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The parliamentary group of the Free Democrats (also FDP parliamentary group ) is the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in the German Bundestag .

The members of the current FDP parliamentary group were elected in 2017 . With the constitution of the 19th German Bundestag on October 24, 2017, the parliamentary group is again represented in the Bundestag after a four-year absence. It is currently the second largest opposition faction there. The parliamentary group consists of 19 women and 61 politicians, 58 of whom are new to parliament and 22 were already represented in the 17th German Bundestag .

Group leaders

Christian Lindner Rainer Brüderle Birgit Homburger Guido Westerwelle Wolfgang Gerhardt Hermann Otto Solms Wolfgang Mischnick Knut von Kühlmann-Stumm Erich Mende Max Becker Thomas Dehler Hermann Schäfer August-Martin Euler Hermann Schäfer Theodor Heuss

Notes: If a chairman was re-elected by the new parliamentary group after a Bundestag election, an uninterrupted term of office is given. For Wolfgang Gerhardt and Christian Lindner, the beginning of the term of office is not understood to be the time of the election, but the assumption of office with the constitution of the Bundestag.

Current parliamentary group

Surname position
Christian Lindner Group leader
Marco Buschmann First parliamentary manager
Bettina Stark-Watzinger Parliamentary executive director
Florian Toncar Parliamentary executive director
Katja Suding vice-chairman
Michael Theurer Deputy Chairman
Stephan Thomae Deputy Chairman
Alexander Count Lambsdorff Deputy Chairman
Christian Dürr Deputy Chairman
Frank Sitta Deputy Chairman
Wolfgang Kubicki Vice President of the Bundestag
Hermann Otto Solms Honorary Chairman
Gyde Jensen Chair of the Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid Committee
Manuel Höferlin Chairman of the Digital Agenda Committee
Katja Hessel Chair of the Finance Committee
Linda Teuteberg Permanent guest as General Secretary of the FDP

Policy spokesperson

Area Surname
Labor market and pension policy Johannes Vogel
Foreign trade and foreign trade Alexander Kulitz
Foreign policy Bijan Djir-Sarai
Building and Housing Policy Daniel Foest
Digital policy Manuel Höferlin
Energy policy Martin Neumann
Development policy Christoph Hoffmann
European politics Michael Link
Families and seniors Grigorios Aggelidis
Financial policy Florian Toncar
Forestry and hunting Karlheinz Breast
Women Nicole Bauer
Health policy Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus
Budgetary policy Otto Fricke
Domestic politics Konstantin Kuhle
Innovation, education and research Thomas Sattelberger
Children and young people Matthias Seestern-Pauly
Churches, religious and ideological communities, anti-Semitism officer Benjamin Strasser
Climate policy Lukas Koehler
Local politics Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann
Culture Hartmut Ebbing
Agricultural policy Gero stool
LGBTI Jens Brandenburg
Maritime economy Hagen Reinhold
media Thomas Hacker
Human rights and humanitarian aid Gyde Jensen
Migration policy Linda Teuteberg
Petitions Manfred Todtenhausen
Care policy Nicole Westig
Law Jürgen Martens
Social policy Pascal Kober
Sports policy Britta Dassler
Studies, vocational training and lifelong learning Jens Brandenburg
Addiction and drug policy Wieland Schinnenburg
technology Mario Brandenburg
Participation policy Jens Beeck
Tourism policy Marcel blade
Environmental policy Judith Skudelny
Consumer protection Katharina welcome
Transport policy Oliver Luksic
Defense policy Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann
Viticulture policy Carina Konrad
Economic policy Reinhard Houben

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