, 1876 , the new Corps Hasso-Borussia was reciprocated on June 20, 1876 in the Freiburg Seniors' Convention .

It was suspended by the university from June 13 to August 16, 1888 due to a physical conflict. Hasso-Borussia reconstituted at the beginning of the winter semester 1888/89. When the university again suspended the corps on June 19, 1896, the replacement corps Saxonia had been donated two days earlier. It had the colors blue-white-black on a silver percussion and carried the motto Nunquam retrorsum ! The suspension ended on February 20, 1897. With the Corps Rhenania Freiburg and the Corps Suevia Freiburg , Hasso-Borussia was suspended by the university on July 16, 1913 because they had usurped the jurisdiction over a private lecturer . The old gentlemen's convents took over the functions of the corps boys ' convents . The suspension ended on November 18, 1913 by mercy .

During the National Socialist era , the Corps suspended on November 1, 1935. It reconstituted on January 10, 1936 and suspended again on June 19, 1936. From April 1939 to the winter semester of 1944/45, old men of the Corps looked after the Comradeship VIII with its final name "Reinhold Beyl", who initially had her domicile on the Hasso-Borussia house. During the Second World War , Hasso-Borussia lost 43 corps brothers.

The old gentlemen's association was reactivated in June 1950. The members reconstituted in the 1950 summer semester as the " Tischgemeinschaft Junge Hessen-Prußen" and took part in the reconstitution of the KSCV. Since June 9, 1951, the federal government has been using the name Corps Hasso-Borussia again.


In 1886 Hasso-Borussia was the presiding suburb corps . The Zurich suburb spokesman (1881) was also Hesse-Prussia. As the penultimate in Würzburg, the suburban handover commers was headed by Hasso-Borussia as presiding SC Corps in 1991. Gerhard Kurt Hentsch gave the Kommers speech .

External relations

The Corps maintains official relationships with the Corps Albertina, Rhenania Würzburg and Teutonia Gießen . The relationships with Guestphalia Halle (Kartell), Borussia Breslau (friends) and Franconia-Jena (conceptual relationship) were broken or dissolved . The relations with Suevia Tübingen and Rhenania Strasbourg are never broken, but no longer official , because the two corps no longer belong to the KSCV.


Old corp house
Today's corp house

In alphabetic order

Holder of the Klinggräff Medal

The Klinggräff Medal of the Stifterverein Alter Corpsstudenten was awarded to:

  • Karsten Sassenscheid (1997)
  • Matthias Fuchs (2011)
  • Ingo Berner (2017)
  • Goetz Kempelmann (2018)
  • Alexander Schramm (2020)


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