Stewart Grand Prix

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Stewart Grand Prix logo on the nose of the Stewart SF2
Surname Stewart Grand Prix
Companies Stewart Grand Prix Ltd.
Company headquarters Milton Keynes ( GB )
Team boss United KingdomUnited Kingdom Paul Stewart (1997-1999)
First Grand Prix Australia 1997
Last Grand Prix Japan 1999
Race driven 49
Constructors' championship 0 - best result 4. ( 1999 )
Drivers World Championship 0 - best result 7th ( 1999 )
Race wins 1
Pole positions 1
Fastest laps -
Points 47

Stewart Grand Prix was a British motorsport team that competed in the Formula 1 World Championship from the 1997 season to the 1999 season .


The team was founded in 1996 by former Formula 1 world champion Jackie Stewart and his son Paul and emerged from the Paul Stewart Racing Team , which had competed in the British Formula 3 championship since 1989 . After initially mediocre results, Stewart had become the top team in the racing series: In vehicles used by Stewart, Gil de Ferran (1992), Kelvin Burt (1993), Jan Magnussen (1994), Ralph Firman (1996), Jonny Kane (1997 ) and Mário Haberfeld (1998) win the championships partly in a dominant way. In addition, the future Formula 1 drivers David Coulthard (1991), Luciano Burti (1998-1999) and Narain Karthikeyan (2000) drove for the team, which withdrew from Formula 3 after the 2000 season.

Stewart Grand Prix achieved one win in 49 Grand Prix starts ( Johnny Herbert at the European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring 1999), one pole position ( Rubens Barrichello at the French Grand Prix in Magny-Cours 1999) and a total of 47 World Championship Points.

1997: a difficult start

The 1997 Stewart SF01 in the 2013 Donington Grand Prix Collection

In 1997 the team took part in the World Championship with the Stewart SF01 , which was powered by a Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10 . Rubens Barrichello and the inexperienced Jan Magnussen were signed up as drivers . The first season was not very successful. The car would have been competitive, but the reliability in particular caused problems. Nevertheless, Rubens Barrichello achieved a surprising second place at the Monaco Grand Prix . However, the race was marked by rain and various failures. The rain in particular favored vehicles fitted with Bridgestone rain tires (and thus Stewart as well), as they performed better than the competition's Goodyear rain tires under the prevailing conditions . The six points gained by finishing second should remain the only points of the season. Stewart finished ninth in the constructors' championship.

1998: Little progress

The 1998 Stewart SF2 at the National Museum of Scotland 2010

In the second season, the Stewart SF2 was used. At the beginning, Barrichello and Magnussen were again active as drivers. After the seventh race, however, Magnussen was replaced by Jos Verstappen . The 1998 season was just as disappointing as the previous year. Ultimately, Barrichello and Magnussen were only able to get into the points three times (two fifth places and one sixth place), Verstappen didn't get any points. With a total of five points, the team ended up in eighth place. The reliability of the car continued to be a major problem.

1999: The only victory and the quick end

Rubens Barrichello at the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix
Johnny Herbert at the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix

In addition to Rubens Barrichello, who remained loyal to the team, Johnny Herbert, a very experienced pilot, was used for the 1999 season. They drove the Stewart SF3 , which was no longer equipped with the old Ford Zetec R engine, but now had a Cosworth CR-1 3.0 V10 in the rear.

The car was now much more reliable and also competitive in terms of performance. As a result, the driver duo was able to regularly finish in the points. In the third race, the 1999 San Marino Grand Prix , Barrichello achieved the team's first podium finish with third place. He was able to repeat this result twice (at the French Grand Prix and the European Grand Prix). In France he also managed to secure the team's first pole position. A negative point, however, was his disqualification at the Spanish Grand Prix due to a non-compliant sub-floor.

His team-mate Johnny Herbert could not quite build on these performances, but still scored points a few times. At the chaotic Grand Prix of Europe, however, he was able to benefit best from the numerous failures of the competition and took the first and only victory in team history. For him personally it was the third and last victory in his career.

With a total of 36 points, four podium finishes and one victory, the team finished fourth in the constructors' championship.

In the course of 1999, Stewart Grand Prix was completely taken over by the US automobile company Ford , which had previously supported it as an engine supplier. From the 2000 season , the racing team started under the name Jaguar Racing . The racing team has been called Red Bull Racing since 2005 after it was bought by the Austrian beverage manufacturer Red Bull GmbH .

Numbers and dates

Statistics in Formula 1

season Team name chassis engine tires Grand Prix Victories Second Third Poles nice Round Points World Cup rank
1997 Stewart Ford Stewart SF01 Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10 B. 17th - 1 - - - 6th 9.
1998 Stewart Ford Stewart SF2 Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10 B. 16 - - - - - 5 8th.
1999 Stewart Ford Stewart SF3 Cosworth CR-1 3.0 V10 B. 16 1 - 3 1 - 36 4th
total 49 1 1 3 1 - 47  

All Stewart drivers in Formula 1

Surname Years Grand Prix Points Victories Second Third Poles SR best WM-Pos.
BrazilBrazil Rubens Barrichello 1997-1999 49 31 - 1 3 1 - 07th ( 1999 )
DenmarkDenmark Jan Magnussen 1997-1998 24 1 - - - - - 17th ( 1998 )
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Johnny Herbert 1999 15th 15th 1 - - - - 08. ( 1999 )
NetherlandsNetherlands Jos Verstappen 1998 9 - - - - - - 23rd ( 1998 )

Results in Formula 1

season chassis driver No. 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10 11 12 13 14th 15th 16 17th Points rank
1997 SF01     Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of San Marino (1862–2011) .svg Flag of Monaco.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Luxembourg.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Europe.svg 6th 9.
BrazilBrazil R. Barrichello 22nd DNF DNF DNF DNF 2 DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF 13 14th DNF DNF DNF
DenmarkDenmark J. Magnussen 23 DNF DNF 10 DNF 7th 13 DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF 12 DNF DNF DNF DNF 9
1998 SF2     Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of San Marino (1862–2011) .svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Monaco.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Luxembourg.svg Flag of Japan.svg   5 8th.
BrazilBrazil R. Barrichello 18th DNF DNF 10 DNF 5 DNF 5 10 DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF 10 11 DNF  
DenmarkDenmark J. Magnussen 19th DNF 10 DNF DNF 12 DNF 6th
NetherlandsNetherlands J. Verstappen 12 DNF DNF DNF 13 DNF DNF 13 DNF  
1999 SF3     Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of San Marino (1862–2011) .svg Flag of Monaco.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Europe.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Japan.svg   36 4th
BrazilBrazil R. Barrichello 16 5 DNF 3 9 DSQ DNF 3 8th DNF DNF 5 10 4th 3 5 8th  
United KingdomUnited Kingdom J. Herbert 17th DNS DNF 10 DNF DNF 5 DNF 12 14th 11 11 DNF DNF 1 4th 7th
colour abbreviation meaning
gold - victory
silver - 2nd place
bronze - 3rd place
green - Placement in the points
blue - Classified outside the point ranks
violet DNF Race not finished (did not finish)
NC not classified
red DNQ did not qualify
DNPQ failed in pre-qualification (did not pre-qualify)
black DSQ disqualified
White DNS not at the start (did not start)
WD withdrawn
Light Blue PO only participated in the training (practiced only)
TD Friday test driver
without DNP did not participate in the training (did not practice)
INJ injured or sick
EX excluded
DNA did not arrive
C. Race canceled
  no participation in the World Cup
other P / bold Pole position
SR / italic Fastest race lap
* not at the finish,
but counted due to the distance covered
() Streak results
underlined Leader in the overall standings

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