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Pelé selected the list

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the FIFA 100 is a list published by the international soccer organization FIFA on March 4, 2004 with the 125 best soccer players still alive at the anniversary . The selection was made by Pelé and consists of 123 players and 2 players. 18 photographers have portrayed these players; the photos were first seen at a fundraising event in London and were then shown in a traveling exhibition around the world.


Critics criticized the fact that the selection lacks a few famous footballers from different countries, and the list is also somewhat contemporary. In some cases, the selection also includes players who have been considered for reasons of regional importance, but who have never achieved a noticeable level of awareness beyond their own national borders. On the other hand, such a list can inevitably only be subjective, since relatively few of the 125 players mentioned are absolutely undisputed in terms of their importance.

The "FIFA 100"

Players from Europe

Players from North and Central America

Player from South America

Player from Africa

Players from Asia

Individual evidence

  1. Pele's list of the greatest (BBC Sport)