The A-team

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Television series
German title The A-team
Original title The A team
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1983-1987
Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Universal TV
length 45 minutes
Episodes 98 in 5 seasons ( List )
genre Action series
idea Stephen J. Cannell
Frank Lupo
production John Ashley
Tom Blomquist (5th season)
music Mike Post
Pete Carpenter
First broadcast January 23, 1983 on NBC
first broadcast
March 12, 1987 on Das Erste

The A-Team (original title: The A-Team ) is an action series from the United States by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo . It was produced from 1983 to 1987 and is one of the most successful American television programs of this period.

The television series is about a group of former soldiers who help people in need - but are themselves hunted by the military police .



The series focuses on four former soldiers: Sergeant Bosco “B. A. "Baracus, Captain H. M. Murdock, Lieutenant Templeton" Face "Peck, and Colonel John" Hannibal "Smith. You are falsely accused of a crime committed during the Vietnam War and have been on the run from military police ever since. In the style of Robin Hood , they help people who are in need and have been abandoned by the law.

“A few years ago, four men from a special military unit were convicted of a crime they did not commit. They broke out of prison and went into hiding in Los Angeles. Since then, they have been hunted by the military police, but they help others in need. They don't want to be taken seriously, but their opponents have to take them seriously. So if you ever have a problem and don't know what to do next, look for the A-Team! "

- German intro

“Ten years ago [In 1972], a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team. "

- English intro

The series depicts various archetypes of the American way of life : The members of the A-Team are war veterans who are now being persecuted by the army, but who still embody the values ​​desired in the military, such as loyalty and teamwork. If the group gets into seemingly hopeless situations, despite the unfavorable conditions they find a solution by improvising like the old pioneers . Although the members of the A-Team are outlaws , they still help the oppressed.

Episode scheme

The focus of the action is on the A-Team's orders. Ordinary people who are harassed by criminals and whom the police cannot or will not help ask the A-Team for support. Although the A-team then vigilantism exercises, it is provided within the series out of the question, since the circumstances are always talking morally in favor of the client. The A-Team can sometimes be paid for its help, but it does not correspond to the typical image of a mercenary group, since it waives remuneration for penniless clients.

A 45-minute episode often follows a fixed pattern. First, the future clients and their tormentors are introduced. The A-Team clients are often hard-working small business owners or white-collar workers. Their opponents can be ruthless and larger competitors, but also corporations, police officers or bandits. Skirmishes and car chases break out between the A-Team and their antagonists . After minor successes at the beginning, the A-Team finally finds itself in a difficult position, but can make its way through an ingenious plan or the construction of makeshift weapons - e.g. B. free an armored school bus ( pilot film ) from it. The finale of each episode consists of shootouts and fights with the villains, with the A-Team having the upper hand.

Several recurring elements are used as plot fillers and running gags . Hannibal takes on the contact with the clients in unusual disguise, equipment is obtained from Face through a fraud, Murdock has constantly changing delusions and B. A. suffers from panic fear of flying. The characters of the main characters are very different, which creates tension within the team. The military police appear as the third party in many episodes, and they occasionally capture the A-Team briefly, but ultimately cannot prevent their escape. In addition, in many episodes a musical sequence is used, which shows the construction of the weapons, wagons or the preparation of the showdown and opens it up dramatically.

The short-lived fifth season partly deviates from the regular scheme: The A-Team is caught and now has to carry out orders for the government in order to be rehabilitated.

Violence in the series

Although violence is an element in The A-Team , like many American action series of the 1980s, the effects of physical violence and gun violence are played down. Heavy blows to the face, throwing people against walls, or rolling over a car never lead to serious injuries in the TV series. Within a few moments the characters recover from the consequences of the violence.

In the series, despite countless brawls and massive use of firearms and the use of explosives, there are never direct deaths as a result of these acts of violence and rarely injuries, who are then almost always members of the A-team or their clients. Despite the excessive use of firearms , often assault rifles , a person is rarely hit by a bullet, ricochet, or splinter. Moving cars are rendered harmless by the use of firearms . Standing cars are shown in the series as well as furnishings made of wood as an effective cover against projectiles. Despite numerous wild shootings, there is practically no collateral damage to the lives of bystanders.

Charge of sexism

While the series aired, it was occasionally criticized as sexist. This criticism was based on the fact that female characters either served only to open an episode and expose the plot, or were merely introduced as the subject of the character Faceman's desire.

The only two female members of the main cast, Melinda Culea (in the role of "Amy Allen") and Marla Heasley (in the role of "Tawnia Baker"), were not granted a long stay in the series, although both actresses and their characters from the serial producers were hired, precisely to rebut the sexism allegations and to relativize the otherwise all-male cast. Actress Melinda Culea was fired during the second season after demanding more dialogue and action scenes for her character Amy. Marla Heasley as "Tawnia Baker" was then signed as a replacement and should bring a gentler, more seductive component to the regular cast. However, it was also removed from the series at the beginning of the third season, as the producers had now come to the point of view that there was no need for a female character in the regular cast.

Actress Marla Heasley recalled in the English documentary Bring Back The A-Team that although there was no overt sexism on the set, there was always the perception that the female characters were unnecessary for the series. The main actor George Peppard (Hannibal) even took her aside and explained to her that "nobody wanted her on the set" and that she was only there because the producers and the broadcasting station insisted on her. He said this to her both at the beginning of her employment in the series and then when she left the series. The actor Dirk Benedict (Face) also confirmed in the said television documentary that it was a “man's show” and that “every guy on the set acted like one”.

Plot and concept from season 5

To counteract the falling ratings, the concept of the series was changed from season 5. The first focus was a visually and acoustically changed opening credits: In addition to the omission of the familiar text passage, the opening credits were mainly composed of scenes from the 5th season and a slightly changed title melody.

As in many other series, attempts were made to revive the series with newly introduced characters. The shady General Hunt Stockwell as the unofficial client of the A-Team, as well as Frankie Santana, a special effects expert, who was supposed to bring additional qualities to the team as the 5th man, could not convince.

Instead of the previous assignments in the more rural areas of the United States, the A-Team was now operating increasingly worldwide, but also in particular in areas of interest to the United States during the Cold War .

These changes had the opposite effect, which meant that the series was discontinued after the 13th episode of the 5th season. With the redesign, the series lost its charm. Previously it was mostly only a matter of helping workers, farmers and other ordinary citizens against unscrupulous businessmen or mafiosi and saving them, suddenly it was a matter of winning the Cold War or fighting terrorists.


The actual A-Team consists of only three men: Bosco Baracus, Templeton Peck and John Smith. These formed a successful special unit (an A-Team ) during the war , but are now wanted criminals. The fourth member of the group is their former helicopter pilot in Vietnam, HM Murdock, who is not being prosecuted because he is considered insane and locked up in a psychiatric ward. In quite a few episodes he first has to be freed from there. All four appear throughout all five seasons. The characters each have a clear function within the group and differ in their concise appearance and behavior.

In addition to the four protagonists, there are other minor characters. Some of these were featured as the main characters in the opening credits, but each was only seen for relatively few episodes. These are the female characters who accompanied the A-Team during the first two seasons; the new characters of the fifth season, who (without success) should cause an increase in the ratings; and finally the various hunters of the military police.

Appearances of the characters
Hannibal 01-98
Face A 01-98
Murdock 01-98
B. A. 01-98
Amy 01-24 26th
Tawnia B 29-33, 35, 37, 39-40
Frankie 86-98
Stockwell 86-98
Lynch 01-02 11 46
Decker (19-70) C. 87
Crane (19-70) D.
Fulbright E. 71, 76-77, 81-82, 85


  • A In the pilot film (episodes 1-2) Face was played by Tim Dunigan, then Dirk Benedict took over the role.
  • B Marla Heasley previously played a different character in episode 18.
  • C Decker appears in the following episodes: 19-20, 22-23, 26, 29-30, 37, 45, 50, 55, 59, 62-63, 65, 67, 69-70, 87.
  • D Crane appears in the following episodes: 19-20, 22-23, 26, 29-30, 37, 45, 50, 55, 59, 62-63, 65, 70.
  • E Jack Ging previously played other characters in Episodes 5 and 18.


Colonel John Smith is nicknamed Hannibal after the Carthaginian general , as he is the leader and strategist of the A-Team. He is clearly the oldest member of the unit. His trademarks are black gloves and, above all, a cigar.

Hannibal is a master of disguise and can take on any role, which is reflected in his common name, John Smith. He also uses this talent when contacting potential clients, whom he meets as the Chinese laundry owner Mr. Lee. If the A-team has no assignments, Hannibal appears as the actor of monsters in B-movies , most often as the sea monster Aquamaniac .

Since the opponents of the A-Team are usually superior in men and weapons, Hannibal comes up with plans with which it can compensate for this disadvantage. However, he is also willing to take risks (“on the jazz”) and, much to the chagrin of his colleagues, does not shy away from any frontal attack. In conversations, he basically provokes the villain leaders with words and his grin - even when the A-Team is in a critical situation. After the successful completion of an order, Hannibal's recurring quote follows: "I love it when a plan works!"


First Lieutenant Templeton Peck is called Face or Faceman by the other members of the team . These names refer, on the one hand, to his good looks and, on the other, to his ability to inspire confidence in others. Face usually appears as a well-dressed gentleman and is almost always smiling.

Similar to Hannibal, Face is very versatile. However, he uses disguises to a lesser extent, but uses an apparently friendly, charming, naive or specific appearance depending on the situation. Face is a con man who persuades other people to act according to his wishes. This allows him to provide the unit with the equipment it needs - even in impossible situations. He has a strong charisma towards women and regularly hooks up with female clients.

Even though Face can hold its own in the physical confrontations that the A-Team regularly gets into, he shows less enthusiasm for fights than the other members of the unit. He prefers to move in high social circles, although he comes from a poor background as an orphan (in the fifth season there is a meeting with his father, Richard Bancroft). Face drives a white Corvette to match its stylish appearance .


Captain HM Murdock is nicknamed Howling Mad , referring to his unstable state of mind. The real meaning of his initials is not known. His clothing consists of a leather flight jacket , a baseball cap and chucks . In the episode Wheel of Fortune it is mentioned that it only has one kidney.

During the Vietnam War, Murdock was an excellent helicopter pilot. But he also masters all types of aircraft and gyroscopes . The A-Team relies on Murdock as a pilot, especially on missions abroad.

Murdock is reportedly insane and has lived in a veteran mental hospital since the Vietnam War. If the A-Team takes on a new assignment, Murdock must first be freed from the clinic by Face . Whether Murdock is really insane, or at least partially just pretending to be, remains open. His abnormal behavior usually consists of a certain delusion that accompanies him for the duration of an episode. For example, he takes on the role of stereotypical figures, imagines the existence of imaginary living beings or converses with inanimate objects. Hannibal and Face have got used to Murdock's unusual manner, but B. A. apparently cannot handle it at all.

B. A.

Master Sergeant Bosco Albert Baracus is only called after the initials of his first names, but because of his irritability, “B. A. "has taken on the meaning" Bad Attitude ". Outwardly, he is the most conspicuous member of the unit, as he is muscular, wears a mohawk and is overhanging with several layers of gold chains. He owns a black GMC van with red rims and red stripes on the sides, which (from season 2 episode 17) is equipped with a nitrous oxide injection and is regularly used as a means of transport by the entire team.

Within the group, B. A. is a mechanic and electronics specialist. He can also repair severely damaged machines or turn them into weapons. Because of his strength, he is the most important support in the numerous physical fights of the A-Team.

As long as B. A. is on the road with the unit, he appears particularly bad-tempered and lets the others feel his eponymous displeasure. He particularly dislikes Murdock's abnormal behavior on the face of it. However, it is occasionally implied that it is more of a mutual amicable playful annoyance and that both are actually very good friends, which BA itself only shows when Murdock is in serious danger. Outside of missions he works as a street worker for children, whom he is always friendly, motivating and understanding. He drinks almost exclusively milk. Since he suffers from a fear of flying, he must always be secretly anaesthetized by his comrades against his will and without his knowledge during flight missions.

Minor characters

The A-Team is accompanied by a reporter in the first two seasons. This is Amy Allen until the beginning of the second season, then Tawnia Baker. The two help the team with orders and make it known through newspaper articles. From the third season onwards, there is no longer any permanent female character in the series.

In the fifth season, the A-Team is captured by the military, whereupon General Hunt Stockwell receives it as a permanent contractor. The special effects man Frankie Santana, who takes on various properties of the other characters, becomes a permanent member of the team.

Each season the group is hunted down by a military police officer. In season one, this is Colonel Lynch, who has been following the A-Team for years. In the second season he is replaced by Colonel Decker, who is accompanied by Captain Crane. During the fourth season, General Fulbright takes on the role of the hunter.

Production and reception


figure actor
John Hannibal Smith George Peppard
Templeton Face Peck Tim Dunigan (pilot)
Dirk Benedict (episode 3–98)
Howling Mad Murdock Dwight Schultz
B. A. Baracus Mr. T
Amy Allen Melinda Culea
Tawnia Baker Marla Heasley
Frankie Santana Eddie Velez
General Hunt Stockwell Robert Vaughn
Colonel Lynch William Lucking
Colonel Decker Lance LeGault
Captain Crane Carl Franklin
General Fulbright Jack went

The character of Hannibal was embodied by George Peppard, who was particularly successful in the 1960s with films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's . In the series, reference is made back to the actor Peppard. Hannibal says with regard to his acting career: "This George Peppard did it too". Murdock also mentions Hannibal's "little role" in Breakfast at Tiffany's .

Face was portrayed by Dirk Benedict, who appeared in Battlestar Galactica in the late 1970s . As an allusion to this role, the opening credits show how a Cylon walks past Face . Murdock was played by Dwight Schultz, who appeared in a few Star Trek episodes in the 1990s . The role of B.A. was played by Mr. T, who played the antagonist in Rocky III in the early 1980s .

During the filming there was fierce competition between George Peppard and Mr. T. Although Peppard nominally held the lead role, Mr. T was more popular with American viewers. The personal tensions went so far towards the end of the series that neither spoke to each other and communication between them was through a third person like Dirk Benedict. Peppard is also said to have quarreled with Amy actress Melinda Culea , who wanted to play a bigger role in the second season, which may have been a reason for her departure from the series.

In the pilot film, the character of Face was played by Tim Dunigan instead of Dirk Benedict, who, however, was judged to be too young for the role of a Vietnam veteran.

The producers initially complained about the exaggerated game of Murdock actor Dwight Schultz and pointed out that The A-Team was not a children's series. Then Schultz replied, according to his own statements: "Of course it is. What did you think?"

Several actors such as Wings Hauser, Robert Dryer or Anthony James appeared in several episodes in different roles. Sun played Sergio Calderon and Jack Ging antagonists in several episodes, the latter made as general Fulbright also hunt for the A-Team.

Guest appearances


The A-Team Van shown at the London Film And Comic Con 07

The actors, especially George Peppard, allowed themselves to be represented by stuntmen in dangerous situations and often also in beatings . You can see this particularly well with Peppard, whose stuntman always catches the eye with a poorly made wig . It is also noticeable that the actors (especially in climbing scenes) can often only be seen from behind or from above. Errors and doubles can also be seen in the mostly obligatory chase scenes: In tricky stunt scenes, cheaper replicas were used instead of the well-known A-Team van, often recognizable by simple black steel rims, a different front section or the missing radio antennas on the Top, roof. The stunt vehicles often get visible damage during jumps or in general during chase drives, but in the next scene they are new and undamaged. The fact that the well-known actors were doubled in chases can be seen e.g. B. on the closed roof of the Corvette, which was shown open again before departure and after completion. The same goes for the wind in the hair of the main actors in game scenes inside the van, while the windows in the exterior shots are obviously closed.

B. As Transporter ( GMC , model G20 ) and the Chevrolet Corvette C4 from Face were already used in the series before they officially appeared on the open market.

Episode list

A total of 98 episodes of the series Das A-Team were broadcast. This includes 90 regular episodes (45 minutes) and four double episodes (90 minutes, including the pilot film).

The original titles of some episodes are based on film or series classics. Black Day At Bad rock (blood ties) plays on the thriller Bad Day at Black Rock ( at Black Rock ) on, The Spy Who Mugged Me (One loves only twice) on the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me ( The Spy who loved me ) , an episode with guest star David McCallum The Say UNCLE Affair (codenamed Brown Fox) on the solo series for ONCEL (The Man from UNCLE) . McCallum starred in this episode alongside Robert Vaughn , his partner in Solo for ONCEL , who had taken on the role of General Hunt Stockwell in Season 5 of the A-Team.

The final of the second season , the game is over (Curtain Call) is a clip show, in which a part of the plot has been edited together from older episodes. The same applies to the last episode ever broadcast Mord à la carte (Without Reservations) . This was not intended as the series finale, but was actually a half-finished episode that was broadcast several weeks after the episode Treason (The Gray Team) , which actually marks the end of the series.


The series was accompanied by the striking, catchy, but also simple film music Mike Posts , who wrote the theme music for a large number of successful television series in the 1980s. Pete Carpenter was also involved in the composition of the theme song .

There is a CD for the series with a total of 15 tracks, including theme music. There was also an LP.


Audience ratings per season in millions
1 2 3 4th 5

The A-Team was one of the most successful television series in the United States of the 1980s. The first season reached an average of 16.7 million viewers, which made it the most successful NBC series of the 1982/83 season. This value was surpassed by the second season with 20.1 million, making the A-Team 1983/84 the fourth most successful series in the country. While the third season was still able to book 18.6 million viewers, this figure fell to 14.5 million in the fourth season. Changes in the plot scheme for the fifth season could not stop this development, whereupon the series was discontinued.


figure actor Voice actor
John Hannibal Smith George Peppard Eckart Dux (ARD synchronization)
Hermann Ebeling (RTL synchronization)
Templeton Face Peck Tim Dunigan (pilot)
Dirk Benedict (episode 3–98)
Martin Keßler (pilot, RTL dubbing)
Elmar Wepper (ARD dubbing)
Mathias Einert (RTL dubbing)
Howling Mad Murdock Dwight Schultz Hans-Georg Panczak (ARD dubbing)
Florian Krüger-Shantin (RTL dubbing)
B. A. Baracus Mr. T Manfred Erdmann (ARD dubbing)
Karl Schulz (RTL dubbing)
Amy Allen Melinda Culea Sabina Trooger
Frankie Santana Eddie Velez Martin Keßler
General Stockwell Robert Vaughn Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
General Fulbright Jack went Lothar Blumhagen

In Germany, Das A-Team was broadcast for the first time in 1987 on ARD's regional TV programs. The station only showed 26 episodes in which the representation of violence was rated as less strong. Only after RTL acquired the rights to the series in 1990, the other episodes were also broadcast. The ARD had only synchronized the episodes it broadcast, RTL used other voice actors for the rest.

Some episodes were cut in the German version. This is why some scenes are not synchronized in the uncut version on DVD. Occasionally the content of the German translation differs from the original version. For example, an additional sentence was added to the German intro: "You [The A-Team] don't want to be taken seriously, but your opponents have to take you seriously."

The original version often shows references to the US film and television landscape. These were replaced in the synchronization by people and programs that were known in German-speaking countries.

Motion picture

The A-Team actors - without George Peppard, who died in 1994 - were seen on British television (Channel 4) on May 18, 2006 in a show called Bring back the… A-Team , in which they talked about their A-Team - Time spoke. It was produced and filmed in the early autumn of 2005. The concept and idea of ​​the bring-back show come from the extroverted reporter Justin Lee Collins ("The JLC"), who also describes himself as a fan.

20th Century Fox released a theatrical version called The A-Team - The Movie on June 3, 2010 in American theaters. The German theatrical release was on August 12, 2010. Joe Carnahan directed. The film was directed by Tony and Ridley Scott's " Scott Free Productions realized". Other producers were Jules Daly and Stephen J. Cannell . Cannell developed the original series together with Frank Lupo . The script was written by Skip Woods , Joe Carnahan and Brian Bloom .

Background information and trivia

  • In the first episodes of the series, the protagonists, mostly B. A., talk about the fact that they (the A-Team) love and seek that “certain something” (“the jazz”, “to be on the jazz”).
  • Mr. Lee is Hannibal Smith's most famous disguise. He is often mentioned in the series, but he can only be seen in the pilot.
  • It was often assumed that the main characters of the series were homosexual . This claim was taken up with a wink in the episode Die dear Neighbors (season 4) as well as in the episode Auf Leben und Tod (season 1), in which Hannibal Smith poses as a homosexual hairdresser.
  • In the episode Bounty Hunter (3rd season) Dwight Schultz (Murdock) has a special encounter. While fleeing the bounty hunters, Murdock falls in love with the veterinarian Dr. Kelly Stevens, played by Wendy Fulton. Wendy Fulton is Dwight Schultz's wife.
  • The cast of Hannibal Smith and B. A. Baracus were actually American soldiers before their acting careers. George Peppard served in the United States Marine Corps and Mr. T served in the US Army Military Police Corps.


As part of the broadcast of the series on RTL television, the soundtrack from 1984 was reissued in 1990.

LP Tracks Side one

  1. Theme from The A-Team
  2. Young Hannibal
  3. BA's ride
  4. The A-Team in New York City
  5. Bandits!
  6. Taxi chase
  7. The A-Team Escape

LP Tracks Side two

  1. The A-Team Prepare for War
  2. Show time!
  3. Move, sucker!
  4. Let's get busted
  5. Murdock's "Face"
  6. Helicopters
  7. More bandits
  8. Theme frome The A-Team

Music composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter

Stephen J. Cannel Productions (P) 1984 (C) 1983/1990


  • A-Team - Season One (5 DVDs), Universal
  • A-Team - Season Two (6 DVDs), Universal
  • A-Team - Season Three (7 DVDs), Universal
  • A-Team - Season Four (6 DVDs), Universal
  • A-Team - Season Five (3 DVDs), Universal
  • A-Team - The Complete Series (27 DVDs), Universal

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