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Wolfgang Kubicki (2016)

Wolfgang Kubicki [ kuˈbɪki ] (born March 3, 1952 in Braunschweig ) is a German economist , lawyer and politician of the FDP . He was a member of the German Bundestag from 1990-1992 and then a member of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament until 2017 . He is Deputy Federal Chairman of the FDP and has been a member of the German Bundestag again since the 2017 federal election. On October 24, 2017, he became Bundestag Vice President .

Family and education

Wolfgang Kubicki with his wife Annette Marberth-Kubicki (2016)

Kubicki was born in 1952 as the youngest of three children of an employee and a saleswoman in a Protestant middle - class family in Braunschweig. After graduating from the Hoffmann von Fallersleben School in Braunschweig in 1970 , Kubicki studied economics at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel , where Peer Steinbrück was one of his fellow students. He completed his studies in 1975 with a degree in economics. He then worked first for a management consultancy and then until 1981 for a tax consultancy firm. From 1981 to 1983 he worked as a research assistant for the FDP parliamentary group in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament.

In addition to his professional activity, Kubicki studied law at the University of Kiel from 1975 , which he completed in 1983 with the first state examination in law. From 1983 to 1985 Kubicki was a trainee lawyer and graduated from the second state law examination in 1985. Since then he has been admitted to the bar and continues to practice this profession as a tax criminal defender in addition to his mandate. In the 1980s , Kubicki ran a pub in Kiel as a part-time job .

Kubicki has been married to criminal lawyer Annette Marberth-Kubicki for the third time since 1997. He is the father of adult twin daughters from his second marriage and lives in Strande near Kiel. In Santa Ponça on Mallorca he maintains a secondary apartment , at home on the Kiel Fjord a motor yacht .

Jörn Kubicki (1965–2020), life partner of Klaus Wowereit , was a second cousin of Wolfgang Kubicki.

FDP politician

Kubicki joined the FDP in 1971 as a 19-year-old economics student. 1972/73 he was deputy federal chairman of the Liberal University Association and 1975/76 state chairman of the young democrats in Schleswig-Holstein . Subsequently, Kubicki was elected for the first time in 1976 to the state executive committee of the FDP Schleswig-Holstein , to which he belonged until 1988, most recently as deputy state chairman.

From 1987 to 1989 he was chairman of the FDP district association Rendsburg-Eckernförde . He gave up this post after his election as state chairman in September 1989. In September 1993 Kubicki resigned as state chairman in the course of the affair over the Schönberg landfill . As state chairman, Kubicki was also on the federal executive board of the Liberals. He has been doing this again since 1997. He was also the top candidate of his party in the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein in 1992 , 2000 , 2005 , 2009 and 2012 . After long-time Prime Minister Heide Simonis, he was considered the most famous politician in the northernmost state. Kubicki was a publicly confessed friend of Jürgen W. Möllemann , who died in 2003 during a parachute jump. Both were also the intellectual originators of the FDP's strategy at the time, the Project 18 strategy .

Since 2000, Kubicki has been campaigning for Guido Westerwelle to be elected by the FDP as federal chairman of the FDP and chairman of the FDP parliamentary group . Westerwelle pushed Wolfgang Gerhardt out of both positions. In mid-December 2010, Kubicki publicly spoke out in favor of replacing Westerwelle as party leader of the FDP in May 2011. He compared the situation of the FDP with the late phase of the GDR and blamed the party leadership for the survey results below 5%.

In the 2012 state election, the FDP, with Kubicki as the top candidate, received 8.2 percent of the second vote. Although this was a significant loss compared to the state elections in 2009, when 14.9 percent were achieved, it was still the second best result achieved in Schleswig-Holstein. Previously, the FDP had left six state parliaments. Therefore, the result was considered an extraordinary success, which was mainly attributed to Kubicki ("Kubicki effect"). In surveys it reached 54 percent popularity of the electorate of Schleswig-Holstein (compared to 18 percent for Philipp Rösler ) and 63 percent saw big differences between the state and federal FDP. Although Kubicki had never skimmed criticism of the federal policy of his own party, he already emphasized in the ZDF election broadcast that this result, which was perceived as an election victory, was also a success for the federal party. In doing so, he clearly opposed coup rumors that had previously arisen against the chairman of the Federal FDP, Philipp Rösler, before the end of the election evening. In August 2012, Kubicki announced that he would run as the top candidate of the FDP Schleswig-Holstein in the 2013 federal election .

At the FDP federal party conference in 2013 , Kubicki was appointed as an assessor in the Federal Presidium, the successor to the then Development Minister Dirk Niebel , who was eliminated in the first ballot. Kubicki then won in a voting against Health Minister Daniel Bahr . The Extraordinary Party Congress of the FDP in December 2013 elected Kubicki with 89.87% of the votes as the first deputy of the new party chairman Christian Lindner . The FDP Federal Party Congress 2015 confirmed Kubicki in this office with 94.2% of the votes and the FDP Federal Party Congress 2017 with 92.29%.

Kubicki is a member of the Advisory Board of the German-Arab Society .

Member of Parliament (1992-2017)

From 1992 to 2017 Kubicki was a member of the Landtag of Schleswig-Holstein . He always moved into the state parliament via the state list. In 1992 he immediately became chairman of the FDP parliamentary group . In 1993 he resigned from office during the affair surrounding the "Schönberg landfill". After the state elections in 1996 he replaced his successor Ekkehard Klug and was again chairman of the parliamentary group. After the formation of the grand coalition under Prime Minister Peter Harry Carstensen on April 27, 2005, Kubicki became opposition leader in Schleswig-Holstein. With the break of the grand coalition and the dismissal of the SPD ministers from the Carstensen I cabinet on July 21, 2009, this function was transferred to the SPD parliamentary group leader Ralf Stegner . Between 2004 and 2009, Kubicki was a member of the advisory board of HSH Nordbank as a representative of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag . After the break of the grand coalition of CDU Prime Minister Carstensen in July 2009, Kubicki spoke out in favor of a black-yellow coalition after the new state election planned for September 27, 2009. After the Schleswig-Holstein state election in 2009 , Kubicki did not become a member of the CDU-FDP-led state government until 2012, but remained chairman of the parliamentary group. As a member of the government, he should have abandoned his profession as a lawyer. In an interview with the newspaper Die Welt , Kubicki said in connection with the investigations of the Hanover public prosecutor against Christian Wulff that a trial would end in an embarrassment for the judiciary, and described the public prosecutor's offer to Wulff, the procedure against a payment of 20,000 Setting euros as an act of desperation.

Member of the Bundestag (1990–1992 and since 2017)

Wolfgang Kubicki as Bundestag Vice President, 2019

Kubicki was a member of the German Bundestag from December 1990 until his resignation in August 1992 and briefly in autumn 2002 . He always entered the Bundestag via the Schleswig-Holstein state list . In 2017, Wolfgang Kubicki was elected the top candidate on the Schleswig-Holstein state list of the FDP for the 2017 federal election. In September 2017 he moved into the 19th German Bundestag . Kubicki is Vice President of the Council of Elders in the 19th Bundestag .

In 2010, Kubicki gave an interview to Die Zeit , where he described everyday political life in Berlin-Mitte :

“I would become a drinker in Berlin , maybe also a whore . This is the third time I've been married, and there is no way I want to ruin this marriage too. Political life in Berlin looks like this: You are under pressure all day, in the evening your apartment is waiting for you, nobody else. There is an enormous surplus of women, because if you take the entire political business, you come to an estimated 100,000 people, (...) 60 percent of them women. (...) Then there are those evenings when you just want to switch off, stress relief. Suddenly a woman is sitting across from you who just listens to you. And then at some point the story continues in bed. Add to that the alcohol: you could drink all day because you are constantly on appointments. A bottle of wine is nothing, easy to divide over five appointments. And in the evening it really starts. (...) I'm 58 now, I want to survive my political career. "

In 2016, Kubicki relativized his views on Berlin in relation to the daily newspaper : he felt "now (...) morally and morally stable".

After the 2017 federal election , a hint of a kiss on the hand and related statements by Kubicki about Katrin Göring-Eckardt caused media coverage: "Anyone who can reliably make me mad within 30 seconds is Katrin Göring-Eckardt." The notorious moral attitude of the Greens -Politician drive his blood pressure up. Green politicians then accused Kubicki of discrimination against women, and Anne Will took up the subject on her talk show , in which both appeared as guests after the election result led to exploratory talks about a Jamaica coalition .

On October 24, 2017, the German Bundestag elected him one of five Vice-Presidents; they are deputies of the newly elected Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble .

In May 2018 he was defeated at the FDP party congress with his demand to relax economic sanctions against Russia .

In August 2018, Kubicki commented on the violent riots at a rally by right-wing and right-wing extremist groups : "The roots of the riots lie in Chancellor Angela Merkel 's ' We can do it ' ." He was criticized by party friends such as Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP -Party Vice-Chief) or Ria Schröder , the chairman of the Young Liberals . FDP leader Christian Lindner said Merkel's migration policy had “changed our political culture. For the worse. ”However , this is not an explanation for hate speech, racism and violence. The events should "unite the Democrats, not divide them". FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer took Kubicki under protection. Kubicki himself later wrote on Facebook that the citizens had “the feeling that the state can be brought forward - from the right and left. Shouting 'Germany is shit' and throwing cobblestones at the police is to be condemned at least as much as hunted down by rights against supposed migrants. "

On February 5, 2020, Kubicki stated on the election of Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) with the votes of the FDP, AfD and CDU as the Prime Minister of Thuringia: “It is a great success for Thomas Kemmerich. A candidate from the democratic center won. Obviously, the prospect of five more years (Bodo) Ramelow was not tempting for the majority of the members of the Thuringian state parliament . "Kubicki continued:" Now it is a matter of promoting a sensible policy for Thuringia. All democratic forces in the state parliament should participate in this. "Apparently with a view to the election of Kemmerich by the AfD, Kubicki said:" What the constitution provides should not be discredited. "

On April 28, 2020, he attacked the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and its President Lothar Wieler during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany . Their corona numbers "give the impression that they are politically motivated numbers rather than scientifically founded".

Legal activity

In addition to his work as a politician, Kubicki is also active as a lawyer and criminal defense attorney . He works with Hendrik Schöler in a law firm . At times Kubicki also ran a law firm together with the former CDU member of the state parliament, Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock .

He became known in the media with the following mandates :


Affair about the Schönberg landfill

The Schönberg landfill (now the Ihlenberg landfill ) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania emerged from the former " VEB Schönberg landfill". Since 1991, Kubicki has been advising the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on its privatization for a fee of 850,000 DM. He was soon accused of having given the state bad advice and charged excessive fees. Above all, the state-owned operating company was left with the risks and environmental regulations and was almost driven into bankruptcy, while Kubicki's business partner, the Lübeck garbage collector Adolf Hilmer, “skimmed 52 million marks in profit in the first three years alone”.

However, Kubicki is said to have concealed contact with Hilmer. In early 1993, the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Audit Office criticized the “miserable conduct of negotiations” by the Mecklenburg Ministry of the Environment and estimated that the state had suffered damage from “gag agreements” of 100 million marks . The state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania convened an investigative committee to clarify the allegations and later sued Kubicki for damages . This resigned in 1993 from the state chairmanship of the FDP and the parliamentary group chairmanship in the Kiel state parliament. However, the Federal Court of Justice decided the longstanding legal dispute in its favor.

Activities for Mobilcom and Gerhard Schmid

Around 2005 Kubicki received a package of 800,000 Mobilcom shares from Sibylle Schmid-Sindram, the wife of the Mobilcom founder and long-standing company boss Gerhard Schmid . These were stored in a VP Bank securities account in Liechtenstein and were valued at around 13 million euros . According to Kubicki, they served the purpose of securing all future lawyers' fees and litigation costs for his client. However, Schmid-Sindram has the voting rights . Gerhard Schmids insolvency administrator sued France Télécom for damages. However, since Schmid was insolvent , Sibylle Schmid-Sindram bore the legal costs . Kubicki helped her with the payment processing: Schmid-Sindram is said to have transferred around 90,000 euros to Kubicki's Liechtenstein account, whereupon Kubicki is said to have passed on at least part of the money to the insolvency administrator.

It later became public that Kubicki was briefly involved in "Waterkant Immobilien GmbH". Together with “Waterkant Immobilien GmbH & Co KG”, of which Sibylle Schmid-Sindram was the managing director, the construction that had started was completed. At the beginning of 2005, that company won the bid for 13 million euros in the foreclosure auction of the building.

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