Member of the state parliament

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A member of the state parliament is a member ( deputy ) of a state parliament .


The official name for a member of a state parliament of a German state or historically in a state parliament of the Weimar Republic is "Member of the state parliament"; "MdL" is used as the mandate abbreviation. The names are different in the three city-states. The members of the Berlin House of Representatives are called "MPs" and use the abbreviation "MdA". The members of the Bremen Citizenship use the abbreviation "MdBB", members of the Hamburg Citizenship as "Member of the Hamburg Citizenship" use the abbreviation "MdHB"; they are also referred to for short as members of parliament .


For a mandate in the Landtag of an Austrian federal state , the term "Landtag representative (LAbg.)" Is common.

Constitutional status

According to Art. 96, Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Art. 57 of the Federal Constitutional Act, the members of the Landtag enjoy the same indemnity and immunity as the Members of the National Council .

In addition, the (constitutional) legal status of the state parliament members is regulated by the state constitution , state laws and the rules of procedure of the state parliament of the respective federal state.


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