Steinhaus am Semmering

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Steinhaus am Semmering ( village )
Steinhaus am Semmering (Austria)
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Basic data
Pole. District , state Bruck-Mürzzuschlag  (BM), Styria
Judicial district Mürzzuschlag
Pole. local community Spital am Semmering   ( KG  Semmering , Fröschnitz )
Coordinates 47 ° 37 '15 "  N , 15 ° 47' 22"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 37 '15 "  N , 15 ° 47' 22"  E
height 825  m above sea level A.
Residents of the village 562 (January 1, 2020)
Building status 548 (2001)
Postcodesf0 8684 Spital am Semmeringf1
prefix + 43/03853f1
Statistical identification
Locality code 15966
Counting district / district Steinhaus am Semmering; Bergland (62131 001; 002)
Counting district Steinhaus am Semmering 600 inhabitants, 520 buildings.
Source: STAT : Local directory ; BEV : GEONAM ; GIS-Stmk


Steinhaus am Semmering is a village on the Semmering Pass in Mürztal the Upper Styria , and locality of the municipality of Spital am Semmering in District Bruck-Mürzzuschlag , Styria .


The place is between Spital and Semmering at an altitude of about 820  m above sea level. A. , and is the second place on the descent on the Styrian side to the west, about 4½ kilometers after the pass.

The village has around 550 buildings with around 650 residents. The settlement area also includes the Europadorf , Alpenhof and Dürrgraben settlements in the direction of the Passhöhe (with the individual layers Dürrhof, Erzlhof, Mühlbauer, Paulbauer ), and the scattered houses Fröschnitz (with the individual layers Grubenhaus, Hanslbauer, Peterbauer ) in the side valley of the Fröschnitzbach , the one above the village In the south-east direction branches off, and in which the road leads over the Pfaffensattel to Rettenegg an der Feistritz and the Joglland , as well as the Enzianhütte am Semmering.

The closer local area and the areas in the direction of the pass are part of the cadastral community  (KG) Semmering , the Fröschnitztal forms the KG  Fröschnitz .
The Steinhaus am Semmering counting district includes around 520 buildings and 600 inhabitants of the Mürz and Fröschnitz valley, the rest of the village is recorded under mountainous land .

Steinhaus and the Fröschnitztal (top right) around the year 1876 (recording sheet of the state survey )
(mountain ranges in between are in italics)
Breitenstein (Gem., District Neunkirchen , Lower Austria )
Western Semmering
Semmering (Gem.)
Greis (Gem. Schottwien , District Neunkirchen , Lower Austria )
Spital am Semmering Neighboring communities Eastern Semmering   Trattenbach (Gem., District Neunkirchen , Lower Austria )
Fischbacher Alpen
Rettenegg (Gem., District Weiz )
Eastern Semmering
Feistritzwald (Gem. Rettenegg, District Weiz)


The Alfred Hut in the "industrial Gothic style" with pointed arched windows

Iron mining was carried out in Steinhaus am Semmering until 1882, which was the region's main source of income. Iron mining had its heyday around 1740. In 1882 iron mining was stopped due to excessive competition.

In 1838/1839 the Alfredhütte was built on behalf of Prince Alfred von Schönburg-Hartenstein to process the ore from the Fröschnitz and Dürgraben pits. This had to be laboriously transported to Aue near Schottwien for smelting. The smelter produced up to 3000 tons of pig iron per year and was shut down in 1885.

In April 1945 the area around Steinhaus am Semmering was the scene of fierce fighting between the later German 9th Mountain Division (East) and the Red Army , which tried to penetrate into Styria via the Semmering Pass . The village was located behind the German front and was used by the mountain division as a parade room and division command post. A dark chapter of the last days of the war was the court martial , which passed many death sentences against deserters in order to maintain morale and the will to resist. In the area of ​​the 6th Army , to which the 9th Mountain Division belonged, there was a mobile stand trial, which occasionally met in Steinhaus am Semmering. The conviction and execution of three soldiers in the village is known.


The route of the Südbahn crosses the former route of the Feistritzwaldbahn

Steinhaus am Semmering is located in the south of the autobahn-like Semmering expressway , which turns into an arched tunnel shortly after the Steinhaus am Semmering junction .

In the north of the village runs the Semmering Railway , a section of the Southern Railway , at which Steinhaus am Semmering has its own stop. Regional trains stop in the direction of Payerbach-Reichenau or Mürzzuschlag . There are also regional express trains for commuters in the morning to Vienna and in the evening to Mürzzuschlag .

From the opening in 1917 to its closure in 1958, the 22-kilometer Feistritzwaldbahn to Rettenegg started in Steinhaus am Semmering . Today, parts of the former railway line are still visible in the village. There is also an information board about the forest railway. At the 71 meter long and 17 meter high Steinhaus Viaduct , the southern runway crosses the former route of the Waldbahn today.

Individual evidence

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