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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Kropp
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Kropp highlighted

Coordinates: 54 ° 25 '  N , 9 ° 31'  E

Basic data
State : Schleswig-Holstein
Circle : Schleswig-Flensburg
Office : Kropp stacking bar
Height : 15 m above sea level NHN
Area : 31.94 km 2
Residents: 6679 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 209 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 24848
Area code : 04624
License plate : SL
Community key : 01 0 59 053
Office administration address: Am Markt 10
24848 Kropp
Website :
Mayor : Stefan Ploog (independent)
Location of the municipality of Kropp in the Schleswig-Flensburg district
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Kropp (Danish: Krop) is a municipality on Ochsenweg in the Schleswig-Flensburg district in Schleswig-Holstein . The place has been a sub-center since 1986 and was recognized as a child, youth and family-friendly community in 2002. Wiesik, Katenausbau, Hufenausbau, Heidbunge, Mielberg, Fuhlreit and Kropperbusch are in the municipality.

Geography and traffic

Kropp is located about 12 km south of Schleswig on federal highway 77 . Federal Autobahn 7 runs further east . Northeast of the town owns Aero Club Kropp with the airfield Schleswig-Kropp own special airfield .


The place was first mentioned in 1285 as croop ( goiter ). The place name refers to the flat arch of the sand on which the place is located.

Kropp belonged to the Friedrichswiese community until it was dissolved on April 1, 1938. Kropp was one of the three successor communities.


Kropp has a full-time administration that runs the administrative business for the Kropp-Stapelholm office .

Community representation

Of the 19 seats in the municipal council, the CDU had nine seats since the local elections in 2008, the SPD six and the constituency AWK four. In the local elections on May 26, 2013, the CDU received 49.2 percent and eight seats. The SPD got 36.6 percent and seven seats. The AWK achieved 19.2 percent and four seats. The turnout was 44.1 percent. In the local elections in 2018, the CDU won ten, the SPD six and the AWK five seats.

For the 2013-2018 election period, Klaus Lorenzen (CDU) was re-elected mayor. After the local elections in 2018, he was confirmed in this office. He has been in office since 2003.

coat of arms

Blazon : “Divided diagonally to the left by gold and green. Above a frontal red ox head, below three silver oak leaves side by side. "

With the red ox head, the coat of arms indicates that the municipality of Kropp is not far from the old Heerweg, via which the oxen, which were fattened in the Duchy of Schleswig and Jutland , were driven annually in large trains to the markets to the south. That is why the Heerweg is often referred to as the ox path in popular usage . The silver oak leaves , golden in the flag, remind us that the municipal area and the adjacent areas of the so-called Kropper Heide were overgrown with oak forests in historical times. It is claimed that early modern Amsterdam was built on stilts taken from the Kropper oak stands.


Blazon : “In the leech the municipal coat of arms without a shield, with yellow oak leaves; the flying end is horizontally divided into eleven alternating green and yellow stripes. "

Economy and Infrastructure

The Kai-Uwe-von-Hassel barracks is located in the village , it belongs to the tactical air force squadron 51 "Immelmann" in Jagel , originally the naval aviation squadron 1 .

The pastor Johannes Paulsen founded the Diakoniewerk Kropp in the 19th century .

There are a number of small and medium-sized businesses in Kropp.


The list of cultural monuments in Kropp includes the cultural monuments entered in the list of monuments of Schleswig-Holstein.

Hamburg cemetery

The so-called “Hamburger Friedhof” on the southern outskirts, which was closed in 1974, has left 649 dead. In 1942, 519 people lived in the “Heil- und Pflegeenstalten mbH in Kropp” (today “Stiftung Diakoniewerk Kropp”). The institutions were confiscated and the residents were transported to other sanatoriums and nursing homes in order to make room for the sick from the Hamburg welfare institutions, who then served as accommodation for foreign workers.

The people were difficult to care for and the death rate high. The Kropper cemeteries could not accommodate the many dead. Around 400 residents of the institutions were buried in the village cemetery, and the “Hamburg cemetery” was set up on the southern outskirts for others.

The "Hamburger Friedhof" is to remain as a memorial park.


Web links

Commons : Kropp  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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