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April 1, 1990 Hike through the Kaisersteinbruch quarries, ORF culture editor Hans Rochelt interviews master stonemason Friedrich Opferkuh

Hans Rochelt (born February 18, 1936 in Linz ; † March 9, 2016 ibid) was an Austrian author , music critic , director and culture editor.


Rochelt studied philosophy , German literature and theater studies at the University of Vienna . After graduating , he worked as a music critic and worked for several domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines, such as the “ New Austria ” and the “ Upper Austrian News ”.

Thomas Bernhard 1987

Relationship with Thomas Bernhard

Rochelt was one of the few close friends of Thomas Bernhard and as such was a guest at his farm in Ohlsdorf several times . He wrote the libretto for the ballet arrangement of Bernhard's story Amras . As Bernhard's friend and colleague at the Upper Austrian News, he played an important role in the so-called State Prize scandal in 1968 .

ORF regional studio Burgenland

He joined in 1973 in the ORF regional studios Burgenland as a cultural editor and director and resulted in numerous radio plays directed . Some examples:

  • Werner Kofler , Prehistory , December 16, 1973
  • Julian Schutting , ascent of the tower , August 29, 1974
  • Julian Schutting, Neuhaus , November 24, 1974
  • Werner Kofler, Surrealism or what is cannot be , The ordinary terror in audio samples and image documents, a montage, May 2, 1976
  • Julian Schutting, Towers of Silence , December 8, 1977
  • Andreas Okopenko , The Survivors , 1978
  • Werner Kofler, Zell - Arzberg or community of goods, speaking piece with music, December 19, 1978
  • Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumer , Having children, 1979
  • Julian Schutting, Hotel am Plansee , 1980
  • Susanne Schweiger , On the back of the night , assistance: Helmut Peschina . With: Guido Wieland , Karl Krittl, Hanns Krassnitzer, Irina David, Elfriede Rosenberg-Lederer, November 2, 1980
  • Julian Schutting, Die Hand , December 16, 1980
  • Werner Kofler, The Four Seasons, The Test of Harmony and Invention or play Vivaldi, October 18, 1981
  • Werner Kofler, Monopolis , August 12, 1983
  • Werner Kofler, The dramatized trash novel - last episode , February 5, 1985
  • Fred Hergovich , Kurti on the phone , 1987
  • Werner Kofler, Hotel Mondschein, a radiophonic fragment , co-directed with Werner Kofler, May 17, 1988

Passion play in St. Margarethen

In 1986, Hans Rochelt developed a new production for the Passion Play in his home town of St. Margarethen, based on the previous play concept .

ORF radio and TV in Kaisersteinbruch

400th anniversary of Kaisersteinbruch

  • October 17, 1989 Round table in Kaisersteinbruch with mayor Josef Hofer, councilor Gerhard Kovasits , deputy lieutenant König, captain Rohr, press officer of the barracks , Helmuth Furch with ORF editor Hans Rochelt.
  • October 29, 1989 ORF team, cameramen and Hans Rochelt, Mayor Franz Schmitzhofer, Marianne Tschol, Helmuth Furch ...
  • April 1, 1990 Hike through the most important stone quarries , headed by master stonemasons Friedrich Opferkuh and Karl Vorderdörfler, mayor Franz Schmitzhofer, ORF editor Hans Rochelt, Helmuth Furch, many Kaisersteinbruchers.
  • June 24, 1990 Ceremonial opening of the Kaisersteinbruch local museum in a classroom of the former school, from own holdings, which the chairman of the Kaisersteinbruch Museum and Culture Association Helmuth Furch had collected over ten years as a collector and researcher. He presented the commemorative publication "400 Years of the Kaisersteinbruch 1590-1990". ORF team with Hans Rochelt documented.
  • July 23, 1990 At the end of the symposium, Mr. Rochelt came to Kaisersteinbruch. A separate report was made about the recovery of the epitaphs .
  • October 13, 1990 ORF team with Hans Rochelt in Kaisersteinbruch, recordings for an ORF film.
  • February 23, 1991 ORF 2: "Geschichte wird liveli" TV film by culture editor Hans Rochelt (to be seen all over Austria). A loving representation of the place and the beginnings of the club. Mr. Rochelt was very attentive to the activities of the association, organized numerous discussions for "Radio Pannonia" and reports in "Burgenland heute".
  • May 30, 1991 revival of the Corpus Christi procession by the museum association, led by Pastor Josef Franzl. ORF team with editor Hans Rochelt report. The place is richly decorated with foliage, beautiful.
  • July 28, 1991 ORF editor Hans Rochelt organizes: Training seminar for French German teachers in Vienna, Burgenland Day begins with us in Kaisersteinbruch, 20 participants, a great success. The chairman accompanies the group to Purbach , there guided tour with OSR Hans Kietaibl , on to Eisenstadt , Haydn Hall in the castle, poetry reading in the sculptor's house in St. Margarethen , in Rust at the Heuriger, very harmonious, pleasant ...
  • January 8, 1992 Conversation between chairman Helmuth Furch and ORF editor Hans Rochelt in Café Bräunerhof in Vienna. Topic: Writing documentation for the Kaisersteinbruch museum and cultural association for the "Burgenland Foundation". He will submit for an honor.
  • June 11, 1992 Picture for the high altar , report by ORF editor Hans Rochelt about the free transport through the Federal Monuments Office from Vienna to the Kaisersteinbruch Church .
  • June 26, 1992 Burgenland Foundation , Governor i. R. Theodor Kery awards chairman Helmuth Furch advancement award in humanities . Participants: Marianne Tschol, Alfred Furch, Josef Hofer, Hans Rochelt ...
  • November 28, 1992 Presentation of the book " Elias Hügel , Hofsteinmetzmeister" by Helmuth Furch ISBN 978-3-9504555-2-6 . Great moment in the Kaisersteinbruch Museum. Accompanying words from Josef Altenburger , pens. District school inspector, historian in St. Margarethen. Report about it by Hans Rochelt in "Radio Pannonia".
  • 3rd July 1993 " Friedrich Sacrificial Cow" - Symposium , ORF editor Hans Rochelt with the television team report on it.
  • August 27, 1993 writer Anneliese Lussert , visit from Gemünden am Main . Interview with culture editor Hans Rochelt, topic: Elias Hügel , for Radio Pannonia.
  • December 14, 1993 " Stones in St. Stephen's Cathedral , especially the Kaiserstein ", guided tour with the new cathedral builder Wolfgang Zehetner. ORF editor Hans Rochelt, report in Radio Pannonia.
  • March 1, 1995 ORF editor Hans Rochelt is retired . A total withdrawal from the public! An important sponsor and true friend for the association and chairman Helmuth Furch.

Rochelt lived for a long time in St. Margarethen and later in Linz.


In extracts:

Authors Hans Rochelt, Lothar Knessl

Verlag Österreichische Gesellschaft für Musik, 1968 - 20 pages

  • Magazine word Mill (1978-1996): Rötzer printing, Eisenstadt, Authors: Manfred Chobot , Michael Guttenbrunner , Klara Köttner-Benigni , Margit Pflagner , Günter Unger [more ...] Translator: Barbara Frischmuth , Ernst Schönwiese , Robert Stauffer [ more ...], visual artists: Elfriede Ettl , Eduard Sauerzopf , Wolfgang Waach [more ...], photographers: Walter Benigni , Günter Unger [more ...], content focus: literature, visual arts. Genres: poetry, prose, extract from a novel, essay, letter, diary, short drama, radio play. Program: “The recent departure of the magazine“ das pult ”from Eisenstadt created a huge gap for Burgenland writers. Not only to close it, but to be of even greater service to the Burgenland authors, is the programmatic intention of the new WORTMÜHLE magazine. WORTMÜHLE, this title was found in a play on words that stirred up those involved (Hans Rochelt and Günter Unger) and in no way means programmed destruction. "
  • "Review of Unterrabnitz" - pp. 236–238. Culture is a broad field: a Burgenland cultural documentation for the 65th birthday of W. Hofrat Dr. Johann Jandrasits, head of the cultural department of the Bgld. Landesregierung / Edmund Zimmer
  • Sculptures on the symposium site, Vienna, no year. Quoted from Hartmann / Pokorny, S 8, 1988.
  • "Letters engraving, pieces", Edition Reinhard Deutsch, Vienna 1989.

Five people, survivors of the end of the world with a last bit of breath ... Metamorphoses, a requiem for Irina,

We live, o goddess,

between monuments,

that remind us of actions and our sadness.

The presence of pain

that we felt

when the parting became irrevocable.

Right now, Adonis ,

when i saw you die

in view,

as fear turned into certainty.

Hyacinth , terminally injured boy,

you too should always be with me,

in mind

as if left in the mouth.

You should sound my song.

from: "Metamorphoses"

The Hungarian Simplicissimus, a comedy based on a treatise by an unnamed author, was published in the eventful year 1683 ... Sternberg, monologue for an actor with quotations from Franz Grillparzer and sayings by Count Adalbert Sternberg .

Series: Theater work in Burgenland's cultural centers

  • In 1996, on the occasion of the 1000 years of Austria and 75 years of Burgenland anniversaries, Hans Rochelt initiated a reading project and published three volumes in a series " 75 Years of Burgenland - A Human Life ". The authors were Friedl Berka-Unger, Anni Pirch and Gertrud Zelger-Alten.
  • The torn apron : Johann Georg Hamann and sexuality . In: Messages from the Brenner Archive , Innsbruck, 1996, 15, pp. 100– .129
  • Adalbert Graf Sternberg (1868–1930) from the memoir of a conservative rebel

Author: Adalbert Sternberg , Hans Rochelt; 190 pp., 1997 Löcker, Vienna ISBN 3-85409-265-2

Memory of the future Christian

Editors: Stephan Haltmayer and Walter Methlagl

Helga Rochelt (sister): A word to the helpers. .. I am also allowed to speak on behalf of my sick brother, to thank the editors for their dedicated work in the service of that work by Hans Rochelt, which is now making its way under the title "Memories of the Future Christians - On Ferdinand Ebner's Pneumatology" the public takes ....

When Hans Rochelt suffered a severe stroke in the year 2000 , I came across the manuscript of this book for the first time, and very soon afterwards I made Peter Kraft aware of this work, which seemed essential to me ... He wrote to me in 2000: "I believe that language works its way forward in Hans, a Hamann and Ebner hieroglyph in a completely new, difficult to unravel present situation".

Peter Kraft: Thanks. Hans Rochelt was unable to take part in any of the preliminary stages to the book, as severe paralysis with long-term consequences has excluded him for years ... A particular tragedy is touched when Hans Rochelt, himself a convincing previous speaker of his book and Familiar with the topic of language and the philosophy of language over many years as a journalist, publicist, director and freelance writer, due to his speech and writing paralysis he can only follow the pleasant dialogue with his work in silence, but very well thoughtfully and knowingly.

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