Kaiserswerther Association of German Deaconess Mother Houses

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The Kaiserswerther Association of German Deaconess Mother Houses is an umbrella organization based in Berlin . Its legal form is a registered association .


In the year 1861 the Kaiserswerth General Conference was founded as an international association of all deaconess mother houses , in which 13 deaconess mother houses from Europe with a total of 700 deaconesses were united. In addition to the Kaiserswerth General Conference , regional conferences with their own meeting rhythms were formed from 1876 onwards. With the passing of a Prussian Nursing Law in 1907, the impetus was given to found a purely German association, which was supposed to coordinate a uniform approach to state legislation. However, it was not founded until nine years later. A major reason was the development of the war nursing in the First World War . The Order of St. John , the Kaiserswerther Association and the large mother houses did not play a major role here. On December 4, 1916, the Kaiserswerther Association of German Deaconess Mother Houses was founded. V. , in short: Kaiserswerther Association . Theodor Hoppe from the Oberlinhaus in Potsdam-Nowawes became the first chairman .

At the moment 74 deaconess mother houses are united in the association. 26 further international deaconess houses belong to the Kaiserswerth General Conference.

List of affiliated parent companies

Surname Regional conference Seat
Evangelical Diakonissenanstalt Augsburg Southern Conference augsburg
Waldeck's deaconess house Sophienheim Western Conference Bad Arolsen
Diakoniewerk Friedenswarte Foundation Western Conference Bad Ems
Kreuznach Diakonie Foundation Western Conference Bad Kreuznach
Deaconess Mother House Paul Gerhardt Stift zu Berlin Eastern Conference Berlin
Evangelical Diakoniewerk Queen Elisabeth Eastern Conference Berlin
Evangelical Elisabeth Clinic Eastern Conference Berlin
Diakonissenhaus Bethanien Foundation Eastern Conference Berlin
Lazarus Diakonie Foundation Berlin Eastern Conference Berlin
Adelberdt Deaconess Foundation Bielefeld Western Conference Bielefeld
Sarepta Foundation - Sarepta Sisterhood Western Conference Bielefeld
Evangelical Lutheran Deaconess House Borsdorf Eastern Conference Borsdorf
Evangelical Lutheran Diakonissenanstalt Marienstift Northern Conference Braunschweig
Evangelical Deaconess Mother House Bremen Northern Conference Bremen
Elisabeth Community Darmstadt Southern Conference Darmstadt
Elisabethenstift Southern Conference Darmstadt
Anhalt Diakonissenanstalt Eastern Conference Dessau
diakonis - Diakonissenhaus Foundation Western Conference Detmold
Evangelical Lutheran Diakonissenanstalt Dresden Eastern Conference Dresden
Evangelisches Diakoniewerk Bethanien Ducherow Northern Conference Ducherow
Kaiserswerther Diakonie Western Conference Dusseldorf
Evangelical Lutheran Diakonissenhaus Foundation Eastern Conference Eisenach
Evangelical Lutheran Diakonissenanstalt Flensburg Northern Conference Flensburg
Frankfurt Deaconess House Southern Conference Frankfurt am Main
Freiburg Deaconess House Southern Conference Freiburg
Diakonissenhaus Friedenshort Foundation Western Conference Freudenberg
Deaconess Mother House Genthin Northern Conference Genthin
Deaconess Motherhouse Ariel Northern Conference Göttingen turn
Naemi Wilke pen Eastern Conference Guben
Deaconess Mother House Cecilienstift Northern Conference Halberstadt
Diakoniewerk Halle Eastern Conference Halle / Saale
Diakoniewerk Jerusalem Northern Conference Hamburg
Evangelical Lutheran Deaconess Mother House Hamburg Northern Conference Hamburg
Evangelical Lutheran Diakonissenanstalt Alten Eichen Northern Conference Hamburg
Diakovere - Deaconess Mother House Henrietten Foundation Northern Conference Hanover
Protestant Diakonissenanstalt Karlsruhe-Rüppurr Southern Conference Karlsruhe
Evangelical Deaconess House Bethlehem Southern Conference Karlsruhe
Kurhessisches Diakonissenhaus Kassel Western Conference kassel
Deaconess Association Korbach Western Conference Korbach
Diakoniewerk Kropp Foundation Northern Conference Kropp
Evangelical Lutheran Diakonissenhaus Leipzig Eastern Conference Leipzig
Bethlehem Abbey Northern Conference Ludwigslust
Diakonie Foundation Salem Western Conference Minden
Deaconess Mother House in Münster Western Conference Muenster
Diakonie Neuendettelsau Southern Conference Neuendettelsau
Deaconess institution EMMAUS Eastern Conference Niesky
Oldenburg Diakonissenhaus Elisabethstift Northern Conference Oldenburg
Association Oberlinhaus Eastern Conference Potsdam-Babelsberg
Diaconal Foundation Bethanien Northern Conference Quakenbrück
Diakonie Görlitz-Hoyerswerda Eastern Conference Reichenbach
Evangelical Foundation Tannenhof Western Conference Remscheid
Evangelical Lutheran Deaconess Mother House Rotenburg Northern Conference Rotenburg (Wümme)
Evangelical Diakoniewerk Schwäbisch Hall Southern Conference Schwäbisch Hall
Evangelical Deaconess House Nonnenweier Southern Conference Schwanau
Deaconesses Speyer-Mannheim Southern Conference Speyer
Adelberdt Deaconess Mother House Kraschnitz Eastern Conference Stendal
Deaconess Mother House of the Olga Sisters in Stuttgart Southern Conference Stuttgart
Diakonissenanstalt Stuttgart Southern Conference Stuttgart
Evangelical Deaconess House Berlin Teltow Lehnin Eastern Conference Teltow
Großheppacher sisterhood Southern Conference Wine town
Evangelical Deaconess Mother House Frankenstein Southern Conference Wertheim
Königsberg Deaconess Mother House of Mercy on Altenberg Western Conference Wetzlar
Diakoniegemeinschaft Paulinenstift Southern Conference Wiesbaden
Diakoniewerk Ruhr Witten Western Conference Witten
Bergische Diakonie Aprath Western Conference Wuelfrath

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  • Brigitte Müller: Traces. On the history of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie . Verlag Müller, Kaiserswerth 2000.

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